A cat rescue group is working around the clock to figure out where to take the cats and kittens.By Amy Wadas

WASHINGTON CO, Pa. (KDKA) — Dozens of cats have been abandoned at a Washington County home without water or food.

A local cat rescue group is working around the clock to move them so they have a chance at surviving. KDKA counted at least 12 cats on the front porch of a home on Dunns Station Road in Morris Township on Thursday. KDKA didn’t see the others because they were hiding under the porch and in the woods.

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On Thursday, Lynne Fischer came by to feed the cats and kittens.

“They had no food and water,” said Fischer.

Fischer is a volunteer with Paws With Claws based out of Fayette County. It’s a group that focuses on rescuing feral cats. Fischer said she was contacted about two days ago.

“I got a PM from a neighbor telling me 30-plus cats and probably 20-plus kittens of different sizes that have been abandoned when the lady from the house was taken to an independent living setting,” said Fischer.

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She said the cats have been running rampant around the property looking for food for almost two weeks.

“They’re gaunt. You can see bone structure. Sunken in. They’re eating like they’re ravenous,” Fischer said. “This is horrible. Whoever left the cats here knew they probably weren’t going to survive. There’s no excuse for this.”

While Fischer was contacted about the cats, neighbors thankfully have been stepping up and feeding the felines. She said she’s hoping to get the cats out before the house is sold.

“What we’d like to do is find barn homes for them. We are currently raising money to pay for vet appointments. We can do trapping and transport to low-cost vetting and then find homes to take them to,” said Fischer.

Fischer said she is filing a report with the Washington County Humane Society.

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KDKA’s Amy Wadas spoke to the son of the homeowner. He said his mother moved out of the house two weeks ago, and they left food and water for the cats. He said the family had been trying to get help but had been turned down.