Chihuahua’s Owner Recalls Attack

ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Heavily sedated, Gidget can barely move her big brown eyes, but this Chihuahua is alive and that’s saying something.

“And I have hopes and dreams that she’ll be fine, but I know she’s been through a lot,” Nancy Laspada said.

She and her husband Tony are brokenhearted.

“I don’t want to recall it,” says Tony.

Tuesday morning, Tony, with Gidget on her leash, took their daily walk through their Ross Township neighborhood.

“And she’s kissing the mailman and he’s petting her and calling her his beautiful girl,” he said.

Moments later, without warning Tony and Gidget were attacked.

“I turned around just to see the two pit bulls lunging at us,” he said.

Tony reached for Gidget who was being mauled and mutilated.

“We had a lot of trauma to deal with,” says surgeon, Dr. Tony Pardo of Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services.

After nearly two hours of surgery, Gidget had lost a kidney, has two crushed ribs in addition to chest and belly wounds.

“Gidget had teeth that basically sheared through her tissues and damaged her internal organs,” Dr. Pardo said.

Tony says this is not the first time his neighbor’s pit bulls may have jumped the fence and run loose.

“I had complained to him in either June or July,” he said.

Those neighbors were not answering their door.

“They’re supposed to issue a citation of dangerous pets,” Tony said.

Tony has filed a police report. He also has bites on both hands, scrapes on his knees and a chunk missing from his nose suffered in rescuing Gidget.

“I just wish I was quicker,” he said.

The two pit bulls are being held at Triangle Pet Control in McKees Rocks for a 10-day quarantine. Then the case goes to a magistrate.

Gidget will likely need more surgery to repair her wounds, so she’s not out of the woods yet. Tony says he hopes they’ll never see that pair of pit bulls on their walks ever again.

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One Comment

  1. Newsie says:

    Tune in tomorrow Friday and everyday next week while ONLY on KD can we turn a dog bite into a mini series

    1. bevc says:

      i am a vet tech and vol. at the shelter! where we have to euthanise pit bulls all the time! you should donate to these folks , the vet bills will be huge!! and what the hell kind of analagy is that? more people die from hippo attacks than mosquitos in africa too ! so what! thier little dog is their world ! so all my hopes and wishes of a swift recovery go to them and thier little dog.

    2. newguy says:

      hahaha awesome post.

      but in all seriousness — we must educate the readers; pitbull attacks are the result of faults made by owners, not dogs. do your own research. don’t believe everything you hear from the media.

  2. Karen Kianese says:

    The owners of the pitbulls need to be held accountable for all the veterinary bills & the medical expenses of Gidget’s owner, I pray Gidget pulls thru. Pittsburgh needs to crack down on pitbull & rottweiler ownership. There should be inspections in place of the security of keeping all dangerous dogs secure in their own yards with no chance of jumping fences or any means of leaving their yards. This could easily have been a small child.

  3. bev says:

    i hope that little gidget pulls thru, i would like to get my hands on the owners of those bulls they are the ones who need punished and locked up! the dogs are done for.. they can never be part of useful society again and the owners are to blame.. who are they plaster them all over the media???

  4. vinny says:

    go buy a new dog already

    1. Decent Person says:

      Vinny – Why don’t you get a life. I hope you don’t have children.

  5. Kosmo says:

    In the 3-year period from 2006 to 2008, pit bull type dogs killed 52 Americans and accounted for 59% of all fatal attacks. Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers accounted for 73% of these deaths.

  6. Irritated says:

    Kosmo maybe you should check temperament testing results on chihuahua, golden retrievers, labs and apbt before making such a rash statement. The apbt scores higher than goldens and way higher than those little dogs. While the lab scores well temperament wise it has the second highest number of bites. Smaller dogs are meaner, specifically ones like the chihuahua but since they are only slightly bigger than my dogs kong toys they cannot do much damage and therefore don’t get reported.

    1. Seeking balance says:

      The temperament test you are referring to is not for PET dogs! The ATTS Test is a preliminary test for Schutzhund dogs, and is not exactly something your average house pet will pass. Reaction to gun fire, and a threatening individual, etc… sorry but your average collie, herding dog and most others wouldn’t pass.. It is a favorite quotable source for Pit bull fans though.

      This is from an ‘anti-Pit bull’ site, but the overview of the test is accurate (I just took it a month ago):

  7. katie says:

    as for kosmoa post.. seriously buddy get ALL of ure facts straight before u post only what u think u know.. pit bulls and totties are wonderful pets. its the owners that can be stupid. do u know that both rotties and pits are used for service dogs? do u know that they are also used for drug dogs along the u.s boarders and also they are used as therapy dogs.. U really need to educate yourself and not believe what u see on t.v. i have a pit bull and ive only ever had pits. they are they most loveing and affectionate dog i have ever had. by the way i have a 16 month old daughter who sleeps with him and plays with him on a daily basis..

  8. Kosmo says:

    No it is Pit Bull owners who need educated. Go to and other sites. Pit Bulls were bred for aggressiveness. There can be nice, but you can’t depend on it. Take for instance the pregnant lady in LA who was killed and eaten by her gentle and loving Pit Bull. Duh they just couldn’t figure out what happened.

  9. Irritated says:

    Actually you can depend on them. If you’ll notice they were considered the all-American dog for many years until the media sensationalized and misinformed the public. The dog in little rascals? Pit bull. The dog on the old uncle sam posters? Pit bull. And to be perfectly honest responsible pit bull owners are the most educated when it comes to their dogs if for no other reason than to point out to people like you that we know the history of the breed and how to train and control their dogs even though your understanding and acceptance means absolutely nothing to me. Any further comment by you will only further my opinion that you know nothing of what you’re talking about.

  10. anymous says:

    We are a neighbor of the family with the pitt bulls Gidget’s owner waits at the end of the driveway gets all their dogs barking and just stands there, and wonders why the dogs jumped the fence,,,

    1. Seeking balance says:

      I would talk to people like that, ok, occasionally scream at that! If people are taunting dogs they should be told about it, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be attacked. I typically bring my dogs in when idiots like that walk by, but since I know there’s a possibility that they can jump the fence, I NEVER leave my dogs out without people being with them!!

    2. annie says:

      So because you have Pit Bulls next door you shouldn’t stand in your own
      driveway..come on! We have German Shepards, Labs etc. in our neighborhood
      and none of them jump the fence because we are walking by or standing in the
      driveway. Owners have to be responsible for the behavior of their dogs plain
      and simple. Pit Bulls may not be BAD dogs, but they obviously need owners who
      know how to train and handle them. Someone’s beloved dog is in bad shape because the fence evidently wasn’t high enough to keep them inside the yard correct? God bless little Gidget hope she recovers.

  11. kristy says:

    Applied Animal Behavior Science involved researchers from University of Pennsylvania. List based on snaps, bites, attempted bites in various situations. Most likely to bite: 1 – Dachshund 2 – Chihuahua 3 – Akita 4 – Australian Cattle Dog 5 – Pit Bull 6 – Beagle 7 – Springer Spaniel 8 – Border Collie. THERE ARE FOUR BREEDS AHEAD OF PITS THAT ARE MORE LIKELY TO BITE.

    1. Seeking balance says:

      Of those 4 breeds, 3 of them would stop permanently with a well placed kick! The Akita, however, would take you down anyway, but that’s not the point, these dogs were OFF OF THEIR PROPERTY and MAULED another dog! Doesn’t that bother you at all?? I don’t care WHAT breed it is. My Rottie was attacked and bitten by Golden Retrievers at South Park, all the while she was trying to climb up my body. No, you’ll never see that on the news, but BOY did it tick me off! People should be responsible regardless of breed! It’s an unfortunate truth that owners of Pits and Rotties have to be MORE responsible than other people so that their dogs are ALWAYS seen in a good light, because it’s so much easier to blame them – but in this case it was WRONG that a dog was attacked on a public street!

      Again if you’re up in arms about this whole situation, be up in arms at the owners of these dogs! THEY are the ones giving Pit and Pit Bull owners a bad name! If your dogs have gotten out of your yard in the past, WHY in the world would you leave them out unattended. Jeez, misplaced aggression on all sides!

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