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NORTH STRABANE (KDKA) – More rain fell over the weekend, which is adding to the urgency in a community where a landslide has led to the demolition of two homes.

Officials met at the Majestic Hills development in North Strabane as the landslide is threatening other homes.

Township officials say they’re working with the same company that stabilized the hillside after the landslide along Route 30 in East Pittsburgh earlier this year.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Officials say they’re waiting to hear back from some designers on a wall stabilization project that could help.

Township officials were working on permanent solution to fix the problem, but the hillside shifted again on Thursday, leaving cracks and threatening Oakwood Drive, the only road that provides access to the neighborhood.

KDKA-TV spoke to several residents Sunday night about their concerns.

“I guess, right now, they have a company where it’s some sort of aerial launcher, where it’s an artillery gun and it fires rods into the hillside in hopes to stabilize it. That’s actually one of their plans right now that they’re looking to use, they don’t know if it’ll work or not, but that’s their go-to plan right now,” Christopher Forman said.

So far, two homes in the neighborhood have demolished before they came down the hillside on their own.

A third condemned house could be next.

Heavy rains caused the first landslide back in June when massive amounts of dirt came tumbling down the hillside.

Meanwhile, township officials say they’re trying to help the owners of the condemned houses.

They say they’re trying to get the developer of the community, which is Ryan Homes, to buy the affected people out of their mortgages.