PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Defense attorney Blaine Jones met with the South Fayette School District superintendent Thursday to discuss the punishment Jones’ son received for fighting with a student who allegedly used a racial slur.

The superintendent did not release a statement nor would he do an on-camera interview about Thursday’s meeting, but Jones says while the meeting was productive, he still questions the severity of his son’s punishment.

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“Do I think or do we think our son should have been suspended? Yeah, I think he should have been punished. I am not here to say when you put your hands on someone you shouldn’t be punished,” Jones said.

It was Wednesday in the high school cafeteria when Jones’ son got into a fight with another student.

Jones’ 15-year-old son is black and the other student is white. The other student allegedly called Jones the N-word not once, but three times.

Jones’ ninth grade son was suspended for three days.

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“I don’t think the punishment should have been three days. We think it’s a bit too far in light of the circumstances involved. So we did ask them to revisit it. We said two days is more than enough,” Jones said.

Jones says he was told the district will call them and in the meantime, Jones says his son has also received screenshots on his cell phone from the same student who called him the N-word.

There is one of a black man eating raw chicken and another of a monkey.

“Violence is never the answer, but at what point do you say enough is enough and you have to stand up to the bully. You only use that N-word for one reason … well, two reasons, [to] terrorize and to humiliate and that was the intent here,” Jones said.

Jones says his son is an honor student and has never been in trouble. As for the other student who allegedly used the N-word, Jones says the student’s attorney said he too has been suspended but he is not sure.

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Jones says this is far from over. He intends to speak to the School Board and the Pennsylvania Board of Education. He wants to make sure all students are in a safe environment.