County election leaders are asking for everyone's patience while they ensure our democracy.By Royce Jones

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Many people have said the nail-biting suspense of not knowing the presidential election results is mentally exhausting.

But social media could be fanning the flames of misinformation and making the process all the more unbearable. KDKA decided to address some of the biggest social media myths about the election in Pennsylvania.

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In the monsoon of misinformation about the election, you will notice ballots are swirling at the center. KDKA scoured social media and chose a Top 3 to clarify.

First, some people believe they can confirm that their in-person vote was counted by checking the state website.

Bethany Hallam from the Allegheny County Elections Division told KDKA, “You’re not going to find anything. That was very specifically designed for tracking your mail-in ballot. So if you voted in person, it’s going to show up there’s no record of you because there’s no record of your mail-in ballot because you didn’t vote by mail. You voted in person.”

Second, some Allegheny County voters feel short-changed, claiming their ballots were missing legal questions.

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“The only ballot question that was on anybody’s ballot in Allegheny County was folks in the city who were voting to expand the authority of the police review board,” said Hallam.

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Third, some people claimed that votes in Pennsylvania have never been counted after Election Day.

“Provisional ballots always by law, seven days after election day, after elections division has taken the time to investigate that every provisional ballot was indeed a valid vote, only then will they be counted. So that’s not new,” said Hallam.

There are other reasons the ballot count is taking longer this year. The biggest reason is an influx of mail-in ballots.

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There is also a state law that doesn’t allow any county to start its process before Election Day. County election leaders are asking for everyone’s patience while they ensure our democracy.