Fans seem to be in agreement that the Steelers made the right decision to rest Ben Roethlisberger for the game against the Cleveland Browns.By Chris Hoffman

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The regular season came to an end Sunday, and Steelers fans are looking forward to the playoffs.

“I’m excited for the playoffs,” Jay Cosentino of Mt. Lebanon said.

After winning an AFC North title, the Steelers are hoping to bring home a Lombardi trophy.

Fans are mixed on if that can happen.

“I’m a little more skeptical. I think it’s going to be AFC Championship (game). I don’t think there’s any way we can get past the Chiefs,” Thomas Cosentino of Mt. Lebanon said.

“I’m a true Pittsburgher. I bleed black and gold. I believe we might take it this year. I really do,” Diane Torbich of Brookline said.

A concern over the past month had been the Steele’s offense seeming to hit a wall. Their second half against the Colts has some of Steelers nation feeling their team is trending in the right direction and agree to let Ben have the day off Sunday.

“I hope so. We’ll see. With Ben’s play calling and everything he’s been doing, it’s been pretty interesting,” Cosentino said.

“I think Ben needs a rest,” Torbich said.

A new challenge appears to be COVID-19 with cornerback Joe Haden reportedly testing positive on Saturday. It put his availability for next week’s playoff game into jeopardy.

“I think it’s the same thing it’s been all year. They just have to make adjustments,” Cosentino said.

For some fans, they just hope the Steelers win few games so they can enjoy a few more weeks of watching football together since many activities are not happening during the pandemic.

“Like over the summer, you can outside and do different things. now we’re all in the house and you can only play so many games of cards or monopoly before you lose your mind,” Paul Cosentino of Friendship said.

The Steelers narrowly lost to Cleveland on Sunday with the final score of 24-22, meaning the Browns will qualify for the postseason and face Pittsburgh against next week in the first round of the playoffs.

The two teams will face off at Heinz Field on Sunday at 8:15 p.m.