CHAMPION (KDKA) – Police in Somerset County are investigating dozens of thefts at a local ski resort in the last month alone.

It may sound to some like there security problems at Seven Springs but that’s not the case.

Skiing can be an expensive hobby when you include the cost of the equipment and the cost of hitting the slopes.

So, it’s no wonder when some ski equipment starts walking away by itself that police and skiers take notice.

“It’s very appalling. Very. When you come here it’s family time. You don’t want to think about someone walking about with your equipment,” Carrie Beck said.

State Police said there have been more than 50 thefts reported at Seven Springs since December. They include $700 skis and a snowboard worth just under $200. None of the items were locked up, or in the check in area of the resort.

“Sadly they were in unattended places where the equipment was leaning against the building – not in the ski check program,” Anna Weltz with Seven Springs said.

State Police, who now handle the area including the resort, said it’s too soon to tell whether the thefts are related, but say the investigation is ongoing. They also join the resort in urging skiers to use onsite security and ski checks to keep equipment safe.

Earlier this month, someone stole thousands of dollars worth of copper wire and equipment from the resort’s maintenance complex. State police estimated the value of those items at over $25,000.

Anyone with information is asked to contact state police in Somerset County at (814)-445-4104.

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