PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Growing up in Cleveland, Steelers rookie Justin Layne and his family were die hard Browns fans.

Until draft night.

When Pittsburgh selected Layne in the third round last month, he made a promise that all of his Cleveland Browns memorabilia would be taken down from his home in northeastern Ohio.

“Oh yeah, Browns everywhere, my dad took it all down and replaced it…literally everything, every flag I had,” said Layne. “So it’s all done. We are fully committed.”

Deondre Layne posted pictures and videos to Instagram of the complete transformation to his bathroom from Browns to Steelers back in late April. Layne’s father is also asking for advice and tips on how to be a good Steelers fan on the social media platform.

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That simple…

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“I don’t know what he did with it, but all my stuff is gone,” Layne said. “I threw all my stuff away. I don’t have no use for it.”