Port Authority Spokesperson: No Solution In Sight

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The latest round of Port Authority service cuts went into effect on Sunday. On Monday, commuters got their first dose of the new changes to the system.

Schedule changes, fewer routes and stops were just some of the headaches awaiting the morning commuters.

The Port Authority was up early to monitor how the new changes were affecting the commute.

“So far, things are going pretty well for us. The number of routes where we actually have any issues reported is very minimal. Maybe, seven, eight, nine somewhere in that neighborhood. We’ll keep tracking this as we move through the morning rush hour and then, of course, the afternoon rush hour and keep riders updated,” Port Authority Spokesman Jim Ritchie said.

To help deal with the influx of calls and questions about the latest round of changes, the Port Authority has brought in extra personnel. They also have extra personnel ready to be dispatched on some routes should the need arise.

“It’s early and we just need to keep watching to see what’s going to happen through the rest of the day. We have extra personnel in some areas that we can dispatch in some areas. But, as we use them up, there may not be somebody there later on to fill a route that [needs to be filled],” Ritchie said.

Internet service was a problem during the morning commute. Their website crashed by mid-morning and it took some people over an hour to get through on the Port Authority’s hotline.

As of noon, the website was back up and running.

Riders all over the county are being affected by the changes. In all, 29 routes were eliminated and 37 others saw significant reductions.

It’s a difficult situation for all parties involved. The Port Authority board and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 85 did not want the situation to reach this point.

However, after talks broke down last week, there doesn’t appear to be a solution in the near future.

“Right now, there’s really no solution in sight. We have to deal with the system that we have today. We have to move forward and we’re really looking forward to trying to work with other public officials, with other leaders, with union leaders to try and find a solution,” Ritchie said.

Not all bus riders coming into downtown Pittsburgh had negative experiences.

“It was great. Right on time, nice smooth ride. Everything worked out [well],” Lisa Rodenbeck said.

However, Rodenbeck was not on a Port Authority bus. She lives north of the city and had to take the Lenzner private bus service because there is no more Port Authority service available where she lives.

For questions about the cuts and service changes you can call the Port Authority at (412)-442-2000. Their website will also operate with up to the minute information about the changes.


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One Comment

  1. William Ainsworth says:

    BOYCOTT!!!! NO other way to send a message. If this city really WANTS change, then we have to work for it. There are $6.00 and $8.00 garages downtown, there are alternatives to the bus and Trolley. Car polling… biking, anything possible. If they even lose 50% ridership for a month it’ll send a message loud and clear. START APRIL 1ST, DO NOT BUY YOUR PASS FOR NEXT MONTH!

    1. Single Mom says:

      That’s all fine and dandy William. But what about those of us who don’t work in downtown, and those of us who work with people who don’t even live near us? I’m literally done for! I left my house this morning at 6:30 just to be at work at 8AM. I live in the North Hills. You suggest I bike from the North Hills? I’d love to boycott but I have no choice. I’m a single mother who also goes to school full time. I need to work. I have to use the bus. I wish I had other options but I do not.

      1. Scott says:

        I can completely sympathize with you. It makes me upset because people are trying to make a living for themselves and the only means of transportation for many is riding the bus. My biggest fear is that with the reduction in service their revenue will decrease and create an even bigger money issue.

    2. Brianna Leigh says:

      Yes, let’s all just bike to work and school. That’ll show ’em. >.>
      If people had any other options other than riding the bus,

      1. Psycho says:

        then all your bikes would be stolen by crack heads while the pigs spend time writing parking and jay walking tickets and tasering anybody that drank one coors light, whats wrong with this picture

    3. Common Sense says:

      Go ahead and boycott then you wont have any bus routs left.You people think they’re doing this for fun. No one has any money to fund the port authority anymore..the state is broke the tax payers are broke and you want them to keep pumping money in to a business which loses money? No one can afford it. Sacrifices have to be made. Yes i do understand people have to take the bus for work and elderly people need to use the bus as well, but alternatives have to be explored such as privatized transportation agencies or taking different bus routs. You have to understand everyone cant ride the bus and keep paying what they pay which is close to NOTHING! I’m very fortunate enough to have a car, and with the gas i put in along with the amount to park downtown is no where close to what people who ride the bus pay… Now I’m not saying that it should be equal or even remotely close to the amount that someone pays who has a vehicle but a raise in cost to ride public transportation is a must..Everyone needs to stop looking locally and look to Washington, that’s where the root of all these states problems are coming from.

      1. unreal says:

        Ok common sense tell me where all the money gies from the casino from the drink from our taxes period we our state got billions from WASHINGTON already (stimulus) its not even jst the fact of the bus its jst the fact of the matter washington or not our government poops on us they dnt care about any of us white black green yellow greed is color blind and it is get sickning they have no money but port authority HIRED more ppl to answer damn phones they put new million dollar fare boxes on buses raise fares and cit service

      2. unreal says:

        If i see no problem with that than u must not pay taxes or u work for the government or ur just an idiot

      3. Common Sense says:

        Ok unreal i pay my taxes and yeah im tired of bailing the port authority out. Your right the shouldnt have hired all those people to answer the phones and they shouldn’t have gave all those people those unreal benefits..the point is its a corrupt system and you cant change that till you have competition..by the way whos side are you on because it sounds like you dont even know who your defending. lol

      4. Common Sense says:

        You just cant keep taking government stimulus money and raising the drink tax to stay afloat that’s the problem..at some point in time you have to make cuts across the board or get rid of the whole thing. The government and the state should stay out of it and let private companies take over.

      5. unreal says:

        Im on the tax payers side if u cant comprehend im sorry for tht mayb i shuld hav broke it down for u a little bit better but anyway im not sayn KEEP taking stimulus money im sayn do the rite thing with it wen u get it and its not even jst stimulus money they r taking and misusing OUR MONEY…..if u dnt see the problem with how they r dogging us out than u hav to be a grade A idiot



    1. Brianna Leigh says:

      Good idea!

    2. Mike says:

      they really should i used to live in Seattle but could get to Portland for ten bucks on public transit

  3. Jack Best says:

    Didn’t hurt a bit in West Deer Twp, We couldn’t lose what we didn;t have. Now if we can just lose the cost of paying for what we don’t have all will be good

  4. Bob says:

    The real problem is most of the money is going towards paying pensions, you can’t work 20-25 yrs and get a full pensiona and free healthcare. too many sweetheart deals..thats what broke the back,,you have to pay for it some how..the union ruined it by greed

    1. deb says:

      agree, agree, agree,

  5. Dr. Heffner says:

    Please close this disaster down and privatize it with someone like Lenzner that knows how to run an operation. Get it off the taxpayers back

    1. Terry Fonzi says:

      You say you are doctor. Your not smart when you say privatizing would be better. Read some history on that.

      1. Purvis says:

        Yellow cab costs me nothing…it moves passengers all day…um, it’s also a private company…it also has competition. Unlike the government monopoly of Port Authority…

        By the way, when the underwater tunnel finally gets done, it’ll all be better

  6. dee says:

    How do people get to work in Slippery Rock? They drive

    1. T$ says:

      Yeah, but do they have to pay $20 a day for parking when they get to the bustling downtown area of Slippery Rock?

    2. Brianna Leigh says:

      Of course they do, they live in the middle of nowhere.

  7. Scott says:

    I have been a port authority customer since I was in my early teens. I remember when fares were $1.25 and that may have been in the early 2000’s and now they have practically doubled. My grandmother rides the bus to get to her doctors appiontments when I can’t take her. This is just a big mess.

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      I remember when gas was $.75 too. whats your point?

      1. swin says:

        I remember when it was a quarter and transfers were free.

      2. really? says:

        I geuss you just don’t have enough sense to grasp it. Your one of those people who post comments because you have no life. Get real.

  8. RSQ says:

    see that the sky is not falling i little inconvience does people good sometime now maybe port authority will learn to tighten up and due with less its about time the taxpayers are getting a little tired also espically the one’s that worked all their lives and speaking of US their is no reason why we have to ride free why not a dollar per ride it would not hurt the seniors and maybe help

  9. Donna says:

    If Dan Onorato and Steve Bland would get out of that perfect world they live in maybe they would start agreeing with the union. If either of them had a handicap person living in their household or an elderly family member that needed bus service – they might change their tune. But when you are in the perfect world where you can take your children and mother to their appointments and go to work late or leave early just to do your daily walk – bus service doesn’t matter.

  10. Jack says:

    The cuts disproportionately affected the northern routes. The McKnight route is a joke. Most of the buses were packed at Showcase and they couldn’t take any sro’s from Northway Mall down. We passed up at least 40 people. And for those who say that the service doesn’t affect everyone, you’re wrong. Lots downtown will soon be overwhelmed and roads congested. And when service workers can’t get to their jobs, restaurants may be affected, and people may end up cleaning up their own offices.

    1. Bon says:

      Took the Mt. Royal in this morning – the 6:45 was kind enough to show up at 7:10. By the time we got to Millvale we couldn’t even pick up the people waiting for the bus, since there was absolutely no seats or standing room available. Used to live in Florida and for $1.00 each way you could ride the equivalent from here to Butler on a clean bus that actually had the seats attached!

  11. Bobby Jackson says:

    Privatizing is not the solution. Those who think it is easy to live without buses are those who dont use buses. Why listen to them. It cost the tax payers less than 20$ a year to provide mass transit in PA. Without it transit it would cost a lot more . 5$ a ride would kill many that only make enough to barely get to work. Quit be so selfish.

    1. bob says:

      you could be right that privatizing is not the answer, but who to blame, this was caused by greed, no one looked at the big picture..kept on kicking the can down the road..well it’s the end of the road (route) what do we do? just keep taxing the helll out of everyone to pay for this mess that was caused by greedy Politicans and unions….but make sure you keep on voting for the Democrates. they know the answers taxes who in their right mind thought tolling I 80 was the right thing to do!!! what idiots in harrisburg and just keep on putting them in office. I’ll leave this state.

  12. unreal says:

    For the ppl who say the bus doesnt matter and suck it up than u must have alot of money or dont ride the bus and if its no big deal than can u come to my house every morning and take me to work since its no big deal to u i hav to kids 1 month old and 3years old i have no car and im a single FATHER and i depend on the bus i live in glassport and work dwntwn so since its no big deal i guess u wuld hav no problem helping me out.

    1. DJ says:

      Why should others be held financially responsible for your decision to have 2 children you can’t afford?

      1. learn to understand says:

        Guess what DJ, things change, you have no right telling someone who should and should not have kids. What if you had kids, all was well and then the bottom dropped out leaving you with them and nothing else.
        I have a child and when I did, I had a job, my husband had a job, we had 2 vehicles both owned outright. We lost both cars due to severe maintaince work needed, my husband was let go and I was only on call. Now, we just bought and older used car, we are both back to work after not having any for a period of time and we are trying to get by. So until you walk in these shoes, shut up.

      2. unreal says:

        Uummm dj u must not b able to comprehend read what i said im not on welfare i hav a pretty decent job and i pay city school state taxes etc… Im sayn for the COLD HEARTED ppl who say its not a big deal than come take ppl to work…..everybodies situaution is different in MINE i have no way to WORK i dnt sit at home and do nothing i work 45 hours a week and go to school and i am a fulltime father never did i say i cant afford my children they want for nothing i give them everything they need so ur questtion to me is garbage bcuz never did i say i need other ppls money but if i cant get to work bcuz they cut the bus how is that MY fault wen im payn for the tranporttation via taxes and when i purchase a pass

  13. unreal says:

    And p.s. Im NOT on welfare i support my family and pay taxes

    1. lebr says:

      hey unreal, there is nothing wrong with getting help from welfare if you need it. I just have problems with those who refuse to do anything and use the system. But if you need help, that is what it is there for, to give a boost till things get better. I feel ya.

      1. unreal says:

        O no i am not sayn anything bad about welfare it is good to use for a stepping stone i jst made tht comment for the RICH ppl lol…actually i thk its better to milk the system how they milk us i jst dnt qualify for it y idk….but its like this if someone hits u ur gona hit them back so jst how our government hits us we need to hit them back more power to u

  14. Duckdaddy says:

    Why not adjust the cost instead of cutting routes first. Should just make the bus cost around 50 cent per mile. Then your employers would have to pay you enough to get to work or go out of business when no one shows up for work.

    1. unreal says:

      Thts bcuz thry simply do not care there r many ways around this our state is getn BILLIONS from the casino where is tht money going. They even put new fair machines on the buses we kno tht cost millions. The answer is they are greedy and dont give a damn about the people,bottom line.

    2. Purvis says:

      Ok…go back into your moms basement. Skip work today, nobody needs u to show up at McChicken Hut today anyway

      1. unreal says:

        Purvis u r the reason tht the government poops on ppl thanks buddy and i bet u dnt even have a job lol or a mom

  15. swin says:

    Try voting out the democratic party which has ruled this city with corruption and incompetence since 1933. Geez, neither Saddam or Khadaffi were around that long. ALL the nearly bankrupt and declining cities in America, Detroit, Philly, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, etc. etc. have one thing in party – single party rule and democratic party rule since the New Deal. How long will it take for people to realize what’s happening?

  16. Purvis says:


  17. swin says:

    If any of you really think that the purpose of the Port Authority was to provide good inexpensive public transportation you are kidding yourselves. The real purpose of the Authority was to transfer billions of dollars of the taxpayers money to bus and oil and rubber companies and especially local construction companies who built the subways and tunnels and busways. These are also the same companies that built the stadiums and convention center and hockey arena and every road project in the area. They get bonuses for work that is not completed early, get a wink and a nod every time there is a cost over-run, and use shoddy equipment and materials on all the projects. Look it up – the same 2 construction companies get all the contracts. And what do you think the politicians get in return? And what does the taxpayer get? The bill.

  18. WINNING says:

    Yeah privatize people were turned away and only 11 passengers !!!!!!

    The first trips of Lenzner Tour and Travel’s private bus service from Warrendale and Franklin Park to Downtown Pittsburgh.

    Eleven passengers boarded the first of five scheduled buses at the Bladerunners park-and-ride in Marshall; by 7:30 a.m. the Warrendale park-and-ride, the second bus stop about a mile away, was half-full with 50 vehicles.

    Charles Lenzner, company president, said a few people who were turned away because they had not signed up. Lenzner’s routes cost between $10 and $11.50 per day and must be paid in advance. Lenzner said he expected union members to protest his bus routes this evening.

  19. Pitt will fall says:

    Make public transportation mandatory for certain things, events, work etc. Stop people from driving to work everyday when they live 5 miles away.
    Pittsburgh does not want change, they showed that back when some big computers compaines were looking to locate here and they were told, no we are a steel town.

  20. William Miller, PHD says:

    This public disaster should have been shut down years ago. It is another example of government meddling that fails. Privatize the thing and lets move on.

  21. The Geno says:

    I take the bus daily from out East. Totally totally agree with these cuts. My bus only cut 3 late busses between 7pm and 8pm. I took those late busses on occasion and always less than 5 people on them. Too many bad routes and poorly timed routes that were costing the TAXPAYERS millions and millions. Thanks for these cuts!!!!

    1. steelbrass says:

      The problem with that is what if you are stuck at work for something and you can not get another bus out of town after 8 pm. Are you going to stay overnight?

  22. jim says:


  23. William Miller, PHD says:

    From all reports the NH Lenzner run worked out for the company and the passengers. This is the way things should be run. The people that use the service pay for it, the one that do not use the service, are out of the mix. Close the Poart Authority down.

    1. Foolish words for a PHD says:

      I think you are misinformed,lol, wow 200$/ month for a pass to ride one bus with 2 runs or 10$/ day. LOL, you are funny. Foolish statement …and you have a PHD, you should have dropped that from the end of your name, it only makes you look even more foolish, does the advertising of the PHD, invoke that you may be wise, therefore making your comments reasonable, lol, sry its a no fly here. Selling the Port Authority is foolish, I suppose we should kick all the single mothers, disable, the elderly, the working poor ,all to the streets and let all those in need beg on the street corners like in the 3rd world countries. Your a scary foolish man Mr. PHD . Mercy, ever heard of the word? You are obviously out of touch with inner city living and human rights and needs.

  24. critter says:

    make the blacks contribute and all will be fine

    1. unreal says:

      This is for critter hahahahahahahahaha go bck to the 30’s we built the land u stole and u now call “america” go read ur history another idiot

  25. joe s says:

    someone tell me why we should not have more then one bus service in the county because i can tell you why PAT WILL LOSE THERE ASS and then you will really hear all PAT WORKERS CRY THEN .

  26. Shane says:

    I realize there is a whole bunch of you out there that are beyond frustrated with the recent cuts placed by Port Authority of Allegheny County. I can honestly say that I completely understand, because I’ve been there before. That is exactly why we here at the Pittsburgh Pony Express is offering the general public trips to and from your locations at a reduced rate that may even SAVE you money compared to your typical transit rates! Call us today at 412-366-1151 or email us at pittsburghponyexpress@gmail.com for more details and get that ride scheduled ASAP!!

  27. STEVE says:

    well you all got exactly what you asked for. you think the buses are crowded now? wait till round 2 of the cuts.Its not gonna matter if they privatize because there is too much area for a private company to cover everyone fairly. Stick with what you have and maybe the retirees will kick in thier fair share and we can put this behind us.

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