Schools, Parents React To Gov. Corbett’s Budget

By Ralph Iannotti

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Governor Tom Corbett’s recommended 10 percent reduction in education spending – part of his new proposed budget presented to state lawmakers – is receiving a failing grade in some quarters.

Pittsburgh School Superintendent Dr. Linda Lane says the plan will mean a $34 million reduction in state aide to the Pittsburgh Public Schools District. Lane said the education proposals simply push the difficult decisions down to the local level.

Many school districts fear they may have to raise school taxes because of less money from Harrisburg.

“I think education needs as much money as it can get,” Christie Hoffman, a parent, told KDKA-TV, at a basketball game in Mt. Lebanon.

Another parent, Ryan Estabrook, said he didn’t think it was a good idea to cut education funding, but he was impressed that the [state] government wanted to balance the budget.

“I’m not at all for what the governor is going to do,” Upper St. Clair teacher Jan Billotte said. “I believe education is the key to the future. The more we can educate our students, the better off they are going to be.”

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  1. Just A Thought says:

    If everyone is so concerned with the decrease in funding to local schools and the education of their children, why is no one standing in line to submit personal donations (increase their own taxes) to their local school districts? The problem is Pennsylvania has continued to support the poor management of local school districts that are unable to balance their own budgets and to meet minimum standards in education.

  2. Chuckie says:

    Why a personal donation, because we are all going to be paying for the decrease in funding anyway through higher local and school taxes. Corbett just passed the buck to the other politicians. The reality of it all is, we will end up voting the local politicians out after they raise our taxes, but the taxes will remain even with new politicians in their place.

    We’re all the losers.

  3. The Geno says:

    When I drop of my kids at school all i see is high priced foreign cars in the faculty parking lot. Plus those teachers are always walking in with their $8 Starbuck lattes. They have been getting way too much of the taxpayers money…while we drive Ford Focus’s and drink the cheapest coffee from Sheetz. Thank you Corbett!!!

    1. Nate says:

      Go to college and be a teacher–you had the same opportunities!

      1. One small voice says:

        Didn’t have the connections with the school board to get hired. It’s not based on merit but who you know Nate.

    2. swin says:

      Retired teacher here – 35 years of service. I wish you could have seen all the enormous waste that these school boards end up causing. How about 7 supervisors for the science department? How about a brand new gym in a school you end up closing in a couple of years? How about a chauffeur driven limosine for the school superintendent? Trust me – it’s not the salaries of the grunts, it never is – it’s the perks and waste and graft on the part of the wealthy and greedy on the top.

    3. swin says:

      Let me continue:
      How about new office furniture 8 years?
      How about throwing away broken furniture instead of fixing it?
      How about moving an office 5 times in the same building over a period of 30 years?
      How about taking out the cafeteria in a school only to put it back in a few years later?
      How about building a school building without classroom walls only to decide they’re needed and to have them put in later?
      How about building a new school building only to find out a few years later you
      really didn’t need it?
      How about bussing kids all over creation because you don’t like the color mixture in a classroom?
      How about more than doubling your administration and central offices when the
      total student enrollment declines by more than half?
      How about building a school on a hill where there’s plenty of natural ventilation and designing the building with sealed windows and very few windows and
      therefore needing to air condition the place?

      Yea – let’s cut the salaries of the teachers and the janitors and the cafeteria workers – it’s all their fault.

      1. RR says:

        That sounds an awful lot like where I went to HS.

      2. city resident says:

        Only the city of Pittsburgh is stupid enough to bus kids all over to get a “mix” of kids. The city is the most reverse racist place I have ever seen in my life. Somebody should sue them!

      3. really??? says:

        You are talking about Pittsburgh public Schools–they are the ONLY school district who pays for chauffeur the Superintendent around and over pay principals!!!!!!

        Other school districts DO Not make the kind of money that Pgh Pubic Schools employees make.

        And, really I don’t know what your complaining about if you worked for Pittsburgh Public as a teacher, you made over $80,000.00 a year at your 10 year mark–it takes other school districts anywhere from 16 to 19 years to make that same salary you made at 10 years!

      4. wjmiles says:

        It is always cut the teachers salaries they get paid too much. HA! Well i am not a teacher. but i do drive a school bus and know how all of you parents that a crying about the teachers salaries should be made to sit in these classrooms with the teachers and see what disrespectful and spoiled children you are raising. Your children are too busy texting to pay attention in school. they are ignorant and have absolutely no manners. Everytime a child gets disiplined by a teacher or the driver it is always our fault. Sit down and Shut up is not allowed anymore. Children are taught that it is never their fault.
        Now had any of you taken the opportunity to read what is going on with the cuts in education, you might see that it is not so bad. Maybe doing away with some of these non essential activities might be a solution. Regardless, quit trying to cut the salaries of those who are trying to teach your child and look to other means.

    4. Joe says:

      Jealous much? By the way, when I look around the faculty lot I see more Kia and Hyundai logos than anything. Not what I’d call “high priced”. Most teachers have masters degrees and would be getting paid tens of thousands of dollars more if they were working in the private sector. And besides, Geno, what is it that you do that’s so important?

      1. Mr Soho says:

        A recent study has proved that a teacher with a Master’s Degree does not provide any benefit to the students, compared to a teacher without a Masters Degree. The only difference is the Master’s Degree teacher is paid more, costing the taxpayer (employer) more money. Funny that the teachers don’t mention this in their Charlie Sheen rants.

      2. Tara says:

        Mr. Soho,

        Gee, I have a master’s degree + 15 credits and I make 100$ more PER YEAR than a teacher with 4 years. Wow, that was worth the extra 36,000 I spent on my masters, huh. As a speech pathologist, Masters is entry level so I had no choice. The team of teachers and assistants I work with spend their own money to buy snacks, for kids who aren’t fed. They spend money on materials and Christmas gifts. Our assistants don’t even have health care. We work with students with special needs, and we work at least 10-20 hours a week for which we don’t get paid. My husband has been out of work for almost 2 years. He is now working for a temp agency my salary can’t even pay the bills. We live in a modular home, and we drive a 14 year old pick up truck and a used car. Some weeks we have to decide between gas and medicine. We haven’t been on a vacation in 8 years. Yeah, I living the high life, with my masters degree. I also have to help pay for my continuing education. We have to complete 6 credits or 180 hours every 5 years. Do you know how much conferences cost. Except mine conferences aren’t paid for by my employer. I love my job, and that is why I do it. However, I don’t feel I am over-paid or live frivolously.

    5. Teacher supporter says:

      Apparently you haven’t been school district. Our teacher parking lots are filled with old cavaliers and beat up trucks. Those who do have a little extra for coffe of a nice car have a spouse that brings in the majority of thier family income. This budget cut hurts everyone. Teachers go to school for 4 yrs to tech YOUR kids. Then they have to continue going to keep their certificate. Do you have to keep paying college tuition out of your pocket to keep your job? NO You went to school to make you like better and you don’t get penilzed by the state. These teachers went to school to make our society better and yet THEY are the one that once again pay the price. So shame on you for accepting the generousity of your childrens teachers and wanting them not to enjoy a little coffee once in awhile.

      1. really??? says:

        Mr. Soho,

        You show your lack of knowledge in this area. Teachers are REQUIRED to obtain at least 24 post BA credits to maintain their PA certification. Those credits that they are REQUIRED to take, they are not reimbursed for.

        The school district will give a SMALL increase if you have a BA + 30 credits–masters but it is only like $100 more/yr.

        Then they have to pay $160 to make their original certificates turn into level 2, yet teachers are still REQUIRED to get another 180 hours of credits every 5 years (for as long as they teach/or after if they want to tutor after retirement) to keep their certifications active.

        I paid $50,000.00 for my required masters degree and I only made $41,000.00 with it and they I got laid off. So, now I have a $600.00/month loan with no job in a state where it is horribly hard to get an education job–boy that really made me rich!

    6. JOMARIE BARBUTO says:


      1. really??? says:

        Baldwin-Whitehall has the most wonderful and caring employees I ever saw in my entire life–totally dedicated to the kids–not the money.

        They have one of the worse contracts in the Pittsburgh area and get paid very low compared to other school districts here. It takes 19 years to hit the top of the pay scale at Baldwin-Whitehall and they work a longer school day–pittsburgh public hits it in 10 years.

        No one in that school district is driving fancy cars. The principals only make about $60,000.00 to $80,000 per/year while pgh public principals make at minimum $120,000.00/ year and more with bonuses.

        BTW:they brew their own coffee in the office at Baldwin-Whitehall too and it is Maxwell house!!!!

    7. Karen Salvato Fullmer says:

      Definitely not where I teach – I can not afford a latte – make my own coffee at home and I drive an old Ford Focus that I have to constantly have repaired. We have had a salary freeze this year – we can not afford another one for next year. We are barely making ends meet and I still have 40K in student loans to pay off. It’s not cheap to become a teacher. I have been teaching for 12 years and don’t yet make 40K a year. Please get your facts straight before making mean and pointed comments.

    8. Nationally Board Certified Teacher says:

      Gene. Teacher of 10 years here. I’ve been driving the same beat-up car since 2001, and it was three years used then. And I don’t carry expensive lattes into my building. It is usually a container of oatmeal I intend on eating during the 30 minutes of non-paid time I donate to my school district every morning, while I prepare for the day.

      Blanket statements like yours overgeneralize a population of people and are mostly unjustified. The media industry and policitians feed on hatred and fear–you are fueling the engine.

      Compulsory education came out of government’s desire to reduce crime rates among teens–education reduces crime. If you don’t want to fund education, then perhaps you should send your “donation” to the state prison system, which unfortunately received cuts and numerous layoffs.

    9. your ignorance amuses me says:

      I am a teacher. I drive my boyfriends car because I cant quite afford my own right now. I make my own coffee in the morning because I can’t afford starbucks or sheetz. Your ford focus and sheetz coffee is more than I have. Maybe you should stop focusing on other people and make your own coffee in the morning instead of buying sheetz so you can afford to save for a “high priced foreign car”
      And as for connections, you don’t need them. If you’re a damn good teacher you’ll be recognized and you’ll get the job.

    10. E. Rushmore says:

      I’m sitting here laughing at your comment about high priced cars in the parking lot. I taught school and most of those high priced cars belonged to the students. If a teacher had one, they had a spouse who was actually making the money. Corbett is taking taxpayers money to give themselves raises. They have lifetime healthcare with no personal contributions, fabulous pensions, new swimming pool put in lt. governor’s MANSION, cars, mileage, free housing, free haircuts, meals, and perks, perks, perks. He doesn’t go to Sheetz. They hire people to bring it to them. After teaching school for many years, I can tell you with COMPLETE honesty that I never made a lot of money. I loved kids, worked hard, bought many of my own supplies and drive a KIA. You are angry at the wrong people.

  4. Love the snow says:

    Remember that part of the increase in spending towards education a few years ago came in the form of stimulus money from the federal government, and that is going away. So states and governors have had their hands forced to either raise revenue to cover it or reduce their budget and pass it down to local governing bodies. We can’t just keep throwing money at a system that is broken and expect it to be fixed without real solutions. I don’t envy Corbett’s position in having to clean up Rendell’s mess.

    1. thinker says:

      But he’s not cleaning up the mess…Corbett is pushing the mess onto others to deal with. The mess is still going to be there and we are going to be paying for it through higher school taxes. Corbett actually cut very little yesterday when you sit back and think about it.

  5. Jean says:

    When I go to my local Starbucks to get a Tall drink there are high students getting those expensive drinks.

  6. Fed Up says:

    Our children’s education is our future and theirs. However, the fact is, there are huge pay differences in the different districts. Some very good teachers are making peanuts while working with the most difficult students, while others are making very good salaries and working in very good districts. I think the spending should be looked at, but not necessarily cut. In the meantime, why don’t they start looking at the misuse of the welfare system. I am a nurse and have seen first hand how badly the system is abused. People taking an ambulance to the ER, sometimes multiple times in one day, for non emergent issues. Then, claiming they do’t have money to get home, so, they get a cab voucher to go home. All on the taxpayers’ dollar. Meanwhile, they will have their nails and hair done and be talking on the newest and best phones that money can buy, and be wearing name brand clothing and shoes. The ambulance is not allowed to refuse to transport them because they are pregnant, which brings us to the next issue. They continue to have babies that the taxpayers are paying for and get rewarded to do so. They get housing paid for, electric bills, phone bills, free healthcare. What is wrong with this picture? If you want to cut spending, start there! Now, before I get slammed for being racial, this is among all races. It is disgusting to watch this happen day after day. Don’t cut our education spending! Cut the welfare abuse!

    1. Thomas J Duttine says:


    2. Jeeperz says:

      Agreed…make it manditory that if they want a welfare check they have to pass a drug test first….every month. You fail? Youre off welfare and have to get a job.

      1. RB says:

        You’re right. That pesky 4th Amendment is so inconvenient.

      2. Realist says:

        I agree. There are actual “generations” of families living on welfare in teh same projects and think nothing of it because it is way easier to wake up at noon, get their hair and nails done, and go shopping all day on someone elses dime than it is to get up and actually go to work all day to make their own money. When I used to teach the 7th and 8th graders in Pgh Public, they would flat out tell me that they did not care how they did is school cause they would just get on wellfare if they didn’t graduate–they had it all figured out. For every kid they have, they get another check and more money back for a tax break–eventhough they didn’t work a job and pay into the social security or the tex fund. They get multiple social security checks for everything under the sun–kids with asthma, kids with learning problems, kids with emotional problems, kids with ADHD . They actually fight to have their kids tested for all these things hoping they will get a check out of it and then they spend it on matching tennis shoes for each outfit–not on tutoring or asthma treatments to help their child. I had asthma my whole life–no one gave my mom or myself a social security check for it. Anyway????why do kids need a social security chek anyway–it’s not like they can’t work a job???? If we are going to hand out social security checks for things like learning problems, ADHD, Emotional problems, and asthma–then it should be mandated that they can only use that money for treating those problems through tutoring, counseling, or medicines–not use that money to buy shoes and clothes with.

  7. bruceUSA says:

    So easy to criticize. Why don’t we try doing with less for a change??? Do we have to have that supper-dooper state of the art what cha ma callit???

    1. taxpayer says:

      bruceUSA – You have hit the nail right on the head! Thank you!
      We are a society of spoiled little brats. Every thing being handed to us. If it’s not good enough, we fight and argue until it’s changed. We all have to pay for this. The budget needs to be brought under control. Corbett has made the most sense out of corruption at all levels. Of course the 10% cuts will result in higher taxes for us. Why? Because everyone at the levels in between the taxpayer and Gov Corbett are unwilling to make their own sacrifices. Gov Corbett isn’t controlling the budget to hurt the taxpayer and make any personal gains.He is looking out for the future of Pennsylvania. If that means higher school taxes or higher tuitions, then so be it. But, remember, that’s only a reflection on the school districts and universities resistance to make their own sacrifices.

    2. WS says:

      Try telling that to the Mt. Lebanon School Board! They seem to believe that without $113 million dollars worth of state-of-the-art thingies our kids run the real risk of becoming stupid. And here I thought the teachers did the teaching…

  8. JG says:

    I have a question for all the people out there supporting the teachers and their demands…WHY DO YOU DESERVE FREE HEALTH CARE? WHY DO YOU DESERVE LIFELONG HEALTHCARE? WHY DO YOU DESERVE A MASSIVE PENSION?!!!!!? I have an idea…why dont all our public school teachers get paid the same as private/catholic school teachers? do you think you are better than they are? Because their results are alot better than public school teachers! WE LOVE CORBETT!!!!!!!

  9. One small voice says:

    All these educated people JUST DON’T GET IT, the country is going broke and they don’t give a $hit. They will parade children and disabled in front of TV camera’s to keep their jobs and show how important the programs set up under Rendell are so badly needed. We been throwing money at the education system since Kennedy and the real benefactors have been the teachers and Unions. Kids are not there there main focus, never have been.

    1. Joe says:

      “Kids are not THEIR main focus…” Maybe you should have paid more attention to your English teacher.

      1. One small voice says:

        Joe, I guess your narrow vision missed the point, if THEIR is what you absorbed, nitwit.

  10. Noname please says:

    Throwing more money to the district won’t improve the education. If that were the case, the Pittsburgh public schools would be one of the best in the state. We all know that’s not the case. The real problems aren’t being address, lack of discipline, uninvolved parents, poor teaching in some cases. Those kids who are motivated to learn will so well maybe if we had a voucher system the motivated students would have access to the same resources as other students in other districts, and the bad schools would fail

    1. city insider says:

      the city is a revers racist place. if you live in the ghetto you should, go to school there period

  11. The Geno says:

    All these folks claiming that kids are going to suffer know in the classroom…SO WHAT ARE YOU SAYING…are you saying that teachers not getting huge raises and getting free healthcare are going to make them teach less…or teach wrongly…are they going to teach kids that the capital of Pennsylvania is Philadelphia. Everyone is feeling pinched right now. Teachers just need to get realigned with the rest of the taxpaying public. AND still do the great job that they are doing regardless of pay. Thanks Corbett…please run for President to help this country that has been going down the wrong road the past 2 years.

    1. taxpayer says:

      Outstandingly said!!!

    2. Jeff S says:

      do you personally know a teacher and how much they make? it not then shut up. my wife is a teacher in one of the largest school districts in western PA. i make more than she does and i work as an assistant manager at a retail store. if someone is going to be educating our children and setting them up for their future careers and the rest of their lives i think they should be making more than someone like me who just has to manage people and deal with people like you who complain about the price of their milk going up 2 cents.

      1. taxpayer says:

        Yes, I personally know a teacher and how much that teacher makes. Actually, I know quite a few, from several districts. Obviously, your wife teaches at a school where the salaries aren’t as inflated as other school districts. Which tells me that your wife absolutely is in the teaching business because she loves teaching, she want’s to make a positive impact on, if not more, one child. That’s the type of teachers that do make an improvement in the long run. Your wife makes a salary sacrifice everyday. Thank her for that. More teachers need to be like her.
        You are in the retail business. Relate your stores finances with that of the Commonwealth’s. If you kept reducing prices (or handing money back to customers) because everyone whined and complained, your store would lose money and close. I really do’t want to see Pennsylvania ‘close’.

      2. The Geno says:

        know about 10 teachers. part of my monthly poker group…part of my kids soccer teams….part of my kids birthday groups, etc… AND these teachers all have one thing in common. They have the nicest houses, in the nicest neighborhood, take the nicest vacations, drive the nicest cars, etc etc etc. Not saying that they don’t deserve a higher salary than the norm BUT honestly just pay what the AVERAGE JOE is paying in pensions, healthcare, etc. NOT HARD TO UNDERSTAND.

    3. Joe says:

      Have you ever worked a job where you were totally unappreciated and underpaid? Did you do your best work when you felt like the boss was ripping you off? I want my three children in classrooms where teachers’ morale is high. Those are the special teachers who inspire our young people. I don’t want a teacher who is feeling beat down and underpaid only looking forward to retirement.

    4. Chiara says:

      Teachers will leave the profession to go into the private sector in a field where they will be paid appropriately thus leaving the “extras” to teach in the classrooms. There are many people out there who have not been hired to teach for a reason, do you want those people teaching your kids?

  12. Not a Sheeple says:

    Perhaps you should read throgh the budget or the summaries you can find online that are independent of the news media (and their interpretation of the budget) and draw your own conclusions.

    Fact is that School Districts are limited in the amount that they can raise your property taxes by Act 1 (the Gambling Act). Act 1 prohibits School Districts from raising taxes above the rate of inflation in the district (an index that is set by the Board of Education). If a school district attempts to raise taxes above the rate of inflation it must be put to a vote by the citizens of that district, a voter referendum. There are several exceptions to the voter referendum, such as for emergencies and disasters as well as when certain things rise faster than the inflation index (such as health care costs and special education costs or decreasing tax revenues).

    Gov Corbett is proposing to make even those exceptions up to the citizens of those districts. In other words, he wants to close those loopholes and make sure that the decision to raise taxes is left up to the people of the district and NOT just to the School Board.

    If you are such a supporter of education….educate yourself first and make informed decisions. Don’t just regurgitate what the media feeds you!

  13. Jeff S says:

    Everyone needs to realize that whether or not you’re going to have to pay more in taxes or can’t afford to drink the oh-so expensive Starbucks coffees that every teacher in America drinks (while driving to work in their BMW hybrid SUV’s), it ultimately is going to affect the children in these schools the most. They will be the ones that won’t have their JROTC programs, Jr High or JV athletics, or band and drama clubs to join anymore. Those are the things that the schools are going to be cutting to try and make the budget balance. Corbett isn’t making any decisions in office. Someone earlier said it best when they said he’s simply passing that responsibility on to the local officials so he doesn’t have to be the “bad guy”. If you’re upset about the changes that your Governor is making you can all thank yourselves for voting that joke into office. I simply wrote myself in when I went to vote because whether Corbett or Onorato won both would run this state into the ground because neither is in touch with the people they represent. They simply represent what their respective “fat cat” party constituents want. Oh, and my wife is a 4th year teacher and we live in a townhouse and drive a Hyundai so don’t generalize when trying to make your point.

    1. Just Thinking Out Loud says:

      Jeff… He is putting the responsiblity where it belongs. I think that Governor Corbett is trying to put accountability for spending back at the local level where the money decisions are made. School districts need to be held accountable for wasteful, unnecessary expenditures. The state and federal government should not be in charge of educating our children.
      Also, I agree that folks should not be making blanket judgements about what kind of cars and houses teachers have, because they certainly are not BMWs or mansions in our area.

  14. swin says:

    “I think education needs as much money as it can get,” Christie Hoffman, a parent, told KDKA-TV, at a basketball game in Mt. Lebanon.

    That’s right. How else can the taxpayers pay for all those fieldhouses and football
    stadiums with grandstands and artificial turf and lighting that all of our school districts have built? After all, we got to spend this money for education, right, and this is education.

    And do you remember the days when the high school was a building and not a campus?

    1. jeeperz says:

      Agreed…its not necessarily the teachers that are greedy, its the school boards that are not responsible with the money they receive from the state. If we focused more about the kids in the classroom instead of how many wins they get on their brand new football field, we’d be alot better off.

      You want a new football field or field house? Have the gas companies donate (especially since theyre not paying an extraction tax)

  15. No Name says:

    Shut the school now and boycott the government. And Corbett does not need to run for president.

  16. The Geno says:

    Unions such as the UAW and Steelworkers Unions are always fighting Corporations like Ford, USX, etc….Teachers can’t spout out against the greedy corps cause with their occupation it aint corps but TAXPAYERS. No taxpayer wants their school systems to downgrade since their kids will suffer and even if they don’t have kids…their home value will suffer in a weak school system. My beef is strickly with all the perks the teachers get…when they are already nicely paid and get a great perk in SUMMERS OFF. They can’t get too greedy or they start losing support of the average taxpayer. Simple.

  17. Fed Up 2 says:

    You are right Fed Up. I feel the same way. My daughter said when she heard about the cuts to higher education, I guess I should just quit, have a couple of kids and the govt. will take care of me. Such a shame to cut higher education where kids are trying to better themselves and not make welfare a way of life while at the same time rewarding people who do nothing yet have big screen high def televisions in their apartments that the govt. pays for. Sickening. I see them all the time, wads of cash while paying for their food with access. Cut welfare. Period.

  18. Robsgirl says:

    Teachers do not get free healthcare. Bottom line is this will not work and people that voted for him will regret it.

    1. The Geno says:

      not free put they pay a lot smaller portion than the normal joe. that is what gets taxpayers struggling to makes ends meet upset. they should pay their share of healthcare like the rest of folks. AND THEY SOON WILL!!!

  19. My Own says:

    The schools knew a couple years ago when the stimulus money from the federal government came down to them that money would not always be there. But the schools haven’t budgeted for that cut. I live in a district that is spending 28mil right now to renovate the middle school that doesn’t need all the work that is being done. That’s wasteful spending and because of the school’s wasteful spending we will have to pay for it in our taxes. The school districts need to go back to school and learn how to plan a budget and stick to it.

    I say BRAVO GOVERNOR for having the BALLS to try to fix a broken system.

  20. SPT says:

    Corbett is doing more in a matter of weeks for the working class than Rendell did in 8 years. Thank you.

    Struggling Pennsylvania Taxpayer

  21. Brian says:

    In PA when accounting for inflation teachers are one of the highest paid in the country period. It is all because of the strong union presence. When comparing performance to other states PA is in the bottom half. High salaries do not equate to a better education regardless of what the teachers want you to believe. It is time to get back to reality.

  22. concerned teacher says:

    I am a teacher, and no, i do not mke a lot of money like many of you are implying. I make $31,000 per year, much of which I spend on my students to provide classroom supplies that my school district will not supply. Further more, I think you are missing the big picture here. They are not talking about cutting our salaries, they are talking about laying teachers off. That results in larger class sizes. In most districts, that would mean about 40 students per room. Do you really believe that your children, our students, will receive the best education possible with that many students in a room? What does that mean for the future or our country if we are unable to provide a quatilty education?

    For those of you who support us, thank you from the bottom of my heart, not only from me, but also from my students.

    1. teaching kids says:

      Thank you!

  23. Shakespeake says:

    WI just limited collective bargaining to salary, so teachers will now be paying for 100% of their healthcare and pension benefits. I expect that the savings to employer districts will be demanded as increased salaries, which districts will reject. So a teacher will go from a salary of, say, $40k with healthcare and pension benefits included to, say, $42k with healthcare contributions of around $16k and retirement contributions of around $6k for a net pay of near $20k. With four years of college and two years of certification classwork (or 6 years of delayed entrance into the work force and a compressed earnings window) one will be qualified for a job that makes essentially $20k year/$1750 month…or you could make lattes for about the same paycheck ($12 hr.), getting your health care for free at area ERs who legally must treat you and then, when you get the bill, ignoring it because, let’s face it, you cannot get blood from a stone… And not worrying about retirement because 1. You can’t and 2. The State will be forced to to do it for you. Hmmm. No stress or expectation placed on a barista. If I teach in WI I’m thinking about getting out because you can’t really do worse.

  24. Shakespeake says:

    According to, 50% of new teachers leave the profession within five years. The revolving door, in any business, weakens the quality of it’s workforce. Once these new teachers get into the classroom, and there’s no “carrot” dangled 16 years in the future, the number of teachers who tough it out will be even less, meaning very high teacher turnover. I doubt that students will even make it through a year with the same teachers in front of them in the tougher, “failing” schools that comprise 82% of our nation’s public districts. Stomping teachers into the ground out of jealous wrath feels good now, but in five years there will be some serious consequences.

    Instead of saying greedy teachers shouldn’t have x, y, or z, the private sector should demand x, y, or z and force the employers to figure out how to do it. If one works at GetGo, don’t argue to pull others down to that remuneration, but demand yours go up.

  25. Teacher Supporter says:

    People are complining that teachers have “perks” like low healthcare or have sumers off. Teachers donn’t get paid during their “summers off” they just have their paycheck over the other 10 months streched out. Yes they pay less thatmost BUT when the military go to war the get hazard pay for being in a dangerous enviroment what do teachers get. Other than police officers who do you know that ha to worry about someone bringing a gun to your work and shooting you or having to evacuate because of bomb threats? So as far as I am concern that is little compensation for their Hazard pay! I know this first hand because not only is my husband a teacher in one of the lowest paid districts ( we struggle pay check to pay check) BUT he was also a marine who spent tie in Iraq when the war first started. He gets more respect from putting a gun in someones face than teaching YOUR child to function as a human being in society.

  26. Kam says:

    1) Anyone can be a teacher, so if you want to complain about how much they make, go back to school and get your degree.
    2) Teachers are some of the most important people in the lives of these young kids. In some cases, students have no support at home and teachers are the only ones pushing a kid to do something with his/her life.
    3) All people want to talk about is how much dumber we are than other developed countries around the world. We need teachers who are u- beat, excited, and in a good situation in their lives so that they can give their all to their kids.
    4) For that idiot who made the comment about Master’s degrees…YOU CAN’T TEACH ANYMORE WITHOUT EVENTUALLY EARNING A MASTER’S DEGREE, IT IS A STATE REQUIREMENT.

    1. Richard says:

      Item# 1 on your list is part of the problem, ANYONE can be a teacher. All you need is the required education whether or not you actually care about your students. I think the budget cuts are a wonderful start and should be coupled with the requirement of a referendum vote before being allowed to hike taxes. School boards (and parents) need to wake up and realize that money spent on text books and computers will serve their students MUCH better in the long run than a new field house or artificial turf on their playing fields!

  27. Joseph Chiego George says:

    The right wingers are doing a great job of pitting the middle class against each other (these comments are guilded proof), as they put more and more control of this nation into the hands of the special interests that fund their elected existance. Who is REALLY sacrifiing here folks? You are demonizing the teachers; those who are guiding our children. If you don’t attract the best young people into teaching….yes you will actually HAVE teachers who believe the capital of PA is Philadelphia, just as you have admired politicians who thought “Africa is a nation” (Palin 2008).

    We need to stop fighting EACH OTHER and go after the cause of what is killing this nation. We are becoming sheep following the propaganda of talk radio and lying commercials. Don’t look now but we are all becoming POOR too, while our children are PURPOSELY being given less so that they will never be intelligent enough to know any better.

    Wake up!

  28. Kim says:

    Are you sick of highly paid teachers?

    Teachers’ hefty salaries are driving up taxes, and they only work 9 or10 months a year! It’s time we put things in perspective and pay them for what they do – babysit!

    We can get that for less than minimum wage.

    That’s right. Let’s give them $3.00 an hour and only the hours they worked; not any of that silly planning time, or any time they spend before or after school. That would be $19.50 a day (7:45 to 3:00 PM with 45 min. off for lunch and plan– that equals 6 1/2 hours).

    Each parent should pay $19.50 a day for these teachers to baby-sit their children. Now how many students do they teach in a day…maybe 30? So that’s $19.50 x 30 = $585.00 a day.

    However, remember they only work 180 days a year!!! I am not going to pay them for any vacations.

    LET’S SEE….

    That’s $585 X 180= $105,300

    per year. (Hold on! My calculator needs new batteries).

    What about those special

    education teachers and the ones with Master’s degrees? Well, we could pay them minimum wage ($7.75), and just to be fair, round it off to $8.00 an

    hour. That would be $8 X 6 1/2 hours X 30 children X 180 days = $280,800 per year.

    Wait a minute — there’s

    something wrong here! There sure is!

    The average teacher’s salary

    (nation wide) is $50,000. $50,000/180 days

    = $277.77/per day/30

    students=$9.25/6.5 hours = $1.42 per hour per student–a very inexpensive baby-sitter and they even EDUCATE your kids!) WHAT A DEAL!!!!

    1. Realist says:

      Reallly…you need to get your facts straight before your run your mouth and sound stupid doing it too.

      Teachers do not make a lot of money until they hit the top of their pay scale (which is different for all school distrcits)

      Pittsburgh Public hits first at 10 years to make about $80,000.00

      other school districts are WAY behind that, for example…
      Bethel park take 16 years and Baldwin-Whitehall takes 19 or 20 years to hit the top and make about $80,000.00.

      until you hit the top, they NEVER make more that $45,000.00-$50,000.00 (again depending on the school district. Starting salaries are anywhere from the mid $20,000.00 to the mid $30,000.00 and never move much higher than that until the top scale which could take 20 years like in Baldwin-Whitehall.

      1. Get YOUR facts straight says:

        Ummmmm Dear Mr. Realist…..obviously you didn’t catch the sarcasim in the last post. It was meant to “stick up” for teachers. I’m a teacher and I know I certainly dont make nor will I ever make $ 280,000 a year! So before you start running your mouth and calling people stupid maybe you should take the time to read things more clearly before you post something that doesn’t make any sense AT ALL!
        P.S. $50,000 is the NATIONWIDE avg for teachers…not just for PGH

  29. Realist says:

    First of all, Im’ not a Mr., I’m a Mrs. and second of all I wasn’t addressing one sarcastic post. I was addressing ALL of the peopel on here who do not have the correct facts about teachers yet they want to bash teachers for everything!
    Third, I can tell you are a teacher (unfortunately most of my co-workers are as immature and arrogant as you) since you had to respond to someone who was sticking up for your cause with such immature comments just because you “thought” I might have been talking to you directly. Well… I wasn’t talking to you directly and my post made all the sense in the world, so I dod not know what you were reading. Maybe you shouldn’t attack people who are sticking up for teachers and grow up and mature a bit–you are supposed to be a role model and you are as petty as a middle school girl.

  30. Marcie Shale says:

    While I do not want to pay any more taxes I do not understand how this administration or anyone for that matter can justify spending more money on welfare and less on education. To me, it is like telling our students not to bother bettering themselves by getting an education to get a good jor or go into a good career to make good money to live a good life and be independent … but rather to go on welfare because it will always be funded and be there and you can have free housing, food, cell phone, automobile, etc. and not have to get off your ass to have it all. What is wrong with this picture? This is what we should ALL be angry about and we should all want real answers and fight to change this.

  31. marshane says:

    perhaps the people in Harrisburg making all these decisions should take a cut in their pays or perhaps some or the administrators in the school districts should take pay cut to help save jobs of those that actually work with the students or should bother to find out how much those people do so that they can receive all those large pay checks

  32. Optimistic says:

    I started teaching in 1977. I never thought of how much I would earn when I decided to go into teaching. I just had great public school teachers who challenged me and encouraged me. In turn it inspired me to want to teach. It didn’t mean I gave up the American dream. Let’s face it, we encouraged students to go to college so they can get better jobs, yet Corbett wants to take away the $1000 extra a year I get paid for having my Master’s degree. Why have kids go to school at all.? We are taking away all the incentive. Also, my beginning salary was $6000/year My friends who graduated at the same time with college degrees were starting at $20,000 and up. Do the math. Think about the amount of money they have had the opportunity to invest over their lifetime. Another point, I have 3 children all of whom are recent college grads and have recently secured jobs since the recession in 3 different industries. All One started at $70,000 with great benefits and 4 wees of vacation wiith paid holidays plus has gotten substantial bonuses for the last 2 years. she complains she is bored because she makes Power Point presentations all day. She keeps wanting to be challenged with more responsibility. The other 2 have equally great jobs and have each been in their jobs for less than a year; each getting amazing bonuses. They had no experience at all in these industries. I have been working in the classroom close to 30 years and my kids are earning as much as myself in less than 2 years. I guess the investment in their college, whiich they for themselves, was worthwhile. These are all facts, not hear say.
    I love my job. I teach kids to read and write. Just as my teachers did, I encourage them to challenge themselves and reach for the stars. I give up my lunch periods to tutor them and help them with their homework which was not done at home. I take them to the nurse because their parents sent them to school sick. I stocked my shelves with over a $1000 worth of books which I allow them to take home to read even though they are mine and are often not returned. I look at it as an investment in their futures. I work in a school with 80% poverty. The teachers in my building are amazingly dedicated. I have known very few teachers in my career who have not been equally as dedicated.

  33. Joefrompgh says:

    Well ladies and gents, you will be getting your wish….teachers will be losing their jobs in droves. My town (West Mifflin) just announced 52 layoffs. You’ve demonized the teachers, now lets see how much of an education your children will get.

    Republicans are fools!

  34. Well I sincerely liked reading it. This information provided by you is very constructive for proper planning.

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