PSU: Mike McQueary Will Not Attend Nebraska Game

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (KDKA) — Penn State Football assistant coach Mike McQueary will not coach this weekend.

In a statement on the university’s official athletics website, Penn State says McQueary will not be at Saturday’s game against Nebraska – the last home game of the season.

The school says “multiple threats” have been made against McQueary.

McQueary was the graduate assistant who witnessed former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky allegedly sexually assault a young boy in a locker room shower in 2002.


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One Comment

  1. Ron says:

    I have not missed one game in 23 years until this Saturday. I am not renewing my 5 season tickets. I am disgusted.

  2. RMV says:

    It is amazing how fast this story have developed. There should implement a zero tolerance policy.

  3. A shame says:

    McQueary showed the worst of this world. How to you see a 10 year old being raped and not step in? As he walked away, a 10 year old was continuing to be raped because he refused to step in. He didn’t even say anything to the man he saw raping a child. I’ve seen nothing more cowardly.

  4. lulu says:

    McQueary should be fired and have criminal charges pressed against him!! PSU eliminated the people who knew but the man who saw it did nothing! He was not A child he was A 28 year old man who could of stopped it instead he walked away! I will not support PSU football until he is gone. For the students protesting read the Report, its on line! Instead of being angry that your school fired your Coach who knew you need to be protesting the fact that your school has not fired the Coach who saw and did nothing!!!

    1. Darren says:

      lulu, Penn State hasn’t fired McQueary because he knows every sordid detail about Sandusky’s retirement, his resulting dismissal in exchange for a cover-up, Paterno’s involvement in the whole thing, the fact that he (McQueary) has taken this assistant job for the last 10 years so he won’t blab the whole story, etc. Read between the lines everybody. McQueary is the most likely person to hold a press conference after he gets fired to reveal what really happened at Penn State, and Penn State knows that.

      1. 2059 says:

        Right you are. When McQueary talks they’ll pull JoPa’s statue down like Saddam’s in Baghdad.

      2. Darren says:

        2059-I’m not gonna lie, I had the same image in my head about them pulling down the statue. This is the biggest scandal in the history of college sports, and I don’t think we’ve begun to hear the whole story.

  5. Sue says:

    If they are gonna fire everyone who knew what was going on cause nothing was done then McQuery should be fired as well!

    1. thicks363 says:

      i am in total agreement. How do you walk past a child being raped and not do nothing? Where was his mind and how do you go on in your life knowing. He’s not a man!!! He’s nothing but a total coward.

  6. Mike says:

    Lets put adide for a second that McQueary should be let go by the University, he should step down on his own!! If he wants to do what is best for everyone involved, including thye victims, STEP DOWN!! With that said. lets not resort to threats and attack mobs going after him. Let the courts and the victims deal with him.

  7. Tionesta Bags says:

    This guy is as much to blame as Paterno,choosing to keep quiet all this time.Or was he instructed to keep quiet ? I trust at some point the truth will come out,but to have this guy on the sideline until the truth is known is not a good idea.

  8. Conneauttom says:

    Mcqueary should do the right thing for Penn State but of course he won’t. He didn’t step in when he saw the assult and is still not man enough to step down.

  9. Darren says:

    McQueary won’t step down because he knows that in a week his body is going to be buried right next to the missing Centre County District Attorney.

  10. Fife says:

    So this guy sees what was going on, only goes to Joe Pa about it, and Joe Pa is the scapegoat and is lynched by everyone else. This man KNEW about it, he SAW it and they let him stay. He should be fired, not Joe.

    1. Jim says:

      But JoePa is RICH. He doesn’t need money. MqQueary knows a lot of the hidden details. If they get rid of him, he’ll spill his guts unless his silence is bought.

      Darren is spot on.

  11. Lisa says:

    I thought a “whistle blower” was someone who reports misconduct to authorities OUTSIDE of the organization he is working for. Any guy who witnesses the rape of a child and doesn’t jump in an attack the rapist is a piece of garbage. I’m a girl and I would have grabbed that child from that beast and ran as fast as my legs would go to a police station.

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