The color-coded system provides recommendations for types of instruction for K-12 schools.By Lindsay Ward

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The CDC is expected to issue new guidance today on getting students back into the classroom.

CBS News has recently obtained an exclusive look at the action plan.

School districts here in Western Pennsylvania are really doing their own thing.

Some are operating fully remote, some are using a hybrid model, and some are learning in-person.

Most parents say they want their child inside the classroom.

This new plan from the CDC is a color-coded system.

The plan provides recommendations for types of instruction for K-12 schools.


According to CBS, K-12 Schools are in the “Blue” zone if they have low community spread and they’re in the “Yellow” zone, if they have moderate transmission.

Blue and Yellow Zones are recommended to allow for a reopening with full in-person learning, with as much social distancing as possible.

Schools in the “Orange” zone, which are classified as having substantial transmission, are recommended to have hybrid learning or reduced attendance.

“Red” zone schools are broken into two categories:

  • Those that engage in regular screening testing of asymptomatic staff and students
  • Those that do not.

“We are eager to hear more about the clear science based guidelines for opening schools and how we can do that safely and how we can keep them open, the President will not rest until every school is open, five days a week. That is our goal,” said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

And while we learn more about this color coded system, some districts like Pittsburgh Public Schools decided to postpone students’ return to the classroom until after April 6.

Many teachers and other staff were concerned about heading back inside the classroom before they got the vaccine.

Meanwhile, later this afternoon, according to CBS, the CDC is expected to provide more information with their guidelines.