Driver Charged In Fatal North Versailles Crash

By David Highfield

NORTH VERSAILLES (KDKA) — Charges have been filed against a driver after a fatal crash in North Versailles.

Ezekwesiri Arukwe, 42, is facing charges of homicide by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment.

Police say Arukwe, from Dallas, Texas, ran a red light on Route 48 Tuesday morning and crashed head-on into a box truck driven by 55-year-old Kenneth Feldman of Plum. Feldman died instantly.

A witness cited in police paperwork says they saw the flatbed driven by Arukwe before the crash and felt “unsafe” being near him. The witness claims on the curve above the accident scene, Arukwe’s vehicle went at least four feet into oncoming traffic, forcing a driver off the road.

The witness claims it appeared that Arukwe never tried to stop or even slow down for the red light.

Arukwe told investigators he had a green light and hit the box truck because he swerved to miss a tractor trailer rig which was sideswiped in the crash.


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  1. Jake says:

    Is it possible that the truck from Texas could be carrying a load of pipe for the Marcellus Shale natural gas industry? It would be helpful if the news reported more facts. Thank you.

  2. Mike says:

    Why does it matter if it was carrying pipes for Marcellus Shale drilling? Why does it matter what the truck was carrying period?

  3. Ed Letavec says:

    Their creating jobs for illlegal aliens. Because, the Republicians seems to think hiring these aliens is helping the country. Only kills people and fill their pockets up with money.

  4. Worked up! says:

    A man died in this accident. Have a little sympathy to his family. Who gives a hoot about what truck was carrying what! The crazy ass driver needs to pay for his wrecklessness.

  5. Alex L says:

    Yes it is a tragedy, but people are dying all over PA and WV because a reckless industry has moved in that pays their out-of-state, non-union drivers by the load, incentivizing dangerous, faster driving to get in more loads per day. It’s been a problem with coal trucks in southern West Virginia for decades. The underlying question this report poses, if in fact those 30-inch pipeline sections were for Marcellus Shale, is, do people in SW PA, who have watched thousands of our brothers and sisters get injured or killed in workplace incidents in mills and mines and suffer from cancer because of poor air and water quality want to bring in ANOTHER industry that doesn’t provide safety for workers or affected communities?

    Also, what if this had been an explosive truck carrying flammable water or chemicals? If so, does North Versailles have an evacuation plan for residents, children in schools, patients at hospitals? Who pays for the development of that emergency plan when the inevitable occurs?

    And finally, why bring in a trillion dollar drilling industry that will abandon our area when the gas is gone? Why not bring in more electric car part plants, solar plants, wind turbine plants, home weatherization construction companies, and geothermal heating companies? Why not reduce the need for and cost of gas by using less?

    I want jobs that don’t require me to destroy the people I love, places I live, and the value of my home that is slated to be surrounded by gas wells.

    1. jeremy sumney says:

      If it was not for NON-UNION truck drivers you wound not have all the nice things you have today… The unions of today support the weak and not the people who really do the work. As far as calling the trucking industry ” Reckless” is just proof of how naive you are to the reality of commercial vehicle accidents. This accident is an isolated incident and not in the realm of the norm, so before you start criticizing the “NON-UNION” professional commercial operators you need to think about everything you have and think about how it got to the store where you bought it…

  6. Mary Durkin-Matsuura says:

    Very well put! We need more honesty and transparency so that folks in western PA and WV will learn more about this and get active to protect themselves and their property, environment and loved ones.. Too much money is thrown at this problem but none of it benefits us in the long run. People are actually paid to keep quiet when their water wells are poisoned by their frack water. Travesty that this accident resulted in the death of a driver. But who will be the next victim? My children waiting at the bus stop?

  7. Drivers on our roads says:

    When are these tractor trailer drivers going to realize that there vehicle is not a little smart car on the road? I am terrified to travel on highways anymore, I could not tell you how many times a rig came to close to me, and then switches lanes with a moments notice, without a turn signal….. please realize that your rig is a thousand times bigger than what we are driving, and if you hit us, it won’t be a little fender bender. It’s a shame, that limits our set to these truckers, the more loads they get, the more money… the more lives at risk on the road. I personally think everything should be transported by train. …. I have heard so many stories about rigs, this one itself, last year about a family and a three year old was killed in their minivan, the two elderly sisters this year, that were “driving to slow” for the truck. ….. when is it going to ever end.. obey the speed limits, obey the law.. put the phones down, quit texting…….everyone plays a part….

  8. realize says:

    shut up shut up, its not just the big rigs causing accidents, sad on both ends, both had families, so much i can write but not enough time, my thoughts and prayers go out to their families

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