PITTSBURGH (KDKA)–People in Sharpsburg are cleaning up after taking a punch from Mother Nature. The wind and rain forced a tree to topple over and smash into about four parked cars on Chapman Street.

Neighbors said it’s fortunate there were not more cars parked near the tree.

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“Usually this lot is packed full,” Jay Wisniewski said as he checked out his work car underneath the fallen tree. “We struggle with parking here quite a bit, and this is a main parking area for the people who live on our street.”

He told KDKA the storm came through Tuesday evening, and the wind and rain knocked over the tree. Neighbors in the area said the storm was strong and impactful.

“It was pretty intense,” said Paul Zwigart who lives on Chapman Street. “I was hoping for some rain so I didn’t have to water my garden, and the next thing you know the rain was pouring and the wind was blowing.”

Wisniewski checked out some of the damage after the storm but came out this morning to get a better look.

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“It looks like it landed on my neighbor’s car, my car, and I guess another neighbor’s car,” he said. “It is what it is. It happens.”

According to Sharpsburg Police, no one was in the cars when the tree fell on them. Wisniewski said the damage isn’t as bad as it could have been, but he said it’s too early to know the cost of repairs.

“It’s drivable. I don’t have to worry too much,” he told KDKA while looking at the car. “Just a couple of dings and dents. No big deal.”

Borough administrators say K&I Sheet Metal owns the land where the tree fell, and they’re responsible for cleaning it up.


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