PITTSBURGH (KDKA/CBS News) — The FDA is warning consumers against using two more cosmetics that it found contained asbestos.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has found asbestos in more cosmetics sold by Claire’s Stores and Beauty Plus Global, with the agency warning consumers to steer clear of the products.

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Both companies last week voluntarily recalled products that tested positive for the known carcinogen during the agency’s ongoing testing of cosmetics for asbestos, the FDA stated in its alert.

The recalled products include:

Beauty Plus Global Contour Effects Palette 2, Batch No. S1603002/PD-C1179
Claire’s JoJo Siwa Makeup Set, SKU #888711136337, Batch/Lot No. S180109

The alert issued by the FDA late Thursday comes three months after the agency urged the public to toss out three makeup products sold by Claire’s that tested positive for asbestos.

Claire’s, a retailer that markets cosmetics and accessories to adolescent girls, initially disputed the FDA’s findings, but then agreed to pull the products out of stores.

Claire’s products have been under scrutiny since 2017, and U.S. Public Interest Research Group, a non-profit, also found “high levels of asbestos” in three of the company’s products, it said late last year.

In an emailed statement, Claire’s on Friday said it recalled the JoJo Cosmetic Kit after FDA tests “indicated the possible presence of trace amounts of asbestos fibers in the powder eyeshadow element of the kit.”