Sandusky’s Hometown Devastated By Child Sex Abuse Allegations

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — That Jerry Sandusky titled his 2001 autobiography “Touched” has unavoidably taken on a perverse meaning.

The 67-year-old former Penn State defensive football coordinator is charged with 40 counts of fondling and sexually assaulting young boys.

“Not in my wildest dreams would I imagine that he would be accused of something like this,” said Dan Petrola, a friend of the Sandusky family.

Jerry Sandusky was born and raised in Little Washington and graduated from high school in 1962 playing football for the “Little Prexies.”

In the 50’s, Sandusky moved with his parents to a small apartment above the Brownson House Youth Athletic Center where his father became executive director. Jerry was mascot for the basketball team.

Dan Petrola said Art and Evie Sandusky spent their lives giving to the community’s children.

“He was totally amazing – he was my mentor. After he retired, I took over his position and I just had the greatest respect for him and his wife,” Petrola said.

While coaching at Penn State, Jerry Sandusky started The Second Mile, a non-profit bringing at-risk boys and sports together. It’s believed that’s where he found his alleged victims.

Until the past few days, Jerry was always a favorite son in Washington – that’s now difficult – if not impossible.

“A lot of people have known Jerry and you know, were proud at his coming from the City of Washington and playing for the local high school and then this devastating news just really upsets a lot of people.”


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One Comment

  1. Mike says:

    In his book “Touched” Sandusky claims his father left a full time job to spend time at a local children’s center”

    Jerry Sandusky claimed he quit Penn to spend time with his children’s center.

    Like father like son?

  2. Joe says:

    Mike – On the surface, you make a noteworthy point. The similarity is definitely notable. However, I come from a family that has had several generations who participated at the Brownson House on a regular basis. Many of us and countless friends and acquaintances have been around Art Sandusky (unsupervised) far too many times to count. I know for certain that I never heard a singe person make a negative comment about Art. Art was an angelic, hard working and kind man who kept the kids busy and cared for them deeply. I can state with confidence that Art (and the Brownson) would never allow a child to get hurt.
    The Brownson House is one of the few remaining places in Washington where the local youth can interact with their peers in a competitive, positive and safe environment. As for Jerry Sandusky, the case is troubling and the apparent truth will fully be revealed. The victims, assuming something terrible had taken place, do not deserve the agony they are experiencing. Likewise, the good names of Art Sandusky and the Brownson do not deserve any undeserved, unwarranted accusations.

  3. Judy Brna says:

    I’m ashamed to say ‘m from the same city as this monster. I hope he gets life in prison!!!!!!

  4. Perspective says:

    Perspectives… This is 1000 times worse than what Tiger did. Yet we were forced to “care” for months as TW was a demon for cheating, albeit with adult women who agreed to have consensual sex. Jerry s. should be in jail without bond, yet where is the outrage in that, I guess depends on ones perspective. Wonder if this will get swept under the rug or effect real change or will he get paraded like TW. Many say athletes are exploited for pennies on the dollar anyways as the schools make millions off of their cheap labor. The spotlight should open the door on PSU and the culture of ego driven dominance that is pervasive in big time college athletics. This guy got away with it and even after being caught nothing happened to him… it probably made him bolder… sick and jopa knew – he should be in jail (much less time) with him…

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