STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (KDKA) — Just days after receiving a controversial letter criticizing his look, Jonathon Sutherland is receiving backing from other Penn State fans.


A young fan named Mason Young decided to write his own letter in support of Sutherland’s long dreadlocks.

“Don’t listen to the mean people that sent you that mean letter,” Young said. “You are my favorite player and the best.”

Young went on to say that Sutherland’s dreadlocks were awesome and that he wished he had Sutherland’s hair.

Young’s father proudly posted the support letter to Twitter.

“I was not going to post this but I am too proud not to, and seeing that other clown’s letter over and over thoughtmaybe one penned by my son with thought and and some humor might be what we all need. As promised to him last night this went in the mail today to Mr Sutherland.”