Warrendale-Marshall Bus Line Receiving High Marks

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Lenzner Coach Lines, which has taken over the bus route coming in from Warrendale, is apparently getting early approval from many customers.

Lenzner Coach Lines driver/coordinator Geno McNeal tells KDKA’s Mike Pintek his company is getting positive feedback despite the higher costs for using the service.

Lenzner Coach Lines
Port Authority

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One Comment

  1. Zoeyzotron says:

    Competition is always good. Having a choice is always good.

    1. Zoey on Planet Zotron says:

      It’s either Lenzer for these routes or driving. Where’s the competition?

      1. Mary says:

        Lenzner cherry-picked routes? In a ‘nice’ part of Pgh?? With very limited times??? Charging up to 75% more???? A bus with a TV????? And a BATHROOM??????
        Can they drive me around too??????????????? LOL
        Do you think they will find pee and poop on their busses????
        Do you want Mr. Lenzner to have a hard attack?????????
        If it happened he would PULL HIS BUSES SO FAST…
        Zoey.. this is all Pgh will have if they go private…a few “choice” routes.
        Public transit is for the public. Not for a chosen few.

      2. Zoeyzotron says:

        Its not Lenzer’s fault that PAT is such an all around poor operation that it can not service the market.

      3. Zoeyzotron says:

        MARY – Why should they not? That is smart on their part. I would not service Homewood either

  2. FedUp says:

    Great — maybe they can take over ALL of Port Authority’s routes.

    1. FedUp is a Hater says:

      Let me know when Lenzer makes a bid for the Homewood Brushton or East Liberty routes.

      Also let me know when Lenzer demands government subsidies for the above mentioned routes. When you fail, I will be here to bring it to your attention.

      “…despite the higher costs for using the service.”
      Q. Who in their right mind would pay more?
      A. A hater of someone trying to make a living for themselves and their family.

  3. Pat McMahon says:

    I dont like the sound of that. Get those Lenzner employees unionized so we can lower expectations.

  4. Dan says:

    Imagine that? You give them a better option and people will pay more for it. Congratulations Lenzner.

  5. Joseph Puskar says:

    break the PAT union … MORE MORE MORE… but the attitude.. quality and standard sucks…when you make 60-120,000 g to drive a bus… 40 hours a week… i think 2-5 employees at 25,000 plus full benefits would go better for pittsburgh and jobs.. share the wealth…. (greed)

    1. Johnny says:

      Joseph Puskar….you’re an idiot!At 40 hours a week how to you get 120,000 dollars?Ever go to school and study math?

  6. Joseph Puskar says:

    i asked a few employees of PAT… they dont even want to be a part of the union … cause they fear for there jobs.. if you dont have seniority…and how come when you drive by bus depot.,…. all employee cars are cadillac escalades and yukons and 2010 model vehicles? i dont think a 10 percent pay cut will effect them at all.. try 35% pay cut.. thats the fuel for the suv in a month!

    1. Josephine Puskar says:

      Lies, lies, lies—-all lies.

      Jealousy is an ugly thing and so are you in anything Spandex.

  7. Koch Brothers says:

    So, these Warrendale-Pine elitists give Lenzer high marks while paying more?

    Who in their right mind can afford to pay more but northern suburban republicans?

    Looks like the Koch brothers have a summer home in the snot nose neighborhoods.

  8. TIMSTER says:

    As for Lenzner cherry picking the routes, I didn’t read anywhere else where any other bus companies were offering to pick up any of the discontinued PAT routes. More power to them and it’s their prerogative as to where they want to provide service. Remember, the Port Authority approved this. Haters who don’t like change.

  9. Chute Pagaglio says:

    Try giving a Lenzer Driver an expired crumbled up transfer hanging out of your mouth as payment for you and your 4 children you bring on board headed down to the county lock up to see your baby’s daddy. and don’t forget to leave your baby’s used diaper’s and your empty Mcdonalds boxes and bags in the back of the Bus when you get off. I am sure the Port Authority is really gonna miss your buisness. Good luck Lenzer.

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