Judge Declares Mistrial In Orie Case

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A judge in Allegheny County has declared a mistrial in the corruption trial of state Senator Jane Orie and her sister, Janine.

Shortly before noon, Judge Jeffrey Manning ordered jurors to stop deliberating after prosecutors raised concerns that the jury may have fraudulent documents.

At issue were documents signed by former chief of staff Jamie Pavlot. The defense presented the documents in their case; but two documents purported to have her signature appear to have been cut and pasted from an original from 2004.

One signature from 2006 is supposed to be Pavlot’s signature on a letter in which she takes responsibility for staff mileage reimbursements.

Some markings in an original signature, which was below someone else’s — appear again in the alleged forgery.

When Judge Manning saw the documents he said, “Ray Charles could see that these documents were fraudulently composed.”

The panel of jurors met for two and a half hours before retiring last night. They had resumed deliberations this morning prior to the judge’s order.

A little more than two hours after halting deliberations, Judge Manning declared a mistrial.

Orie is charged with using her state-funded staff to perform campaign and fundraising work for herself and a third sister, state Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin.

Orie Melvin is not charged.


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    • The Big House welcomes Orie

      Check out that poof of hair on the top of her head. She thinks its some kinda royal crown. Ha ha ha ha ha.

      You’re goin’ to the Big House.

      Why does she always have that scowl on her face?

      • johnny69

        disagree, they will get off scot-free

    • local

      GUILTY, on all counts. CORRUPT PEOPLE each and every one of them…GEEZ just look at her, tald about a pit bull.

    • Black Cat

      Any intelligent comments out there?

    • Matt

      Translation: I admit she’s guilty and now I’m going to talk about something completely unrelated like the price of gasoline, and hope you didn’t catch the part where I admitted that I think she’s guilty.

    • Matt

      This Pit Bull is about to get neutered. (and I meant neuter, not spayed)

    • Harold

      Jane Orie should be removed from office ASAP. Her behavior is self serving and not in the public’s interest. Pay back the $700,000+ Jane!

    • yabadabba

      bobby jo……nancy pelosi??

    • Matt

      Where is Michael Vick when you need him? He needs to round up this beast along with Palin and Bachmann and get back into his old “hobby”.

      • Thomas R.

        God, are you sick!! We of the more intelligent side of thngs have a little ditty for you courtesy of Pink Floyd:

        • JB

          So intelligent in fact you didn’t even remember to finish your own sentence. lol

    • billy

      nancy pelosi???

      • Dave


    • looking back

      Remember Mike Veon Jane?
      From the same mold?

    • dan

      haha…yeah i like this game

      A. Nancy Pelosi
      B. Janet Napolitano
      C. Hillary Clinton
      D. all of the above

    • carey

      Marty i very much enjoy yor take on what goes on locally….but no one bats 1.000

    • sparky101

      innocent until proven guilty

      • Matt

        so OJ was innocent.

    • Enough of the Ories

      Please don’t waste any more taxpayer money by declaring a mistrail. Get the expert… have him explain his findings to the jury… then burn these witches at the stake.

      • enough

        Agree …..agree…..agree

        • concerned

          I agree- they all need to just get out- there all mean and nasty and don’t serve our interest just there greedy one!!

    • Liam1694u

      I always love the look she gives in just about every photo taken of her. It’s a look that says “I want to eat your children.”

      • Dom

        You should have seen the photos SHE used in her campaign flyers that we received almost daily for a month last fall..she looked like the wicked witch from the north..I don’t know how the idiots in our district reelected her

    • Reasonable Doubt

      If the forgery was so obvious, why did the prosecution wait until 4 and 1/2 hours into deliberations to raise it? And why didn’t the judge challenge the DA on this basis. I smell a rat.

      • Matt

        I smell someone that doesn’t want to believe reality and regardless of outcome will find some excuse to live with the fact that they support a woman who clearly is corrupt and clearly broke the law.

      • Black Cat

        I really smell a rat!!!

    • Earl

      Innocent until proven guilty,but it isn’t looking too good for this royal couple. Butler county just seems to keep on supply us with these gems! Well at least Rick Santorum and Melissa Hart are out of the political picture, but I’m sure their in their laboratory creating something, maybe a newer foolproof version of a so called “fiscal conservate” uber republican that maybe, just maybe their gullible followers will once again fall for!

      • John

        Leave it to a moron to use this situation to bash conservatives. Crimes by politicians is equally split between the parties, if you’ve ever read teh paper or follow politics. Don’t worry, your welfare checks will keep coming to your trailer.

        • Johnnyboy

          Leave it to John the moron to use this situation to bash people on welfare, people who live in trailers, or people he thinks fall into either category. Leave it to John the moron to call someone a moron and then use grammar like “crimes by politicians is…” lmao. Yes, finally, leave it to John the conservative to once again show what a bunch of hypocrites his party is. Don’t worry, you can still watch faux news and avoid looking at yourself in the mirror. Just keep suppressing that little voice of reason in your head. The lesson here, which I have no doubt you won’t learn, is never call someone a moron and then use gutter grammar that only befits a moron.

    • jim,

      lets go for a retrial

    • Don

      Career politicians have ruined this country (From both parties) Getting re-elected is their main goal. Party comes before the people. But as soon as we vote them out of office (Daschle,Santorum) they end up with a high paying lobbyist job. Once voted out of office, you shouldn’t be allowed to be a lobbyist for at least 5 years. Get a real job, pay your own benefits & pensions like the rest of us!

    • T.J.

      This is better than “Law and Order”!! And, God Bless the people in Zappala’s office! Keep the heat on!!!

    • Dave

      Strange that the prosecution waited until now to bring this up. Seems to me they suspected that the jury was about to find her not guilty.



      • Matt

        You’ll need a chainsaw.

        • Blub Mleh

          and a blowtorch, a crowbar, a shoe horn and Drano.

    • Taxpayers get poorer

      …and the lawyers get richer.

    • Mr HOP

      Are any of you surprised?

    • agdrew

      This country is in serious trouble. This politician is just the latest symptom of the problem. But we only have ourselves to blame. But what would you expect from a populace that thirsts for any news Stillers. Meanwhile the Wagners, Flaherty’s, Costa’s continue to rely on this apathy, How is that working out for you Pittsburgh? The most egregious example of what I’m saying is the case of a “disabled” Pittsburgh police officer who shall remain nameless, found he was not quite so disabled to take the Chief”s job in a suburban department, and lo and behold, when the political stars were aligned, became chief in Pittsburgh. The Defense rests.

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