PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The juror who was dismissed during the Michael Rosfeld trial was allegedly antagonistic and disruptive toward other jurors.

Juror No. 2 was a 39-year-old librarian and the daughter of a police officer. She has a degree in Library Science and worked for a tech company.

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According to the court transcript, other jurors complained about the behavior of Juror No. 2.

For example, while jurors and court staff were dealing with logistics Thursday, Juror No. 2 reportedly wasn’t paying attention and was playing on her phone.

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According to Lieutenant Jack Kearney of the sheriff’s office, another juror reached her hand over to say, “Hey, this is bothering me. I’m trying to pay attention.” Kearney says Juror No. 2 “freaked out” and said, “Don’t touch me. You are not my mother. Don’t tell me what to do.”

A detective who stayed with the jury at their hotel said he saw Juror No. 2 “coming back and forth down the hall hysterical, crying, and just acting completely out of sorts” on Thursday.

Kearney also told the court Juror No. 2 did not participate in the meals in the common room or interact with other jurors.

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When she was being dismissed, the juror told Judge Alexander Bicket she had an anxiety attack the previous night, but that she had worked through it.

“All biases, prejudices, I have always been able to hold them aside, and all of my colleagues are able to work with me,” she said, according to the court transcript. “In the future, please consider that for other people who have similar diabilities.”

The judge dismissed her Friday morning, just hours before deliberations began. The judge said he did not think she would be able to deliberate in a cordial manner.

“We just think your potential interactions with the rest of the jury may be a problem for them in deliberating in a collegial manner. It’s just something we are doing out of an abundance of caution,” Bicket said, according to the court transcript.

Alternate Juror No. 13 took over.

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The jury found Rosfeld not guilty in the shooting death of Antwon Rose after deliberating for about three and a half hours Friday.