He says as soon as he realized what was happening, his dog DeDe was pulling him out of the way.By Meghan Schiller

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Surveillance video shows the exact moment a man and his dog narrowly escaped Thursday night’s South Side building collapse along East Carson Street.

It’s a video shared all over Pittsburgh and a true example of good luck. Now everyone’s wondering: who is he?

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“I’m just glad it wasn’t two seconds earlier, because we wouldn’t be so lucky,” said Zane Ouztz.

KDKA’s Meghan Schiller tracked down Ouztz and his dog DeDe. He’s a young man, a musician and calls himself transient. He rode out Thursday night’s storms in a tent with DeDe by his side. People might think he’s down on his luck, but he said he’s alive and probably playing the lottery this Friday the 13th.

Ouztz calls the streets of South Side home, playing music most days alongside his Border Collie DeDe.

“I was saying hey to some friends over by the Rex, just hanging out with them for a couple minutes and going to be on my way. So I started walking that way and heard what I thought was thunder,” said Ouztz.

The surveillance camera across the street captured the exact moment Zane and DeDe quickly realize something’s wrong.

“I heard the rumbling and the rattling, and I was like ‘that’s not thunder,’ so I quickly kind of look up and I’m like ‘oh something’s falling,’ so she realizes it and pulls me out of the way,” he said.

The entire second floor of the South Side building collapsed onto the sidewalk, sending bricks flying into the street. Ouztz missed it by a second.

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“That was my first thought. I looked to make sure nobody got hit by it and then I saw the lady inside trying to get out because I think it like trapped her in or something and there was leakage through the roof,” he said.

Soaking wet and shaken, he posted on Facebook “I was nearly flattened by a falling roof.” The comments started pouring in.

“I was kind of surprised that people acknowledged it and like saw me. Like ‘oh my God, I hope he’s okay,’ you know? When I’m usually out here nobody acknowledges me that much,” said Ouztz.

He’s thankful for DeDe pulling him out of the way.

“She’s definitely the smartest dog I’ve ever had,” he said.

So, with luck and DeDe on his side, he tells KDKA he only needs one thing.

“I just need to be alive that’s all.”

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People on social media are already asking Ouztz if they can touch his hand to rub off some of that good luck. He says people can find him and DeDe on Carson Street, if someone wants some luck or wants to help him out.

Meghan Schiller