Images Of Upper St. Clair Bank Robber Released

UPPER ST. CLAIR (KDKA) — Police and the FBI are looking for a bank robber.

The man is accused of robbing the PNC Bank on Fort Couch Road in Upper St. Clair on Wednesday.

The man passed a “threatening” note to the teller demanding money.

He was wearing a trench coat, a black winter hat and black leather gloves. He’s believed to be a white male in his 60’s, about 6-feet tall with a slim build.

They believe he may have robbed another bank in the Pittsburgh area.

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One Comment

  1. Charles says:

    Wonder why banks/places that are prone to being robbed do not change the positioning of cameras to eye level. That way it would be easier to identify the robber/suspect instead of the usual downward position. Or even install cameras on the desks like a flat screen in front of the teller. Like the idea though saw on Manswers couple yrs. ago for would-be car thieves. How about a propane-laden torch lights up underneath the floor for would be robbers, that’ll teach them a lesson. Just a thought.

    1. jonpgh says:

      This is a great suggestion. And they should improve the quality because these photos could be your own relative and you still wouldn’t identify them.

  2. Mister Logic says:

    Hint. When a man approaches a teller’s window wearing gloves on a very mild day where the temps are about 50 F, that should be a warning sign right there.

  3. Navy Beans says:

    Dont most bank robbers eventually get caught? Seems to risky for the little money they get away with. Plus its a federal crime.

  4. Morty Seinfeld says:

    He’s wearing the beltless trench coat. I invented it when I worked for Harry Flugelman.


    Looks like the same guy that robbed the bank in Kennedy Twp.
    Only he’s not looking into the camera this time, it’s what you call
    on the job experience.
    To bad I don’t know where he’s at cause I’d tell on him

    1. Narc Teacher says:

      Well… at least you learned how to spell narc there Narc Squader.
      I am glad your knot dum.

  6. Shawn says:

    For all the folk that think crime only happens in the city; Upper Saint clair has problems also! Criminals come in all shapes size and colors! Most pgh people are so narrow minded.

  7. Shauna says:

    I’m narrow minded, 95% of the time crime is commited by black ppl

    1. Shawn says:

      Yes narrow minded im black im not a criminal. Thats like me saying 95% of whites are racist its simply not true. Also its kinda sad to admit you are narrow minded. Have a blessed day Shauna.

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