There are more than 100 students actively isolating right now.

By: KDKA-TV’s Jennifer Borrasso

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Since Friday, Pitt’s 5-day moving average of new coronavirus cases per day has doubled.

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Pitt’s COVID-19 Medical Response Office says since Nov. 6 and as of Monday, 73 more students have tested positive. There are 110 students currently in isolation. One more employee has tested positive.

This brings the five-day moving average of new cases per day from 8.2 to 16.8. The rising case numbers have some students concerned.

“There have been people not wearing masks all on Forbes (Avenue),” said Pitt senior Emily Swist.

“People are starting to get lackadaisical,” said Colin Mihalak.

Pitt’s COVID-19 Dashboard shows cases have been trending up since the start of November. The news comes as students get ready to return home for winter break, with some returning to high-risk family members.

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“We are kind of worried about getting COVID, especially before going home because my grandma is old,” said Swist.

Some fear the numbers will climb even higher.

“It’s the end of the semester and people are trying to hang out before they go home,” said Pitt freshman Radhika Misra. “We were walking back the other night and a lot of people were out at night. So it’s not as serious as it should be.”

The University of Pittsburgh’s main campus moved to the elevated risk posture as well as began a shelter in place Sunday at midnight due to a rise in coronavirus cases.

“As things stand now, there is a significant risk of infecting loved ones who will be gathering for Thanksgiving in two weeks, which could be especially dangerous for vulnerable populations,” Pitt’s COVID-19 Medical Response Office says in its update.

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Under the shelter in place, students should only leave their housing for classes, labs, to pick up food, exercise safely, or study in the library. They also are recommending that all group work for classes be held virtually.