6 Overcome By Gas Odor, Students Evacuated From School

COLLIER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Officials have given the all clear after six adults were overcome by a strong smell of gas, prompting the evacuation of the Chartiers Valley Primary School this morning.

The odor reportedly filled the area around Thoms Run Road and the school this morning and 770 students were evacuated from the building.

The kindergarteners through second graders were taken to the nearby high school auditorium after the six adults were sickened. Officials say at least two went to the hospital.

Officials with the Chartiers Valley School District are blaming the fumes on work being done by Peoples Gas crews nearby.

Officials with Equitable Gas say they were also called in to the school to investigate the odor. They say their crews performed numerous safety checks in and around the school, and they plan to conduct additional safety checks at the school on Friday.

Officials from Peoples Gas report that they turned off service in the area today. They say there were two leaks in a medium pressure line about a quarter mile from the school.

One of the leaks has been repaired. Crews will check the rest of the line as a precaution.

There was a similar leak on Wednesday.

Also, school officials have decided to leave the students in the middle school and high school auditorium for the rest of the day. There is an in-service day on Friday.

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Equitable Gas
Peoples Natural Gas
Sulfur-Like Odor Sends 26 To Hospital
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One Comment

  1. Tara says:

    why haven’t the parents been notified???? two of my sons go to the primary school and I haven’t heard a word!


      My kids school is the same way they act like they don’t have to.
      Last year they started yelling at the kids that they were being disrespectful
      the next day they had the police up there with a drug sniffing dog which chased a student who may not have even been a student down the hall.
      I was told this same story by several students.
      When I talked to the school’s Superintendant about this he lied and said it never happened then retracted his story when I informed him several students told me this. NOT ONLY WAS I NOT INFORMED THEY LIED AND TRIED TO COVER IT UP.

  2. Marci says:

    The school had called and notified me before it was even in the news! Thank you CV for being on top of things!

  3. cyndi bonkoski says:

    the school called me to notify me….GREAT JOB!

    1. Michelle Thomas Macy says:

      I agree. They called right away. I

  4. Tara says:

    I’m glad other parents were notified, but i had to read about it on the news. I wonder what is causing the problem, as apparently it’s been an issue for a couple days…

  5. Melissa says:

    the school is contacting parents via the phone. Also, there is only 1 child that is sick and it is unrelated to this incident.

  6. Marci says:

    I also hope hey find the area of concern….yesterday when dropping off my three children at the primary school the fire dept was at the bottom of the hill going up to the middle school/high school. So as Tara said this has apparently been an ongoing issue.

  7. Tara says:

    I spoke with a secretary at the administration building and she said this has been going on for a couple days…hopefully this can be resolved quickly and safely!

  8. Heather Sarnowski Downey says:

    When there was a smell this morning, they should have cancelled school right then and there. This administration has dropped the ball one too many times.

  9. Tara says:

    Heather, I have to agree with you – if there was a smell this morning (and it’s apparently been there a couple days) it should have been investigated ASAP and school canceled. Nothing is more important than the safety of those children.

  10. Stephanie says:

    school should have been cancelled. Dropping your child off in the morning with fire trucks and ambulances on the scene is pretty unnerving.

  11. Holly says:

    Did anyone see fire trucks and ambulances at the primary school yesterday when dropping off their kids ? b/c I sure didnt. Just at the high school where the situation could have been complete unrelated. So Im not sure how unnerving it would be unless you stop and get out of your car to ask.

  12. Tara says:

    When I dropped my kids off this morning there was an ambulance and fire truck….with no explanation of what was going on…and it was unnerving!

  13. Dee says:

    My child rides the bus to school so I didn’t witness any of this either day but I have to say if it was that unnerving and you couldn’t get an explanation, then why wouldn’t you just turn around and go back home with your kids? Or as Holly said – get out of your car and ask. I don’t think it helps any of us to be fear mongers. We are all concerned about our children’s safety and it seems as if they have the situation handled for the time being and if the situation changes we will be notified.

  14. Tara says:

    So, concern about the children’s safety is fear-mongering? And I tried to ask, but was told everything was fine…

  15. Kendra Misitis says:

    I thought things went smoothly. When I arrived I thought it would be chaos. Security told me where to park, entered the building where staff checked I. D. lastly a teacher escorted my child right to me. Only complaint would be that they left a message on my home phone instead of my cell. But thank God for friends.

  16. DVFD says:

    Did you smell gas when you were dropping off your children this morning?

  17. Tara says:

    @Frank – thank you for the very mature response. Why are you even commenting if you don’t have anything relevant to say?

    @DVFD – I didn’t smell any gas when I dropped the kids off.

  18. cc says:

    We could smell the gas last night about 930 when we went to walmart and when we were getting off the Heidelberg exit. I even commented about the smell to my husband. Also the PS is only right across the street from the MS….can u not smell it up there???

  19. Michelle Thomas Macy says:

    They called the number that they usually call for delays/closings. You may want to update that with a cell number. I was notified right away. The school district actually notified a article about the smell on there website yesteday. I check it daily when I go on the eschool web page. The fire dept did clerar the smell. Maybe a letter sent home yesterday would of been better. I

  20. Stephanie L says:

    From what I understand they kept the kids on their buses initially, and then they were cleard to let the kids in the bld. Only after our kids spent an hour or so breathing in the smell, did they evacuate. If 6 people were sickened by this leak in such a short time period, it must have been pretty bad. Bad enough that they should have been more cautious with our children. The msg that was left on my machine this morning made this sound like NO big deal…I beg to differ, and Im not happy about how it was handled.

  21. allycat says:

    You people think this site is your facebook . Leave 1 coment about the article and get back to work if you have a job.You leave your kids at school every other day and trust the people you leave them with so trust them when an emergency arrives to do the right thing.

  22. p says:

    someone should have excused themselves

  23. CV High school student says:

    The Primary schoolers had a wonderful time at the high school today. the walked out on the track, played in the gym had art, music and Spanish they also got to be in the same building as the “Big Kids”. overall they had a blast

    1. mommyOf4 says:

      thank you for letting us parents know how the day went ! shame that the ADULTS could not have commented in an adult way like you did your parents should be proud !

  24. markopolo says:

    must be nice that all the moms if your school district sit at home… talking and talking on here like its facebook … while both parents of other schools actually work. lol…. collier is the only school around that would make the news cause of gas smell. lol.. lameo

  25. Wool says:

    My problem is less with the district and more with the gas company. Tuesday night, my daughter and I drove past the complex. As I was thinking “Hmm, smells like gas,” my daughter actually said it. I called 911, because at the time, the parking lot was full, clearly there was an event at the high school. I left my name and number, told them precisely where I was, and hung up believing that the gas company would be notified to deal with the problem. Two days later, this occurs. And to the poster before me, obviously you know nothing about neither science nor parenthood. Natural gas is extremely combustible, any decent parent would be concerned about there children in such close proximity to a problem such as this. Between the students, teachers, and staff, nearly 3,000 people were on the campuses this morning. Also, not sure if you have an issue with Collier, but Chartiers Valley includes Scott Township, Bridgeville, and Heidelberg as well. You actually sound jealous of your lot in life.

    1. Stephanie L says:

      I agree Wool! Very well said!!

Comments are closed.

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