PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A 20-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the double shooting in Carrick on Thursday.

Desmond Jones was one of three who robbed two teenagers and was an accomplice in the shooting of the victims. The teenagers were shot by a 23-year-old Cody Smith in Carrick on Thursday.

Police were dispatched to Westmont Avenue specifically for the teenager who was shot in the head. The other victim was shot in the shoulder.

Both were transported to UPMC Children’s Hospital and are expected to recover.

Investigating officers concluded that the shooting took place on Dellrose Street. Detectives spoke with the two victims at the hospital.

The teenagers were walking on Brownsville Road to a friend’s house. The one teenager noticed that three men were following them and was accosted by one, who demanded that the victim empty their pockets.

The victim tried to run away and heard the shot as it connected with their head. They then ran to their friend’s house, were administered first aid and waited for medics to arrive. The victim was able to describe the shooter. Police issued a warrant for the suspect, Cody Smith, on Nov. 16.

The gun used was described by one of the victims as a “silver revolver with a long barrel” and was only used by Smith. It was after shots were fired that the other victim realized they had been shot in the shoulder.

Police built up a profile of the other two robbers based on their investigation and found one of them, Desmond Taylor, on Nov. 16 while searching for Cody Smith at Smith’s mother’s house. Police woke Jones up from where he was sleeping on the couch and arrested him.

Jones said he understood his rights and agreed to speak with police. Jones stated that he cut through the backyard of a house and hopped the fence onto Brownsville Road after running from the shooting. According to Jones, Smith called him on Facebook messenger bragging about the shooting.

Jones is being charged with robbery on two counts and one count of criminal conspiracy.