PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Bureau of Police officers arrested 27-year-old Nayshell Sly and charged her with kidnapping, burglary and interfering with the custody of children after the alleged abduction of a baby.

Police tell KDKA a young babysitter called 911 and said Sly, who was known to the baby’s family and babysitter, entered the home on Mount Vernon Street in Homewood and left with the 1-year-old girl on Wednesday night.

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Within an hour and 20 minutes, police pinged Sly’s phone and pulled her over along the Birmingham Bridge. Police said Sly was in the car with her two children, her female cousin and her child, and the baby.

Police said the baby was originally in the care of another woman that night, Janlynn Jordan.

Jordan told police she ran to the store and was gone from the home for 10 minutes. She left her three kids and her friend’s baby in the care of her teenage daughter. That teen called 911 after Sly allegedly entered the home without permission and left with the baby.

Police say the abducted baby’s mother, Kayla Hanner, told police that Sly did not have permission to take her daughter.

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Hanner needed to leave little Kamya with a sitter and friend on Mt. Vernon Street in Homewood last night while she was at the hospital.

Hanner says she and Sly had an argument earlier that day and that she wasn’t invited to the sitter’s home.

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“She took my baby out of one of the kid’s arms and hurried up and hopped back in her car and sped off,” Hanner said.

“I feel like she needs a mental health evaluation. You could tell she was clearly not in the right state of mind when she has my child,” Hanner said.

Hanner says this isn’t the first time someone has taken Kamya.

In December, Hanner says a friend she allowed to stay with her in exchange for watching her daughter took the baby after she asked the woman to move out. Hanner says it created a downward spiral, causing her to lose her job due to court appearances and she was already struggling providing for the baby.

“I don’t have nobody to consistently watch my child,” Hanner said. “What do you want me to do, just sit here in this house and starve my daughter?”

Hanner says there are court proceedings next month involving the woman who took her child the first time.

“I get home late at night from work and I didn’t hear anything,” said one neighbor. “I didn’t see no lights flashing.”

Doctors at UPMC Children’s Hospital checked over the baby and returned her to her mother.

She was not injured.

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“I can’t imagine. I absolutely can’t imagine it,” said the neighbor. “I would go crazy if something like that happened.”