SOUTH HILLS, Pa. (KDKA) — A runaway piglet in Pleasant Hills has been found and will soon be back home.

It all started last week along Route 51 when a family visiting the area stopped at Sheetz on Lebanon Church Road to let the little piglet out. That’s when his tour of the South Hills began.

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The Pleasant Hills Borough’s Facebook page first posted about the missing pig.

“It was like, oh, my gosh, I need to go help this baby,” said April Smith of the South Hills.

The piglet was on the run for a week with no sightings until Jennifer Bohonak got a look at the animal.

“I caught it on my trail camera. My husband and I check it every Sunday,” said Bohonak.

Her camera caught a flash of the piglet’s body, but she did not know about the original Facebook post.

“I posted on the TJ parent page and of course, these ladies commented,” said Bohonak.

Five women joined forces to rescue the piglet. One was Heather Long, who happens to rescue pigs.

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“We have seven pigs up for adoption right now,” said Long of Pigsburgh Squealers Rescue.

Another was Jill Erny, who works as a humane officer at Sable Kennel.

“You have to outsmart the pig,” said Erny.

April Smith and Tricia Cole own pigs of their own.

“Mine is pretty much a celeb in my area,” said Cole from West Mifflin.

The group set up a cage and waited for the piglet to walk in. The piglet eventually did, and they brought him to safety.

They named him Peewee, and he’s relaxing poolside until his owners pick him up on Friday.

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The original owners named him bacon, but the women hope the pig’s new name stays for good.

Meghan Schiller