Obama Urges Pa. Lawmakers To Save Education

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KDKA) — Fresh from a major address affirming the importance of public education, President Barack Obama told KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano he understood Pennsylvania’s budget dilemma which has hurt local schools.

“Obviously, we’re in tough budget times both at the federal level and the state level and I recognize there are difficult decisions to make,” he said. “I really think it’s important for us to make sure that when we cut, we don’t cut education.”

Of course, the end of the federal stimulus monies means Pennsylvania is short of cash, but the president had advice for state lawmakers.

“I would urge all those in positions of leadership to preserve our investment in education,” Obama said. “Now, we have to spend that money wisely, and so part of my message yesterday, it was, ‘Let’s reform No Child Left Behind. Let’s fix it to give states and local school districts more flexibility.’”

Obama says states need to follow his example.

“In my own budget for 2012, I’m cutting spending significantly,” he said. “We’re freezing federal spending so that we save $400 billion, but I’m still increasing funding for Pell Grants, still increasing funding for various programs that help recruit and train math and science teachers because that is going to be an investment that we make in the long term.”

On the issue of nuclear plant safety in this country, the president tried to reassure.

“I do think it’s important for us to think through constantly how we can improve nuclear technologies to deal with additional safety concerns,” Obama said.

Delano: “Are we earthquake-proof?”

Obama: “We constantly monitor – I asked this question of our nuclear regulatory commission. We constantly monitor seismic activity.”

Delano: “Are you at all worried about radiation from Japan reaching American shores?”

Obama: “No. I’ve been assured that any nuclear release dissipates by the time it gets even to Hawaii, much less to the main land of the United States.”

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President Barack Obama
Pa. Governor Tom Corbett


One Comment

  1. NANCY POLOSI says:

    Barry, you better get back to Washington A.S.A.P. Paul McCartney is waiting to put on another concert at the tax payers expense

  2. Paul Christeson says:

    I would like to know what the salary and outher payments that the state and fed people that I voted for. The $55,000 that me and wife make is peanuts the them.

  3. phil says:


  4. eddiethesnitch says:

    He should have had the foresight to allocate some of that stimulous mondy to education instead of using it to buy votes via $14/month handouts — which stimulated NOTHING. Shame.

  5. A.Bunker says:

    The liar-in-chief should worry about his own budget and keep his nose out of Pa. politics, the big dope.

    1. hwright says:

      oh really now look a REPUBLICAN feels threatened you should move to Wisconsin

  6. Sara Sams says:

    Obama Blah ! Blah!! Spend Spend.. His bills are paid by the tax payer..

  7. rashan says:


  8. aces wild says:

    obama thats why we shouldn’t have taken your stimulus. This is what happens when the fed money runs out. Now you expect the tax payers in Pa. to take over, just like the underground tunnel to no where. All we needed was a pedistrian bridge to the north shore. This would of been more attractive to view the City. When will these states learn the more you take from the fed’s(obama), when the stimulus ends the tax payers have to take over. Then ofcourse this makes our state government look inept. Get with it, whats the whitehouse doing now, absolutely nothing! Obama can talk the talk but he can’t walk the walk.

    1. RecallRepublicans says:

      whats our state doing with the money from the casinos? Thats what you should be asking you Republican gov.

      1. One small voice says:

        Ask Ed Rendell where the property tax cuts that were promised when he was elected.

      2. RecallRepublicans says:

        Well its not like they disapeared or wait that what all Republicans think! debt just disappears when they are in charge

  9. aces wild says:

    Rashan I think you should reiterate your last comment, its your president who fits that comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ed says:

    Nice softball interview Jon. Is that how you got the interview, by promising not to press Obama on anything? Just lob some questions out there and let him say whatever. Let him spew out some tallking points. You waited 2 years to do this? Hard hitting journalism there Jon.

  11. Yup says:

    Huh, you all complain about Tom Corbett’s spending, the President steps in and you complain about him too. At least he’s trying to say Corbett was wrong. Why doesn’t PA government staff take pay cuts? Why can’t we save money in that sense? Don’t knock the President from trying to do things, and stop listening to poisoned media trying to tell you he did all this stuff that isn’t true. Look at actual facts instead of listening to media outlets – the ones that YOU CHOOSE to listen to and tell you what you want to hear. Because he’s black, you want to listen to a news report that he’s doing bad so you have a more “non-racist” reason to hate him. Grow up, do some actual research instead of listening to Fox News or something.

    1. Yup says:

      How do you expect them to create jobs? Unless they are hiring at the Whitehouse they can’t say “Hey, business that doesn’t have much money, hire 200 more people!” And I’m not playing the race card, I just know how a lot of people around here think. He wasn’t elected because he was black, but he is hated because he is black (I’m not black, so I’m not trying to “defend my race” or something). And Repubs aren’t doing anything! They are sitting around whining and trying to destroy him rather than try to help. Instead of saying “Can’t we make some changes to this health bill?” (which we needed a bill, he actually did it and now everyone is complaining when they don’t know actual facts about it, they just read what they want to read) the Repubs are just trying to throw it out. How about WORK WITH HIM? If you don’t like it, revise it, don’t just try to get rid of it altogether, we need a reform. At least he touched the subject unlike other presidents. The Repubs forced him to keep giving rich people tax cuts. Why should they get them? It’s absurd!

    2. Recall Republicans says:

      LOL Do you really believe that the results up in Wisconsin are really not going to effect the Republican party????? they pretty much did what they wanted and ATTACKED THE WORKING CLASS!!!!!!. I cannot wait for the next election. republicans are nothing but liars, union busting, no good you know what! Constantly lowering the the middle class values and bulging the pockets of politicians and big corporations will not be allowed!!!

  12. BOB says:

    Let’s not forget the it as ex-Gov.Swendell’s last eight year of spend, spend & spend that has us where we are, Gov. Corbett is just try to clean up his mess. How can there be any value to an interview when one liberal is talking to another, stupid and stupider. Neither one of the two is worried about the 13 trillion dollars and the UNIONS that is bankrupting this country.

    1. Recall Republicans says:

      Its a shame how fast we forget what realy built this great nation when Big money is passed around our crooked politicians! Union are the true building blocks to this nation that you wanna KILL! Well see its already started to happen Steel mills are gone, (union), Teamsters are basically gone (Union), manufacturing long gone in US, (union), Coal mines largely union not any more,
      UAW forced to cut many due lower paying foreign manufactures and now Teachers union where will it stop?

      1. Mill Hunk says:

        Remember those 26 week paid vacations at the Steel Mills, that could have been one of the Union perks that kiled the Mills in Pgh..

      2. Recall Republicans says:

        Oh really another attack on working people just freaking jealous thats all just bow down to Republican Dictators and do what they want you to and live like they want you to and thats that. And forget all the cheap labor in counries like China and Indonesia that use children to work and pay little to nothing for working in the worst environments possible. Remember this because under a the republican rule thats what we will be doing as a nation.

  13. One small voice says:

    Ed Rendell created this Mess with the rest of his band of Democrate thieves. Now Tom has to clean up the mess and he’s the bad guy. These cut backs can be tolerated back to 2008 budget levels without increasing any taxes. Don’t believe these school districts are running on a cut to the bone budgets.

    1. Recall Republicans says:

      Ohh But that will never be said of Obama!!! Republicans can never admit to their disasters!! Pass the buck should be the new Republican Slogan!!!

      1. Eyes Wide Open says:

        Check your history pal. The reason we had such huge debt in the early 2000’s was because of lovely democrats Jimmy Carter and Billy Clinton. That’s right even back in the disco era we had to finance people with loans for housing that they would never pay it back, that coupled with Clinton’s wellfare handouts every two seconds led to the problems we have today. Stop living in the last 15 minutes of history and open a book once and awhile. I’m not saying the Republican party is never at fault. Both parties should be dissolved for the good of the people, but we take what we can get.

      2. Recall Republicans says:

        you make me freaking laugh do yourself a favor drive off a cliff

  14. Lynyrd says:

    See he finally got off the golf course.School districts blow money like crazy. This is Rendell’s mess.

    1. Novel idea says:

      I agree, school districts go through money like its going out of style. Instead of cutting programs and educations, lets make ALL of the sports and school activities (yearbook, etc) a pay to play. Stop buiilding new stadiums and field houses and put the money into the schools.

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