EPA Denies Waiver To Suspend Summer Blend Gas Requirement

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The EPA has declined to grant a waiver that would have eased the gasoline shortage in the Pittsburgh area.

Now there’s a possibility some stations could run out of gas.

Because of a problem with a pipeline, the stations have been unable to get the summer blend fuel.

There’s plenty of winter blend fuel, but gas stations could actually face fines for selling it.

All of the gas in our area, for environmental reasons, must be lower vapor pressure after the first of May.

Since there is still some gas in the Pittsburgh region, the EPA will continue to monitor the situation.

KDKA’s David Highfield reports the EPA didn’t think the situation was dire enough to grant the waiver at this point.

The request hasn’t been denied altogether – they just wouldn’t grant the request today.

Pa. DEP Secretary Requests Gas Relief From EPA
EPA Waiver Could Solve Area’s Gas Shortage

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One Comment

  1. real truth says:

    No, its not all democrats. The Governor already said in a statement that he didnt support using winter blend fuel.

    1. frogman says:

      Do you think that eating more baked beans would help the gas situation? I LOVE baked beans!!!!!

  2. Dave says:

    The EPA is the most corrupt organization known to man!

    1. FedUp says:

      Don’t forget the DEP!

    2. Sickup & Fed says:

      Dave, you are correct. It is tax dollars poorly spent to employ a bunch of drones that cripple our economy so they can have a job. No respect for the EPA at all.

  3. buc-eye says:

    The gov doesn’t want to wait for different blend. It might delay his back surgery. Besides, when was the last time you saw a goverment offical pump their own gas? Thats why they have interns

  4. Skyfire says:

    Remember this the next time a politician bashes “Big Oil”! “Big Oil” is not the problem, Big Government is!

    Station Owner profit per gallon: $0.01
    “Big Oil” profit per gallon: $0.08
    Big Government profit per gallon: $0.60 to $0.80

    Who’s gouging who?

    1. Salvatore Aversa says:

      Don’t be stupid. With the tax that the government takes, you get roads, infrastructure, road repair. I hate people like you. I am so sick of hearing you. Please leave the country if you do not like how things are done here. We live in a fcuking community. We take care of each other. If you don’t like that, go live in Iraq.

      1. Frank says:

        So you don’t dispute the fact that the govt makes 60-80cents/gallon. But instead yoiu go on a tirade. ’nuff said.

      2. Charlie Sheen says:

        Hey Sal… have you seen our roads lately? What do you mean get roads? All we get is stuck in traffic.

      3. mike says:

        You are DELUSIONAL. Where are all these “infrastructure repairs” that we supposedly get from tax dollars? The roads are like minefields, and they’re getting worse. That money goes into the politicians’ pockets and that’s it.

        Wake up, you fool.

      4. Mon River Towing says:


      5. Skyfire says:

        What does Iraq have to do with anything? We’re talking about high gas prices here in America, and how it’s the Federal Government, not “Big Oil” that’s making the most profit off them.

        An yes, some of that money does go to building and fixing roads. It also goes to graft, corruption, and whatever pet projects come up.

        Finally, I take care of my neighbors in my own way, and at my own pace. I don’t want or need Big Brother holding a gun to my head every April 15th.

    2. Harris says:

      Station owners dont make 1 cent off of it. it varies and averages at 3 cents to 10 cents. I would know. Also, dont feel bad for them. they sell in the millions. A station in a good location that is owned and not rented/leased can make 120k/yr after expenses.

      1. poncho says:

        Great, so you should know. How.

        And let’s discuss your claims. With gas at $4/gallon, even if a station owner makes 10cents per gallon, guess what that makes their margin. If you’re math challenged, I’ll help you out. That is 2.5% GROSS profit – before any tax or expenses. Now factor in their real estate taxes, business taxes, energy costs, infrastructure costs, maintenance costs, licensing costs, employee costs.

        It constantly amazes me how much class envy and hatred there is for other people but blind defense of an over-extended government which refused to allow reasonable business practices to take place. A government that claims to be concerned but by their every action they make it more and more difficult for everyone. Fuel costs ultimately get passed down to consumers. Gas station owners aren’t millionaires – even if that had anything to do with it. For all the geniuses out there, take a look and see how few “mom and pop” gas stations remain. Why? Because there is insufficient profit.

  5. Jim says:

    If there is such a gasoline shortage in our area where did Mr. Shumway buy the gasoline for trhe lawnmower Another conflicting story by the news media

    1. poncho says:

      More genius logic at work. Because somebody could get gas for their lawn mower, there is no shortage. Really. REALLY? So it’s my imagination that BP ran out of fuel here. That Sunoco ran out of fuel. Yup. Shumway got it all and made the whole story up. Genius. Simply genius.

  6. Gas Guzzler says:

    Great now the environment will suffer more pollution because consumers will have to drive half way across to to get gas from stations that have the summer blend……brilliant!

  7. Dave says:

    So we’re now paying more because of government’s stubborness. Thanks for all you do government….**sigh**

  8. critter says:

    all democrats

    1. mrs corbit says:

      isnt our gov. a republican/?

  9. truckin says:

    Sheetz just told me they will never run out of gas. They bring it in from another place. So does most gas stations, don’t believe this. We have had truckers in the family for generations and they haul gas in, it does not come from a “pipeline”

    1. pipeline says:

      Sheetz along with GetGo is bring fuel from Maryland and other states that have summer blend fuel…. The pipline that supplies the terminals are dry….so yes, its the pipline

    2. BIG ROG says:


    3. poncho says:

      Sorry but you’re just plain wrong. BP 1 mile from me ran out of gas 5 days ago. No fuel. Sunoco about 4 miles away ran out of fuel on Friday. I suppose the picture in the actual article is also just your imagination also, right?

      Wow. It’s amazing how some people will allow their political bias to totally disregard facts.

  10. DIANA says:

    I feel they are doing this to keep the gas prices up. The price per barrel went below $100. So the price should go down. The gas companies are doing this because no one can put a stop to it. They are already making Billions of dollars in profits. There is no one to help the Americans ( tax payers).

    1. poncho says:

      Are you serious? So you think it’s the OIL companies (not gas companies, genius) who themselves don’t want all the different blends who are trying to keep prices up? REALLY????? I suppose you’re of the opinion that companies just shouldn’t make any profit, right. Or maybe you think that public money should be the sole means of funding new oil exploration, extraction, refinement, right?

      Wow. Every day I’m amazed at just how poorly educated people are.

  11. what????? says:

    What the he’ll does the new stadium. Have to do with anything????

  12. Saw it says:

    You got to get out of the 4 wheel drive V8 gas drinkers. Those days are over. You didn’t see any Rams floating away in Japan during the earthquake, and they are the 3rd largest economy.

    1. Kris says:

      I have a 4 wheel drive V6 Trailblazer that I need simply because you cannot fit a hockey bag and sticks in the back of a Prius. Not to mention when you travel out of town with the hockey bag, family, suitcases, etc., so sometimes the bigger vehicle is necessary.

    2. Kris says:

      Don’t know why the word “vehicle” was highlighted in my previous posting. I did not do that.

    3. poncho says:

      OK then, everything in Japan must be better than here. Have you ever BEEN to Japan? I travel there frequently. Personally, I think people making comments such as this ought to also live the same way. Lets’ start with the size of your home. Let’s also make sure you live in an area where 75% of the entire national population lives in one geographic area. Let’s also not forget that you could fit Japan inside PA and have an enormous amount of space left over, and that a large portion of Japan is not capable of supporting dense population.

      When you start making comparisons and trying to force your opinion on others, you should be aware that people with facts just may take you to task.

  13. Michael Keaton says:

    you should watch Gung Ho again. That’s one funny movie

  14. dirty sanchez says:

    Peddle your bikes into socialism

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