PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium has added some new adorable kittens to their ranks.

Zoo officials introduced their four new lynx kittens to the public Wednesday when they got their first baby wellness exam.

(Photo Credit: Paul Selvaggio/Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium)

The tiny, fuzzy, 7-week-old kittens were born at the zoo on May 8 to mother cat, Chayne. This is her second litter.

At their checkup, the babies were weighed, given their first vaccines and their gender was determined.

There are two boys and two girls, and they have been named after Vikings – Bjorn, Ragnar, Helga, and Lagertha.

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Zookeepers say the kittens are “becoming extremely active and more curious.” They are going outside their nesting den more often, and learning to meow.

(Photo Credit: Paul Selvaggio/Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium)

As they grow, the zoo says the kittens’ fur will darken with black markings to allow them to blend in with their surroundings. Their eyes will also turn a brownish hazel.

The babies will not be on display quite yet. Instead, Chayne and her kittens will remain in a back room until they are ready to go outside to the yard, according to the zoo.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has designated the Canadian lynx as threatened. For that reason, zoo officials say the babies will “act as ambassadors for their cousins in the wild.”

For more information, visit the Pittsburgh Zoo’s website here.