11-Year-Old Pulled From Local Pool Mourned In Verona

VERONA (KDKA) — The community of Verona is in mourning today following the loss of an 11-year-old boy who was found at the bottom of a local swimming pool and later died.

At his school, Christopher Myers was a fifth grader who is being described as a boy who had a bright future. Meanwhile, the pool is closed while the investigation continues.

For people who knew 11-year-old Christopher Myers, his loss comes as a crushing blow right at the end of what was a good school year.

The boy’s principal told KDKA-TV Ross Guidotti that Myers’ death came on the same day he was recognized for excellence in the classroom.

The sign posted at the Rosedale Beach Club on Saturday showed that the popular swimming pool was closed one day after Myers was pulled from the water lifeless.

“This was a little boy that I have known since kindergarten, a wonderful, wonderful little boy and the loss of him is just unbearable,” said Darlene Scopel, Myers’ principal.

Scopel was the boy’s principal at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Verona. The fateful trip to the pool was supposed to be the kickoff to a great summer after an exceptional year for the child.

“He had received an award as the most improved student. He had worked very, very hard and had done so well in school this year,” said Scopel.

Myers also made the volleyball squad and played in the band. He was coming into his own as a preteen and person.

“His smile was amazing. When he smiled at you, his entire face lit up,” she said. “Chris was one of the kindest young 11-year-olds I’ve ever met. His heart was so big. He was very kind to younger children and everyone who knew him really, really liked Chris.”

If there is something to be learned in the wake of this tragedy, especially for the boy’s fifth grade classmates, Scopel says it may be to celebrate Myers’ life.

“I think the biggest lesson is to celebrate Chris as a gift.. He was a gift to all of us, as we are all gifts,” she said. “Celebrate that time they had with him in all of his goodness and kindness and let it be an example for all of us.”

Scopel says counselors will remain available to Myers’ classmates for as long as needed.

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11-Year-Old Boy Pulled From Swimming Pool Has Died
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One Comment

  1. sharon says:

    this has just been so sad. my son is going to miss his bestfriend next year. christopher was always there to help my son dewayne. sixth grade will not be the same without chris. the whole visk family will miss christopher deeply. we are keeping his family in our prayers tonightand we know christopher will be looking out for dewayne keeping him on the right path. christopher is up in the hands of God and i pray the good lord hold his mothers heart in one hand while drying her tears with his other hand. R I P Chris

    1. Autumn his friend says:

      hi i am chirs friend and i know how your son is going to miss him because i am going to miss him to and my name is autumn henry

  2. John says:

    The Diocese was quick to say this was not a school sponsored trip. Lawsuit??

  3. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

    Were there life guards at the pool?

  4. A... says:

    yes. but he was pulled from the pool by an older child.

  5. autumn h his friend says:

    dear family of chirs my name is autumn and i will miss him all my life and some peolpe are saying stuff but i report that comment so you know my me and chirs want to kennywood and he road the frist ride he was scared of i will miss you chirs i will all was think of you and the family take care family of chirs i will pray for chirs and the family and the mom and dad i love you all and chirs.:( 😦 im very sad and heart that that happen

  6. annie says:

    Please tell us more what happened to this boy. How heartbreaking! We have a Verona near us in NJ, We all grew up swimming. I feel SO bad when I hear of c hild drowining. What happened? WHat can others do to avoid this? As much as I love the pool, it scares me to think of any child drowning. Please, dear God, take this child into your arms and let his family know how much you love him and need him with You.

  7. kaylin says:

    HI i am kaylini am autumns cousin i meet chris 2 months ago that kid is going to be dearly missed becaus he is one of the best people i have have ever meet in my entire life he made a difference in people lives he was amazing he had good grades and he made a difference in the world even though he was only 11 he would have been even more amazing when he got older if his mother is eadin gthis i just want u to know i pray for u and family all the time and we all know that chris is in good hands now we will alllove him and miss him and anyone that is writing nasty comments please stop chris and every one would really appreciate it lov you chris!!!!<3

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