BEAVER COUNTY (KDKA) — The decision to move to remote learning and cancel sports is putting pressure on some families.

Everyone is struggling with decisions and emotions, but there are heroes emerging during these dark times.

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“None of this is fair to anybody,” said Felicia Mycyk, the track & field coach at Ambridge Area High School.

Mycyk is the creator of the “Ambridge Connection” Facebook page.

“People are angry. They don’t understand what to do next. There is confusion,” said Mycyk.

With remote learning, layoffs and kids with homework, Felicia says it’s too much to manage.

On her social media page, she’s heard from dozens of families who need help.

“You can’t blame the school for not being ready for this because guess what? They were ready for everybody to be in the school,” Mycyk said.

With tough choices and many unknowns, Mycyk began partnering with local churches and the Rotary Club to raise money to buy laptops for families in need.

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“You’re supposed to give back to your community,” said Mycyk.

Mycyk says the one thing that can’t be given back is the loss of opportunity now that athletics are canceled for the rest of the academic year, too.

“It still hurts. …  I have 14 seniors on my team,” Mycyk said.

Raeffon Ruskin is one of those seniors on the Ambridge High track & field team.

More information on the Coronavirus pandemic:

“Working all that time for my senior year to be taken away from me, it breaks my heart,” Ruskin told KDKA.

In Ambridge, The Network of Hope, Good Samaritan Church and Rotary Club are all helping to buy laptops for families in need.

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