More On James Harrison’s Comments

By: Mike Vukovcan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)- James Harrison’s comments were the talk of the sporting world yesterday.

In a very predictable move, Harrison is starting to backtrack on those comments.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Harrison told Ben Roethlisberger that the writer of the Men’s Journal article “twisted” many of Harrison’s comments, and that Harrison did not intend to criticize Roethlisberger. Reportedly, Roethlisberger says that he’ll take Harrison at his word.

Harrison’s agent Bill Parise talked to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and told him, “A lot of it is bravado,” Parise said. “I think people have to be careful not to read that and think those statements are anything more than expressions of feelings, particularly in regard to the commissioner. The commissioner fined James $100,000 last year. What do you want him to say, he’s my best friend? James is a tough individual and that’s the type of language he uses.”

Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing had a short response to Harrison saying that he was “juiced out of his mind.”

Cushing told Fox26 in Houston that, “I’ll pray for him.”

Keep in mind, the Steelers visit the Texans on Oct. 2.

Since making these comments, Harrison has declined all interview requests.

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One Comment

  1. Kris says:

    The Steelers are turning into the laughing stock of the NFL – this has got to stop! When these players act out, not only do they disgrace the Steelers, the Rooney’s, and themselves, but also the Steeler Nation, and that’s just not right!

  2. Dave says:

    Steelers are becoming as bad as the other bottom dwelling teams of the NFL. To think they used to represent professionalism, pride, and dignity. I’m losing my excitement for this team.

  3. Les Martin says:

    the spotlight has its nasty cutting edge to it. when you are on top you have to be careful. there are preditors in the press just like anywhere else.. true steeler fans understand

  4. Kirs says:

    True Steeler fans know that the media misconstrues its information from time to time, but true Steeler fans also know that the Steelers are held to a higher standard than most teams in the NFL. It is a team built from a Pittrsburgh family with values and not a corporation. When you speak out, it is a direct reflect of the team, the owners and the city itself. Whether that’s the intent or not, that is how people will interpret it.

  5. Yinzers says:

    True steeler fans that are smart also don’t bury their heads in the sand and think this is a media conspiracy.

  6. Mark says:

    He’s an idiot for posing with two guns in a “tough guy” image. As a supporter of guns, I don’t think we need an image of “tough guys carry guns”. We have enough street violence.

  7. Eddie Yount says:

    Browns fans are losers

  8. Really says:

    Some of the comments in here really emphasize the importance of having an education. Explain to me how the media can misconstrue a quote? If you read what he said there is no way of misconstruing anything. You can tell the people here have no lives because anything these Steelers tell you, you believe. No I wasn’t driving drunk I was just test driving the car.

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