Edwards: 'I Can't Be Responsible For Anybody Else's Actions, Inaction, Reaction To A Situation'By Amy Wadas

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The woman whose affair with Congressman Tim Murphy that effectively ended his career, surprised a lot of people when she announced that she’s running for Congress.

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Shannon Edwards, 33, just announced she’s seeking the Republican nomination and said she’s ready to hit the ground running.

“I think it’s important to stand up for women and girls, and bring their voice to the table,” said Edwards.

The clinical forensic psychologist wants to focus on issues like mental health and the opioid epidemic. But, will voters want to hear about these issues when there’s something else overshadowing them?

That something else is the affair she had with former Congressman Murphy.

KDKA’s Amy Wadas: “It is a question I’m sure will come across some of the voters’ minds, and to be fair to them since you are running, what would you say to them?”

Edwards: “I intend to remain loyal and steadfast to the people of Pittsburgh, and I am a dedicated individual.”

Murphy, who is pro-life, resigned from office in October of last year. He came under fire after reports that he urged Edwards to get an abortion during a pregnancy scare.

Amy Wadas: “Do you have any comment on that as far as it essentially being what made him resign from his position?”

Edwards: “I can’t be responsible for anybody else’s actions, inaction, reaction to a situation. I am responsible for my action and reaction to things.”

Edwards met Murphy at Torrance State Mental Hospital. They worked on a piece of mental health legislation that passed in July of 2016 and took effect that December.

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“We absolutely teamed up on that. I think it was very important and the parts that passed were wonderful,” said Edwards.

Edwards continued to re-direct questions back to her campaign when KDKA asked her about her involvement with Murphy.

Amy Wadas: “Do you have regret at all over the relationship you guys developed over the years?”

Edwards: “I don’t think that’s what we are here to talk about. I’m really excited to talk about my candidacy though and the platforms.”

Amy Wadas: “Have you spoken to Tim at all since all of this?”

Edwards: “I think we are here to talk about my candidacy. I love talking about my candidacy.”

However, Edwards realizes that her opponents will likely use the affair against her.

Amy Wadas: “How do you feel like you’ll handle that?”

Edwards: “I feel like it’s inappropriate, and I feel like I’m going to stay on my mission to serve the people of Pittsburgh.”

Edwards may have an uphill battle on that and actually winning the seat. If the newly re-drawn Pennsylvania congressional map stands, she’d face Democrat Rep. Mike Doyle in a mostly Democratic district.

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She could also face Republican Rick Saccone if he wins the special election to fill Murphy’s seat.