Second Suspect Sought In Clairton Police Officer Shooting

CLAIRTON (KDKA) – One man has been arrested and an arrest warrant was issued for another suspect in connection with a shooting that left a police officer critically injured Monday night.

Myles Hutchinson, 21, of McKeesport, was arrested Tuesday morning.

He is facing a list of charges including, six counts of recklessly endangering another person; four counts each of robbery, aggravated assault and unlawful restraint; two counts of assault of a law enforcement officer and one count each of criminal conspiracy, criminal contempt, indecent assault and burglary.

Officer James Kuzak was shot three times in the 800-block of Miller Avenue while responding to a home invasion call around 10:45 p.m.

“We’re speaking to the neighbors, the victims of the home invasion, trying to piece together the events as best we can,” Allegheny County Police Lieutenant Andrew Schurman said.

Allegheny County Sheriff’s Deputies took a man into custody Tuesday afternoon. He is not a suspect in the shooting, but detectives are hopeful he’ll have information.

Sources say Hutchinson and another man took more than $1,000 in cash and more than 15 grams of cocaine from the Miller Avenue home.

Police say Kuzak never knew what hit him and call the shooting an ambush.

KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin reports he is told the reason why they can’t find the second suspect is because Hutchinson is not cooperating with detectives.

Hutchinson also allegedly identified himself as an FBI agent and that’s why the people who lived there let him inside.

Kuzak, 15-year veteran, had only been on the force in Clairton for a couple of weeks.

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Clairton Officer In Critical Condition After Shooting
Report: Police Officer Shot In Clairton

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  • Dave

    Best wishes to Kuzak…

    • Brian Krug

      Fire JUDGR TODD for letting this animal on the street when he should have been behind bars

      • Dan

        He should get the CHAIR…especially with his record!

  • Dr. Heffner

    Best wishes to the wounded officer and his family. I hope justice is swift for these perps.

  • sue

    Best wishes to the officer wounded and his family . I hope these guys get the punishment they need. these cops all around go far and beyond to serve and protect and I give them a pat on the back for that and say thank you .

  • Seeking balance

    Hope that these ‘people’ (and I use that term loosely) are found/locked up/prosecuted quickly and to the fullest extent of the law.. Hope quick medical attention and prayers help the officer.

    We really do have to stop this, it’s horrid. The police need our support every day!!

  • stormy

    Ever since the murder of state trooper Joseph Pokorney I realized that people don’t fear death or respect authority anymore and that’s a shame. I hope officer Kuzak gets well soon.

  • Ted Taylor 4

    Please pray for Officer Kuzak and his family. He is a very good person, and a tremendous officer. This act of violence is so devastating & unnecessary. My thoughts and continued prayers go out to both him and his entire family.

  • Ron Orr

    It is disgusting these types of incidents occur. The same person that shot this officer would be the first one to call #911 if he needed help. Related to this is the fact that the incident to the Pittsburgh officers was 2 years ago and still hasn’t gone to trial. Is it going to be delayed until the defense team comes up with a “reasonable” excuse the shooting happened?

  • Dave

    This isn’t a police shooting issue, it’s a shooting issue regardless of police. It wasn’t too many years ago that a murder was an uncommon event. KDKA reports on a shooting/murder nearly every single day. Animals don’t care…they just shoot shoot and shoot. The value of life has been lost on many of the residents of Pgh, sadly.

  • Scott B

    Need better and harder judges. Plain and simple. His record is probably extensive.

    • Wojo
      • Scott

        Wojo with the proof.
        Judge Todd to the rescue

      • Wojo

        For my next speeding ticket, I’m requesting Judge Todd.

      • Bloomfield Mike

        FIRE JUDGE TODD! If i did a bad job I would be fired, they should be no different, I’m sick of this shooting and judges not putting criminals in jail

    • Mandy Shipman

      fire judge TODD ! he didnt do his job !

  • Candy

    best wishes to the officer who has been shot. god bless all those who serve and protect us. my best to the officers involved and to all their familys may the lord be with u all in this tryimg time. be proud of who u all r cause U R THE BEST………… Candy

  • Wojo
    • BubblePuppyHotSmokeSasafrass1969

      I wish that this link would have listed his occupation. He drives a fancy car too with no visible means of support. Love to see his tax return on April 15th. All his rap sheet shows is “Dismissed” or “Withdrawn”. Perhaps shooting an officer and severing his spine will be dismissed and/or withdrawn too.

  • Kooky

    Where is the attempted murder charge?
    Hang these two waste of sperm animals.
    How’s that for quick justice?

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  • Ace Slick

    It’s hard to believe that he is from McKeesport, and this happened in CLAIRTON !!

    Those have become such nice places. NOT !!!

    I remember not to long ago, both those places were beautiful places to live in. The decline of jobs, especially the steel industry, have caused a rise in crime and a decline in living standards.

    Pray for the law officer doing his job.

  • Wounded Clairton Police Officer Loved Being A Cop « CBS Pittsburgh

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  • Wendy Blotzer

    You can’t blame the steel industry decline for low morals and animalistic behavior. Parents don’t make their children work hard at school. Kids get gaming systems instead of books from their parents. We blame schools, but parents have to teach children respect, the courage to do the right thing, and the value of hard work. In the Great Depression, people didn’t just go around shooting each other! We are so quick to blame others for the problems that exist.

    • Thomas J Duttine

      The real problem is NOT the loss of jobs. The real problem is an ENTITLEMENT lifestyle.. WELFARE raises these animals, generation after generation. NO work ethic, NO morals, NO value for human life, and NO fathers. Stop the endless welfare checks and you eventually eliminate the problem.

    • blamegame101

      I blame the person who pulled the trigger! No one else! I don’t care if they’re white, black or otherwise! I don’t care if thier mother’s a crack head! I don’t care if they never had a father. No one else is responsible for their actions except themselves!


    My local police chased after a guy they clearly saw come out of a restaurant that he just robbed after a police chase and this thug shooting up the police cars they talked the thug into surrendering without shooting the thug and probably because they were afraid of being persecuted by the public.
    The thug went to court and GOT AWAY WITH IT. you see, those nice police officers had every right to defend themselves.

  • will g

    at what point in your life do you think doing something like this is a good idea. these people live in a whole different world than the rest of us, i hope they never walk the streets again.

  • Support the Police

    oh so where are the idiots bashing police officers now, WHAT no negative comments????….an officer gets hurt serving the community and everyone is supportive. where are the people who hate police and curse what they do on a daily basis? we need to support police everyday they serve. not only in times when they actually do get hurt in the line of duty. GOD BLESS this officer and his service. GOD BLESS every officer every day protecting our communities. They do a great service. No one seems to give them credit or support them on a daily basis. Something we as a community need to support. I hope he has a full recovery and does well. Best wishes to all law enforcement, especially Officer Kuzak.

  • Dan

    Who is this idiot judge TODD ? He should be fired, he set free a criminal he knew was violent and a officer was shot by him!

    • sadcityresident

      Yes, it seems the Judges are a lot of the problem here because they don’t put these violent criminals in jail when they should!

  • Sambo

    Hey Blooood,

    Ease up, Holme! I gots rites!!!!


    Hey? Where’s my post? Show some love to the Timster!!!

  • Life in jail

    The only person to blame for this act is the person that committed the act. Not the steel industry, his parents, the judicial system or anyone else. Blaming others instead of the individual who committed the act diminishes this disgusting animals’ responsibility.
    Todd may have dropped the ball, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter now. If you believe that then deal with him in the next election. Although I believe that most of the sheeple in this country will forget about it by then.
    Regardless, the only person to blame is this animal. And the reason he and others like him continue to commit violent acts is our societies failure to distribute quick and fierce justice. By that I mean life in prison. Until we are prepared to put these animals in jail for long sentences, we will continue to have these repeat violent offenders.



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