Black Friday Shoppers Pack Local Stores, Malls

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The day after Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday shopping season.

As usual, stores around the Pittsburgh area opened overnight, just as they did all across the country, to accommodate all the early bird shoppers looking for Black Friday deals.

Local malls are overflowing with shoppers and local stores are packed after long lines formed outside late Thanksgiving night.

Old Navy re-opened at midnight, Kohl’s at 3 a.m., Macy’s, JCPenney and Target at 4 a.m. Also, both the Prime Outlets in Grove City and the Tanger Outlets in Washington County opened at midnight.

Two of the hottest places to be today are Toys ‘R’ Us and Best Buy.

The line practically wrapped around the building late Thursday night at the Toys ‘R’ Us in Ross Township. It opened its doors at 10 p.m.

This morning, they have employees directing traffic near the cash registers as the overflow of shoppers continues.

Shopper, Amy Nichols, said she is planning to spend around $400 to $500 on toys this holiday season. She already had a “Bop It” game in her cart.

“We’re looking at all the toys for all the kids – nieces, nephews, cousins, my kids, my godkids,” she said.

Meanwhile, over in Cranberry Township a long line formed overnight at Best Buy. The store opened at 5 a.m. and the shoppers rushed in to hunt for the best deals on electronics.

One couple, John and Dawn from Zelienople, came out hoping to get their hands on a new laptop. They waited in line for about 15 to 20 minutes.

“We came for a Toshiba laptop, it was on sale for $189.99,” said John.

However, by the time they got into the store, the item was already gone. But the couple says they have other stops to make this Black Friday.

“We’ve got other stuff on the list, so we’re going to head to other stores and look at other stuff too,” added John.

Behind the scenes, there’s lots of preparation that goes on before Black Friday.

“We start a lot of prep back in late August, early September,” said Frank Gales, the manager of the Cranberry Township Best Buy. “We start hiring a lot of new employees. We start a lot of our training programs. So that when today comes, we’re prepared and ready for all of our customers.”

Gales says this year’s hot items in electronics include laptops and gaming systems.

“Xbox came out with a new Kinect system this year and Sony came out with the new Move. Customers have been grabbing those up,” he said. “The big thing this year has been iPads from Apple, and we have tons of those.”

“This has probably been one of the better years with the manufacturers keeping us in stock with all the promotional items and with all categories,” added Gales. “So, it’s a great year to come out on Black Friday for sure.”

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One Comment

  1. nancydrew says:

    I just do not get it, and never have. This need we ‘consumers’ have to shop the day after Thanksgiving. If you need something soooo bad that you wait in line at 3am, there is something just not right. True there are some deals out there, but not worth losing sleep over, or your patience dealing with crowds. Me, I will buy as I need.

  2. Jfar says:

    maybe some of us nancyDrew are dependant on the deals – maybe its necessary- not that we want to be there- but have to so we can save some $ for our kids to have a nice christmas- wake up you cynical lady

  3. Mike says:

    So no one is allowed to have an opinion but you, Jfar? Get over yourself. If you want to go out on Black Friday, fine. If she has a differing opinion, so be it. That’s what makes the world go ’round.

  4. Trina says:

    It was crazy this morning at the walmart theres was good deals plus a REAL BLACK OUT to go with Black friday at West mifflin Walmart. You know what they say good things come to those that WAIT !!!!!!!!!

  5. lek says:

    Sorry, but I don’t get it either, deals or not, people spend too much for Christmas. If you feel the need to show your children that Christmas is all about spending and getting lots, go ahead, but that makes you a sad example.

  6. Freddy says:

    I’m disappointed with KDKA for not showing more stories on our troops and people helping those in need instead of sensationalizing black Friday .

  7. betty gerbil says:

    i didn’t hear any noices and no crowds i just slept and went out after 12.00pm and all the dealers were gone it was very nice to not have crowds to deal with and i did get some bargains not that anyone really has the money to shop banks were having so many problems because of to much charging that people did .but we all have missed the true meaning of christmas it is not making the retailors or our kids happy and getting rich off of us

  8. LEK says:

    I love how someone says they are going to spend $400 or more on toys. THAT is a crime. We never got that much in toys growing up and I had some GREAT toys. I don’t even spend that much on 11 people. We do alot of making of gifts which will outdo anything you find in a store. What we make is exquisite and has been auctioned for hundreds of dollars for charity. Everything comes from the heart and lasts a lifetime. My husband and I both work and we have an 18 month old baby. If we can find time, so can others! Children do not need mp3 players, laptops or anything else that warps the mind. Teach them instead, it will someday be more valuable then anything you ever buy them.

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