MOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Some kids are helping a neighbor rebuild their home 50 cents at a time.

The kids on Scottsdale Drive in Moon Township sold lemonade Monday to help the Brocco family.

The Brocco’s home went up in flames late last night after a runaway jeep hit it.

Police say the Jeep Wrangler’s owner was spraying a hornet’s nest a few houses away on Sunday night.

She lost control of her Jeep Wrangler while attempting to enter it. The vehicle apparently slipped out of gear and rolled across the street, hitting a gas meter then plowing into the house.

When the Jeep hit the gas meter, it caught fire, and when it rolled inside the house, it too began to burn.

(Photo Credit: KDKA’s Brenda Waters)

“First, we heard all of the sirens come by, thought something was going on up the road,” neighbor Karl Hunter said. “Then my wife heard a loud noise and we looked out and saw the flames come out.”

“It’s a blessing the lady who was in the jeep did not get hurt, and no one was home when the jeep ran into the house,” Moon Township Police Chief Greg Seaman said.

The kids are still adding up how much money they earned Monday.

They’re giving it all to the Brocco’s.

No one was injured in Sunday night’s accident.