Universities are offering optional testing and recommending those students quarantine once they reach a final destination.By Nicole Ford

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Tougher restrictions are coming to Pennsylvania on Friday.

“It’s been kind of crazy, just like the beginning of the semester where everyone is kind of doing their own thing,” said Zachary McFetridge, a student at the University of Pittsburgh who is from Philadelphia.

The streets of Oakland are about to get quieter as the fall semester for Pitt students wraps up on Friday.

“I’m going home on Saturday. I’m flying home with my roommate since we both are from Massachusetts. And then I’ll spend time with my family, quarantine, do finals and relax for a little bit,” said Pitt freshman Grace Prevelige.


As the students head across the country, universities are offering optional testing and recommending those students quarantine once they reach a final destination.

“I feel pretty safe. We got tested through the school two weeks ago, and I’m getting a take-home test. So I’ll have that, too, to make sure I’ve not tested positive,” Prevelige said.

Those tests are now more vital as the state implements new restrictions on travel that will impact those students who plan to return to campus.

“I have issued an order requiring anyone who visits Pa. from another state to get tested within 72 hours. Before entering the state, they need a negative test,” said Pa. Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine.

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Levine said the current mitigation efforts are not working, but there won’t be any enforcement of the new restrictions. The hope is that everyone follows the updated guidelines for the good of public health.

“Those cases are even higher up than before so I think it’s a good reason to lockdown,” McFetridge said.

The state also issued new recommendations for colleges and universities to prevent outbreaks in the spring. Those recommendations include required testing and regular screening.

The University of Pittsburgh expects to release its plans for the spring later this week.