Mayor Shovels Snow After Losing Super Bowl Bet

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The mayor of Pittsburgh made good on a bet he lost during the Super Bowl.

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl was shoveling snow at Saint Rosalia Parish in Greenfield Tuesday morning.

That is the church that Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy attended as a child. His parents still attend that church today.

The mayor made the bet with the mayor of Green Bay prior to the Super Bowl. Whoever’s team lost, would shovel snow.

After shoveling, the mayor had to hang a Green Bay Packers flag at the City-County Building.

It will stay there for one day.


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One Comment

  1. FixPGH says:

    Maybe he should lose more bets so he can get his lazy a _ _ out and shovel some more. What a loser!

    1. Get a Life says:

      So you’re going to steal my user name and just start using it? Wow, you are really childish. What’s funny is nobody even knows who I am in real life, so it’s not like they’ll form some actual opinion of me based on what you say under my former user name.

      1. Get a Life says:

        Hah, whoops. That comment above was target towards a poster name “FixPGH” that posted a comment and after I reported it, it was deleted before I posted this. I no longer use the handle “FixPGH” so anything posted under that name is a different person, out to try to be smart or funny or something.

      2. You Should Get a Life says:

        Who cares who you used to post as or who you really are.

      3. You should really get a life says:

        Stole your user name? Really? That’s what’s important to you? How about moving out of your parent’s house before you’re 40. That’s a life goal you should set for yourself.

      4. NO, YOU get a life. says:

        Haha so because someone is calling out someone else, that automatically makes them a candidate for living in their parents basement. Wow you guys have no creativity at all!

    2. Truthful says:

      HEY LUKE ! Why dont you go shovel at your ex wifes house? They miss you! JUST KIDDING THEY HATE YOU JUST AS MUCH AS THE REST OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS CITY!

  2. come on says:

    someone take the sign down… luke you are ridiculous.

  3. BOB says:


  4. Bob Lillie says:

    Dont ever think you have the voice of Pittsburgh fans and place a bet on our behalf. Take the sign down you loser.

  5. Ed W says:

    Maybe he should start shoveling the streets of Pittsburgh which, under his watchful eye and great leadership, went untouched yesterday and today. Great job Ravingidiot. Your Public Works Dept. is super. Have fun at Mardi Gras. Maybe this year you won’t miss another big storm while partying it up down there.

    1. Timmy D. says:

      Great post Ed W. No one in this city could have said it better. This guy is clueless.

    2. NoWay says:

      Sooo right Ed W – roads are once again untouched, and what is Mayor Skippy doing?
      And they are patting themselves on the back saying they will meet their ‘self imposed 24 hour response time’.
      How about responding before several inches of snow have already fallen, traffic is gridlocked everywhere in the city, and motorists have to abandon their vehicles because NOTHING was done to the roads and they have become sheets of ice from lack of being treated??
      Turn on the news and see Skippy goofing off. Know what I did not see at all yesterday evening? A single plow truck on any major road, or evidence that any had passed through.

  6. chris says:

    I guess the garbage men were helping him shoveling to pay off his stupid bet since the trash wasn’t pickup. This is pathetic. Same on you Mr. major.

  7. Ryan says:

    This is the definition of karma that he had to pay off his bet after the biggest snowfall of the year.

  8. limas the laughing swede says:

    funny how its the suburbanites, mostly, who are crying about getting gridlocked. which is mostly their own fault on a number of levels. most city residents have several ways to get where they NEED to go, and aren’t out getting in the way. they also could, you know prepare better, because, lets face it, they would be utterly lost without their car. most city people can walk if need be, to get enough food or whatever to tide them over, of find another way to work, or a block or two to meet a ride.

    i’m not a ravenstahl supporter, just a city resident who is tired of suburbanites thinking they have a say in city government. i don’t care about who the mayor of bughustle, suburbia is, you should do the same. no i don’t want to buy tickets to your vfw raffle either, i pay taxes for professionals to do that job, maybe you should do the same.

    1. NoWay says:

      It’s not about caring WHO the mayor of any city is; it’s about caring that they DO THEIR JOB and make sure the employees and services that report to them work as they are supposed to.
      Last night was yet another perfect example of that not happening.

    2. Glass Houses says:

      UM. ever hear of the commuter taX? STFU!

  9. Say Cheese! says:

    Now we know Luke can shovel 2 things: snow and bullshi+

  10. Mayor Stupidstahl says:

    You guys better quit bad mouthing me , for I broke a fingernail and everything today

  11. Dan says:

    Im confused ! Doesnt the mayor go to seven springs and make out with chicks when it snows? I believe he calls it “PHASE 2”

  12. Gross! says:

    At the lobby bar he calls it “PHASE 8 1/2”

  13. HATEYOULUKE says:

    LUKE = spoiled little TURD

Comments are closed.

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