Strip District Pedestrian Accident Raises Safety Concerns

STRIP DISTRICT (KDKA) – Most days the Strip District is a busy place, bustling with traffic and pedestrians.

However, after an accident Thursday night, some are questioning whether more needs to be done to make the Strip District safer for pedestrians.

From the people who work there to the occasional shoppers, the Strip District is still a main destination.

But some are worried incidents like the one on Thursday night may be a black eye on the neighborhood.

“They’ve done a great job cleaning up the area. We see it as a growing area, and stuff like this… we need to do what we can to correct the situation,” Lidia’s General Manager Mike Hamway said.

“You’ve been crossing the road since you were 4-years-old, so you know how to cross the street. And they’re speeding up and almost flying. It’s almost like PlayStation, you’re like, ‘Oh my God.’ One guy almost hit me and he was pointing and laughing, so it’s a very serious problem,” Troy Thomas said.

Two people were seriously injured when they were struck by a car heading down Smallman Street near Lidia’s at 15th Street. Hamway said safety has always been a concern there.

“There’s responsibility on all parts, both the drivers and pedestrians have to be more aware, but this is a very busy and dangerous intersection at certain times of the day,” Hamway said.

“Some people have their walkman tuned in or they’re walking and not paying attention or they may have a hood up because it’s cold, but these motorists are definitely seeing the pedestrians crossing,” Thomas said.

“The reminders to drivers to slow down are certainly out there, but over time, they fade. Crosswalks and signs haven’t stood the test of time.

As for the people who work in the Strip, they have their own suggestions to make it just a little safer.

“Ideally, a light would correct the situation, but at the very least, at certain times of the day, at rush hour, 8-9 o’clock, at 5-6 o’clock at night when there are a lot of people out there. It’s just a recipe for disaster unless we can do something about it,” Hamway said.


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One Comment

  1. Roberta Chapman says:

    Even with a light & crosswalk showing “Walk”, I have to make sure someone isn’t trying to turn the corner when I am crossing

  2. Hwolf says:

    It’s not hard for people to please pay attention. I’m a pedestrian and I have suffered quite a bit from so many near misses and such. Not stopping at red lights, turning corners without looking (yes that has happened a lot and especially if they are on their cell phones), and turn signals are some of the biggest ones. I know people are in a hurry, us pedestrians are too, but at least we give ourselves enough time to get there when there may be complications.

    Yet even pedestrians need to pay attention to the roads too. Too many people jaywalk thinking the cars will stop. NO, you are in control of your own actions and cannot control what other people think. Please, everyone be careful and pay attention. That’s all I’m asking.

  3. gants says:

    let’s get ready to rumble!

  4. Scott says:

    Say it to his face. Yea that’s what I thought.

  5. Barb says:

    Maybe its time to make the strip area a no car zone only on certain streets

  6. larry says:

    maybe pedestrians need to just stay off the road cars own the road stay on the sidewalk where u belong

  7. Don Orkoskey says:

    @ Barb – That is a terrible idea. When they close roads in the Strip it greatly hurts businesses. Many don’t realize it but nearly every one of those businesses are wholesalers that just happen to have retail outlets. They NEED trucks and cars to be able to get to them to make deliveries and pick up goods 7 days a week.

    @Larry – we’re talking about people CROSSING THE ROAD, they have every right to do that. The road doesn’t just belong to cars.

    As for it being a black-eye on the neighborhood, um … try again. This is a black-eye on CITY GOVERNMENT who has continuously refused put up additional stop signs on Smallman. They’ve been asked for more than 10 years. When Right By Nature opened in the Cork Factory development they had to pay for the signs and labor themselves at 24th and Smallman.

    The city has known for years that they need to do something and they continue to ignore the problem.

  8. 412 says:

    if anyone has been to vegas on the strip they know what the solution is–they have walk ways that go over the street—and they have plantings and fences that make it almost impossible to jay walk– in pittsburgh we have yellow signs that say yield to pedestrians in crosswalks–what that does is make people just walk out even when ur driving almost right up on the signs– the one on ross street when u cross over 6th street is the worst–people walk in front of my car there all the time– as i understand it is a warning for the drivers to yield–not a green light for pedestrians to walk in front of ur car

  9. 412 says:

    drivers make turns and almost run people over all the time and the pedestrian will have the green light–people are horrible drivers anymore

  10. MaryMo says:

    Don – Your last sentence is pretty much all there is to it. The city ignores it. There are residents complaining about Southside – Ignored. There are people being shot every day in the Hill District – Ignored. People are being hit in the Strip – Ignored. I rarely drive through the Strip but when I do, people seem confused. Especially driving inbound once they hit the main shopping areas. There are cars lining the streets,people trying to pull on to Liberty can’t see over the cars, the lanes aren’t defined so there is kind of two lanes but people float in the middle anyway…it’s just a mest.

    And 412, yes people are horrible drivers because they pay more attention to their cell phones, in-car DVD players, and Tom-Toms to pay attention to people walking!

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