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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A New England Patriots fan accused of being intoxicated and throwing a rock through a trolley window was in court on Thursday.

Despite arguments from his defense attorney, the case against Sean Sullivan-Fullum will go to trial.

“A lot of facts came out today that, I believe, once the case is presented to a court in common pleas court it will be a case that does not turn out to be what everybody is believing at this point,” defense attorney Christopher Urbano said.

Sullivan-Fullum faces seven charges, including propulsion of missiles and railroad destruction stemming from the incident on Dec. 17, 2017.

Police say he threw objects at a trolley car and smashed a window. It came after he was involved in a fight on the train hours after the Patriots beat the Steelers at Heinz Field.

Several women were on the train, but were not hurt.

“No, but I did see the moment of impact, but like I said, beyond that I am not really going to say much of anything else,” Laura Lee said.

Lee was not called to testify at Sullivan-Fullum’s preliminary hearing in city court, but Bethel Park Det. Dean Cristiano was.

He was off-duty that night and was on the train. He said Sullivan-Fullum was obviously intoxicated when he taunted Steelers fans, yelled obscenities and vulgarities at them on the trolley, and ran down the aisle of the moving train.

Cristiano said Sullivan-Fullum lunged at him and spit in his face. The detective said he punched the man and held him on the floor for about a minute.

In court Thursday, Sullivan-Fullum pleaded not guilty.

“Correct, and that is the plea that we entered today — and again at this time, because the case is still pending I would refrain from talking about any of the substantive issues,” Urbano said.

After leaving the train, police say he threw something at it and smashed a window. Sullivan-Fullum was arrested nearby.

Port Authority Police realized its officers had three other run-ins with Sullivan-Fullum about an hour earlier at the Allegheny Station, near Heinz Field. There, he was caught moving metal barricades and jumping the line.

“It is totally circumstantial evidence, but the question was, was that even enough evidence circumstantially to prove that my client was involved or had anything to do with it?” Urbano said.

Sullivan-Fullum is due back in court on March 27.

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