Co-Workers Remember Slain Penn Hills Man

By: David Highfield

PENN HILLS (KDKA) — Co-workers of the young man who was killed and his body dismembered are now remembering him.

William King, or Will, as he was known to friends, worked at the Walgreen’s in Penn Hills.

His co-workers are collecting money for King’s family and placed a big photo of King, 24, near the door where customers can write messages.

Someone also put a white rose with a written message on the bench outside the store where King would take breaks.

“He was so fantastic,” said customer Toni Laws. “It’s really a shame to know something like that would happen to such a nice person. He never meant nobody any harm.”

Police have charged 25-year-old Vito Pelino, of Penn Hills, with murdering King and dismembering the body.

Police say Pelino may have been angry because King left a bar with Pelino’s sister and went back to her apartment. Pelino allegedly asked a friend to put trash bags into his car, and the friend told police he saw a human leg in one of them.

The remains were discovered dumped in a wooded area of Plum.

Pamela Moore is a customer at the Walgreen’s who knew both the victim and the suspect.

As for Pelino, she said, “He’s had problems over the years. He’s had anger problems, but other than that, I mean, he was a decent kid, too. I mean, I just, I don’t know what happened.”

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One Comment

  1. Jen says:

    My prayers go out to this family that lost there loved one. May you find comfort in God & knowing he is in a better place..

    & for the 2 comments really!!! Not needed at all..If that lady made your life a living hell then take up some conseliing..

    1. Nellie Lynch says:

      Thank you, Jen!!! You beat me to the comment. Two families lost someone. My prayers go out to these two families. William sounded like an awesome person.

  2. johnny69 says:

    Well, from what I am reading I was totally wrong in yesterdays comment that I left saying that it was “Bad guys killing bad guys”. Looks like I owe everyone an apology for that so I am sorry to all that knew and loved him.

    1. bella d says:

      William did not deserve this he is a innocent person who got hurt due to the fact no one close to vito cared enuff and the police didnt take things seriouse enuff and a hert person will hert others Bill Cosby said this Hert people hert peolpe thats what happen. Voto got lost in his head and negative thoughts and he watched to many horror movies this desensatized him to such a horriable crime i believe he left reality for a moment when he woke up he had to disacociate the two so he keeps them apart in his head a mind is a crazy unknown place we still cant understand but there were some of us who knew Vito who Knew this may happen so we did fail.

  3. DRE40 says:

    @johnny69,I accept your apology,i knew Will very well,and i know for a fact that he didn’t deserve this to happen to him.Even if he was sexually involved with this guys sister,this is no reason for murdering him.I’m so sad and angry at the same time because Will was so harmless,i can see if he tried to rape her or something like that,but evidently it was a friendly relationship he had with this guys sister.As for this Vito guy,well i will defer to say what i really wanna say,I guess thats why we never know what be on peoples’ minds at times.Sounds like he was a ticking timebomb waiting to explode,i just wish he didn’t expolde on my dear friend and good dude WILL KING.It’s really difficult for me to wrap my mind around all this and why it happened. R.I.P WILL your death will have a lasting impact on me for the rest of life. I LOVE YOU BRO!

    1. J says:

      My heart breaks for the Will’s Family & Friends ❤ I find it bizarre because we never knew Vito had a sister? When did she enter into the family?

  4. Friend says:

    I went to this walgreens almost everyday since this store opened. I used to give Will sales tips on how to sell more items off the sales shelf at the register. Counldn’t be a nicer guy. I walked into Walgreens as usual two days ago, and saw his missing poster up, asked the cashier about it, and he said that he has been missing. I hoped he had just met a nice gal and went off together. Yesterday driving into work, I thought about will and where he might be. Once I got to work, I saw on KDKA.COM, his picture. I couldnt belive it. Our prayers are with his family.

  5. Peoples Comic says:

    From all the details I am hearing and reading, Vito was so upset that his friend or sister was involved with a black man he killed him. So is this a hate crime ? When I moved to Penn Hills years ago, Will was one of the first people I met here. He was working at Walgreens. Very well mannered, respectful, and helpful. I will miss this wonderful person.

    1. Bella says:

      People dont know this, cuz you cant tell, but Vito was part black. His father is bi racial. This had nothing to do with skin color. This was just a very disturbed psychopath who had no reason to do something so horrible, cuz the reason he gave was stupid. RIP Will…. Burn in hell Vito!

    2. bella d says:

      no hate crime my love Vito and i dated and my daughter is biracial Vito was good to her and Vitos biracial he has american Indian, african american, spanish and italian he is considered a black male in jail. Vito was abused and never got help he did have a heart his anger just got bigger than he could control i believe William is a victom of years of anger from people who hurt Vito bad and Vito never got support or had no coping skills to deal with this anger sorry but i cant spell and my gramer is bad but i believe you know what I am trying to say.

  6. italianbella412 says:

    Can someone tell me why my comment got deleted?

  7. bell d says:

    I warned the penn hills police about vito in 2007 i was laughed at i found some warning signs that this would happen i also went through alot while dating vito that were enough for people to take as warning signs i knew this day would come but couldnt make any one take me serious the police dropped the ball Penn hills and Verona i believe because Vito was never held accountable for some scary ass stuff he did they say nothing serious but when its you it is serouse he put a gun scope lazer on my moms chest at two am he lived across the street then the cops said nothing could be done so there you go good job cops there was a suicide attempt while i was with him and many other things like a drawling of his ex girlfriends home that he told me he has been in while they slept theres so much more i cant tell but i talked to police me and two other people and were later called back and told i made it up out of anger over our brake up this was vitos cries for help i believe and had it been niped in the bud William would be alive im so angry about this because people were warned no one listened

  8. bella d says:

    One more thing is Vito is human and so was William please kill the hate Vito has some good and a soul is a serious matter please pray for there souls. Vito cried for help we all ignored it . suicide i know is a cry for help. I also dont apreciate people using my name as there name it makes it look like i wrote it so keep bella out of your name if it aint your name.

    1. Bella says:

      I don’t hate Vito. I shouldn’t have said that and I’m sorry. I was typing out of anger… also, I did comment first with my name… you’re not the only one with an awesome name 😉

  9. kim says:

    Please stop makin excuses for this horrible crime. No one deserves to die like that. Will was a great young man that would have never hurt anyone. My heart is broken that a humanbeing could do this to another human. It makes me sick to my stomache. Please God watch over ur children.

  10. Little Pepe says:

    There is no excuse for doing what he did to another human being. The courts will provide the justice needed in this brutal murder. May the family and friends find consolidation with the almighty.

  11. U.N Ownen says:

    Hopefully that psycho gets the Death Penalty! Lethal Injection anyone?

  12. Some One says:

Comments are closed.

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