PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Public Schools has launched a fund to support online learning.

Pittsburgh Public Schools has been providing take-home packets to students, but the district launches remote online learning Monday.

“It’s obviously very difficult to reach 2,000 students,” said school board president Sylvia Wilson.

Online learning means computers are needed by all now. But according to a recent district survey, 7,500 students have no devices at home.

Additionally, 800 families have no internet access.

“It’s very difficult and trying to provide for them and their parents are concerned,” Wilson told KDKA on Wednesday.

According to the district, almost 100 percent of families attending Faison Elementary School in Homewood are without internet and devices.

Cleon Hodge, a father of five, is concerned about his kids, especially his graduating senior.

“Having idle time on their hands isn’t good,” said Hodge.

“My son, he’s a senior at Allderdice (High School). He doesn’t have any way to finish his senior year in high school. So they have to figure out a way for these kids to continue their education,” Hodge added.

Wilson says the district’s Remote Learning Fund was launched with the help of individuals, foundations, corporations and civic institutions.

“Our children are our future. If they don’t succeed, we all fail in the long run,” Wilson said.

The district says they can’t accept donations of computers because of the specifications needed for their online learning.

Click here to donate to the learning fund.