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LORDSTOWN, Ohio (AP) — Ohio’s governor says it seems clear that General Motors isn’t planning on making a new line of vehicles at its assembly plant in the state.

The plant near Youngstown that shut down last week is one of five factories GM wants to close by next January.

Union leaders are hoping GM will agree during contract talks this summer to bring a new vehicle to the plant.

Republican Gov. Mike DeWine tells The Vindicator in Youngstown that GM has given no hints about using the plant again.


He also says the automaker has indicated it’s talking with another company about using the site.

DeWine says GM isn’t saying who it’s talking with and that the state is ready to help bring jobs back to the plant once it knows more details.

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  1. It is interesting that the Governor would be told more than the heads of the union? Especially since the contrat says that this sort of thing should be discussed with the union.
    “In making this commitment, it is understood that
    conditions may arise that are beyond the control of the
    Company, (i.e. market related volume decline, act of
    God), and could make compliance with this
    commitment impossible. Should such conditions
    occur, the Company will review both the conditions
    and their impact on a particular location with the
    Union.” Doc 13 of the GM UAW agreement

    And if the closure becomes necessary, they would work out attrition packages. This had not been done as of yet. “Should it be necessary to close or idle a plant
    constituting a bargaining unit consistent with our past
    practice, the Company will attempt to redeploy
    employees to other locations and, if necessary, utilize
    Attachment A of Appendix K of the GM-UAW
    National Agreement or other incentivized attrition
    programs as agreed to by the National Parties.” doc 13

    So if they have not even started this process, how is Governor DeWine in the loop?

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