4 Teens Come Forward In Pumpkin Attack

OAKMONT (KDKA) — Four teenagers have turned themselves in after pelting a man with a pumpkin.

The attack happened on Pennsylvania Avenue in Oakmont.

Rose and Daniel Wagner were out for a stroll when Daniel, 64, was hit and suffered a concussion.

A surveillance camera at a nearby school recorded a white SUV driving away from the scene.

Someone at the school thought they recognized the car. Police tracked it down. That’s when two 15-year-olds, a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old turned themselves in.

“It started out as a prank. They were going to steal some pumpkins which they did and they got the pumpkins and they were in a vehicle and threw a pumpkin from the vehicle,” Oakmont Police Chief David DiSanti said.

Police are praising the kids for coming forward – commending them and their parents for their honesty

The four teens, from the Verona and Penn Hills area, will now likely face fines, restitution and community service for their careless prank.

Daniel Wagner continues to recover.

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Oakmont Man Injured In Drive-By Pumpkin Attack


One Comment

  1. Tony says:

    We stole every pumpkin we could find and tossed it off the bridge in Beechview…….man it used to be fun to be a kid

    1. TD says:

      I never understood this mentality.

      What, exactly, gave you the sense that you were superior to the people whose pumpkins you were stealing? Like, what part of your brain made you think, “I’m better than the people who spent the time getting this and decorating it and putting it on display”? What gave you your sense of superiority, the one that let you conclude you had more of a claim on the pumpkin than the person who actually owned it?

      1. Pat says:

        TD: It’s easy to say that as an adult. Kids get swept up into foolish behavior sometimes. Raging hormones, peer pressure. I’m 26 and I’ve never been convicted of a crime, but I did mischievous stuff like this (i.e. egging houses, tp’ing trees, snowballs at cars, stealing food from school cafeteria, etc) a few times in grade school and early in high school, say between ages 11-16. Most normal guys I know did. Based on your previous comment it seems like you may have had a goody two shoes, low testosterone, milquetoast adolescence, so maybe you can’t relate.

      2. shar says:

        Sounds like you were raised with no morals, did you have parents that were too busy to teach you right and wrong and the satisfaction of working for what you got? I ran with a wild bunch but most knew right from wrong and chose right. There were some that chose wrong but they knew it was wrong–they just didnt care.

        Testosterone or guts is not to blame. It is your morals or lack of them.

        Pat, you are completely right, a real man knows right from wrong and doesnt bow to peer pressure. only a milquetoast weakling follows the crowd without using his head.

      3. TD says:

        “Based on your previous comment it seems like you may have had a goody two shoes, low testosterone, milquetoast adolescence, so maybe you can’t relate.”

        Uh, dude. I was smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, sneaking out of the house, and getting laid by the time I was 14. I was on the road with a rock band by the time I was 18. Trust me: As cool as you think you were, I was cooler.

        What I *didn’t* do, though, was stuff that involved taking or destroying other people’s property. It would never even have occurred to me. And no, stealing stuff and egging houses isn’t “normal.” It’s not typical. It’s the mark of a human being who’s not superior enough to realize how inferior he actually is. It’s a sort of social Dunning–Kruger Effect.

        There are only a few of you out there: You’re the ones who are just smart enough to think you’ve got a leg up, but too dumb to be aware you actually aren’t even close. And you’re totally a product of the 20th Century. You don’t represent some evergreen human nature. You’re very much of your time — of a society that had begun to degrade the concepts of property, rights and responsibility.

      4. JAK says:

        Pat, I’m the same age, and yes, I’ve done some foolish things in my younger years, but never anything this dumb. Nor have I personally done anything to destroy property or steal from others. Obviously, not having been convicted of a crime doesn’t necessarily equate to being a better person (I mean that in general). Honestly, these clowns should be hit with more of a sentencing than they are. I’ve seen people face far worse punishment, for having done significantly less. They are at least guilty of assault & battery, and should face jail time as a direct result of such. At the very least, they should be placed on supervised probation when convicted.

      5. Gregg says:

        I did have a normal childhood, and lived morally and ethically for as long as I can remember. I credit my mother and father for teaching me how to live my life as a good person and to treat others with respect and dignity. Funny, I always thought this was a good thing, but apparently in your world, I wasted my youth by not being an a-hole.
        I must admit, there have been times I regretted playing by the rules. For example, I paid off all of my student loans and always paid my mortgage on time. My cousin, a drug-addicted thief, never played by the rules. He recently walked away from his home owing more than 50K, then took the money he had been stashing in another bank and paid cash for another home. Now I, as well as other law-abiding taxpayers, have to pick up the tab for his unethical behavior.
        But I don’t regret not being an a-hole for long, because I can look at myself in the mirror every day and realize that I am a better man than my cousin, and you.
        Now, you may not think that means very much, but from now until the day you die, every time you look in the mirror, you should realize that the world is filled with better people than these a-hole kids, and you. And there is nothing you can do about it.
        Buh bye.

      6. Pat C says:

        I have no problem with probation. It’s the talk of attempted murder charges and trying them as adults that’s absurd. I was a ‘good kid.’ National Honor Society, student government, all conference in two sports, heck, even president of the Biology Club, went to a ‘New Ivy’. But I also smoked weed frequently, did nitrous at concerts, drank every weekend…all ‘crimes.’ Yeah I egged houses once. Stole big chocolate chip cookies in the lunch line a couple times. So yes, I ‘broke the law.’ Get over the law. We’re run by a criminal government and private special interests steal trillions of dollarsa year from us. We kill millions of civilians in the Middle East for slightly cheaper oil. But you’re OK with all that. You want to go after the pumpkin smashers to make yourself feel tough. And you’re perfectly OK with committing immorality like taxation, wealth distribution, and assassinating American citizens without trial, as long as it’s through government proxy.

      7. Pat C says:

        TD: Congrats on your rockstar past. I played at CBGB’s 5 times if that counts for anything. I’m not excusing the behavior, I’m calling for people to withdraw calls for draconian punishment. Many people commit immorality in adolescence and turn out normal. The harshest they should get is probation and fines. Looked it up, and I’m no Dunning-Kruger case. I got over 1400 on my SATS with no preparation. A lot of that quackery’s used as1984esque psy-ops to always be able to diagnose people zeroing in on truth as crazy. I’m no moral relativist. I hold the principles of self-ownership and non-aggression to be absolute. In a world of finite resources and ephemeral human life, property rights must be nuanced. I advocate for a blend of mutualism and anarcho-capitalism. You’re probably a statist who sanctions state-proxied aggression. You’re the one who’s not even close.

      8. W_Fields says:

        “I got over 1400 on my SATS with no preparation.”

        Wonderful information from an unbiased source. lol.

        This is, like, the millionth time someone making a dumb argument on the ‘net has resorted to bragging about SAT’s.

      9. James Woods says:

        And what exactly gives the government the superiority to tax people for land they own? What exactly gives a farmer the right to sell the pumpkins to begin with?

        Kids will be kids. sorry if you didn’t have a childhood.

      10. Lily says:

        TD, I get what you mean. We were all kids once. I never did things like stealing or causing destruction to other peoples property, because we were raised to respect people.

      11. new324 says:

        Boys will be boys. Smashing someone’s gutted, carved and rotting fruit is what we did in a town with a population of a thousand. Everyone knew it would happen because it happened every year. People were happy if the jack-o-lanterns made it to Halloween. They didn’t call the cops. Deal with it like they did.

      12. stephanie white says:

        So they stole pumpkins, but it seems that people are more upset that they stole them – not hitting the 64 year old. And then the police are praising him? 🙂 You all are weird up north.

    2. NotFondOfLibs says:

      Well done Pat, you’re just as big an idiot as Tony. Just being young doesn’t justify destroying someone else’s property. You may be 26 amd jave mever beem convicted of a crime, but age doesn’t guarantee maturity. Think it over, pal.

      1. Pat C says:

        Shar and Libs: you were probably the a-holes in town who deserved to get egged. It wasn’t a regular occurence, it wasn’t my MO, it was literally a handful of times where I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and went along with some slightly bad apples. We never attacked any person like these kids, just egged specific a-holes’ houses one night and then threw snowballs at cars a few times. Looking back, it was wrong, and even then I knew that, but I got caught in the moment. We weren’t exactly raping, robbing, and killing. So you’re both saying you never made a mistake at the peak of your adolescence? That’s disturbing. The human body is wired at that age for bad judgment. An adolescence void of mistakes is dysfunction. You were probably gay or on ritalin.

      2. Gregg says:

        Keep trying to jusity being an a-hole, you just look even more ridiculous. There is a difference between making a “mistake” and committing a crime. A mistake is making a math error on an exam, throwing an egg at someone you have decided deserves to be egged is a crime. Given that you have poor judgment, I have to believe that the people who you thought deserved to be egged were probably the pillars of your community. Why not just accept that you were a juvenile delinquent and a closet criminal and atone for your a-holiness. Stop trying to convince those of us who know better.

      3. Pat C says:

        Gregg, don’t be proud you paid your loans and mortgage, be ashamed. You ran on the hamster wheel 30 years for criminal banks who counterfeit credit out of thin air. It’s not like that credit was anyone’s savings. Your eager capitulation to the system is malice at worst, timidity at best. It’s certainly no feather in your cap. You’d rather focus on throwing the book at angsty adolescents than go after the real criminals in government and the private special interests who control it. What’s it mean to be a law-abiding citizen under a criminal government that steals trillions and kills millions for cheap oil? At best it’s pragmatic self-preservation, at worst it’s criminality too.

      4. W_Fields says:

        “You ran on the hamster wheel 30 years for criminal banks who counterfeit credit out of thin air. ”

        OOH! Someone’s gettin’ their rage on! It’s not teenagers committing battery we should care about. The police should have…um…locked up someone for paying their mortgage or something. I think I’m starting to understand the argument here. Very persuasive.

      5. Lily says:

        Pat C. There are two kinds of people. There are weak minded followers who tend to get sucked into bad behavior, and there are leaders with common sense and respect for people. They very rarely, if at all, will get suck into vandalizing, damaging other peoples property. Never got caught up in the moment of being around bad apples. Even as a kid, I let God be my conscience, and was over come guilt at the mere thought of stealing or vandalizing someone property.

      6. Pat C says:

        Fields- The tu quoque comments are not my argument, just personal attacks on ignorant commenters who need to be set straight. My argument was made in other comments. The criminal justice system puts crimes in a triage. A murder gets a lot more resources than a stolen bike. Our resources and our energy and anger as a people should be on repealing a criminal banking system and on the massive, multi-trillion dollar financial fraud that has destroyed millions of people since 2008, not on kids pulling a prank that went a little wrong.

    3. Tom says:

      So it is normal and acceptable to be a thief and to assault elderly people, if you are young?

      An object thrown from a moving automobile is pretty close to being a deadly weapon. So from your point of view assault with a deadly weapon is ok if you are under-age?

      1. e.fudd says:

        if we are a democrat, OWS, or liberal we are entitled to do as we please, Go barry!

      2. Pat C says:

        It’s not normal or OK, it’s immoral. But it is forgivable. Many-a teenager did similar things and turned out normal. Don’t join in the hysterical chorus for attempted murder charges that’s happening on this board. Give them probation or community service, a fine, make them pay the medical bills of the victim, and be done with it.

      3. ClearyJ says:

        Depends, Pat. If these guys have a record of violence, then they should be in jail for a very long time – and I don’t care that they are teens. My kids knew right and wrong when they were 8. These “kids” knew right and wrong, too, which is why they didn’t come forward till they were about to be nailed. If this is truly a first offense, fine; otherwise, no way.

      4. Lily says:

        Tom, I agree. Seems to me that condoning bad behavior as “kids will be kids, or I am just a kid, and I got caught up in the moment’ is just the signs of the times. How about those two 10 year olds who threw a shopping cart over the edge of a parking car garage and it a woman below. Last thing I heard was she is in critical condition, and it is not known, if she will ever recover. Oh but heck, those kids are just being kids, and they got caught up in the moment, and gave into temptation. It is easy for us to say, no biggy, kids will be kids, because it wasn’t our family members who were hurt. I am sure had it been one of our loved ones, some people may be whistling a different tune.

    4. Steve says:

      What a fool. Lets go steal someone else’s property and pretend like we did nothing wrong. Then, lets encourage our kids to do the same. Now try and think why someone would not think twice about stealing anything you own.

      1. Pat C says:

        All I’m calling for is treatment as juveniles, since they are kids. Punishment should be in line with other juvenile assault cases. But too many people are out for blood on this board. ‘Kill the kids and their families?’ I mean come on. People should get over it. The guy got a black eye and a mild concussion. He probably got one of the worst results from the encounter he could’ve gotten. Yeah, he could’ve died. But you can kill someone by bumping into them on the sidewalk if they fall back and hit their head. The chance of death in this case is miniscule.

      2. W_Fields says:

        ” The chance of death in this case is miniscule.”

        Lol – someone points out, rightly, that they could have killed the man and what does this genius do? He starts ranting about cheap oil & the mortgage industry. Nice.

    5. Ken says:

      The kids did something stupid, but they’ll learn their lesson when they get in front of the magistrate, angry parents just behind them, and learn about the fines they’re going to have to pay. The people who post on the comments section, however, will probably never learn their lessons. My hunch is that the people who want to lock everyone in jail (I think if these kids were black and from Homewood, you’d want to give them the death penalty) have some major skeletons in their closets.

      1. Pat C says:

        Agreed, that’s my whole point too. By your use of magistrate, I’m guessing you’re not American. That’s become a serious pathology in America recently, an obsession with excessive punishment for crimes. I think it stems from the bailouts and all the financial fraud that people are angry about but can’t do anything about. They relish the agency they’d get in being a juror and convicting someone, or calling on boards like these for the head of someone who’s already been arrrested.

      2. Jason R says:

        @Pat C… clearly you haven’t traveled much of the United States… Magistrates are lower court judges that exist in the majority of states in the US. They are very American…

    6. Gregory says:

      These kids are to be commended for coming forward and being honest? The only reason they came forward was because of the video the police had. I am not advocating these idiots be jailed for their stupidity, but on the other hand don’t make them out to be heroes because they came forward, only after it became apparent they would be discovered.

      1. Stephanie M. White says:

        Glad to know that there are some reasonable people left up north. 🙂

      2. kristy says:

        i agree, gregory, these halfwit losers would’ve never come forward were it not for the video. they shouldn’t be commended. god, what america finds acceptable these days is amazing. 😦 their parents must be so proud of their little angels. what part of “take pumpkin – hit person – cause boo-boo” don’t they understand?

    7. Darrel says:

      Yeah ha ha ha. It’s so funny these kids threw a large heavy object at a mans head from a moving vehcile – HILLARIOUS!! Please give me your name and address and I can throw a large heavy object at your head, and then we can all laugh and laugh and laugh! Good tijmes man, attempted murder is fun for kids!

    8. JB says:

      Tony, you apparently believe other people exist for your amusement. How depraved.

    9. jennifer says:

      I’m astounded that you all are focusing on the petty theft, when the issue of assaulting someone with a heavy object that could very well have killed the man. These boys need a good deal of sensitivity education and more than a slap on the wrist. have a heart everyone and remember the golden rule.

    10. Reality Check says:

      Its a terrible accident of kids throwing a pumpkin. Not that big of a crime, no they didn’t think it through very much, and yes everyone goes a little too far sometimes, especially kids.

      By the way… you’re all guilty of embarrassingly inflating your on egos. Who cares about what any of you did, or how you felt about it, or how you even feel about it now. What is this? A forum of elite psychologists… the end all of anthropologist wisdoms? This is an article about a story, not a forum for your bullsh..

      Oh yes, please argue about ‘how it is’ today and ‘how it was’ then and whats undoubtedly right and wrong with your superior knowledge of obscure vocabulary and accredited references of scientific studies.

      Hey, I bet you all write books don’t you!? I want to buy those books. I want to be smart like you people so I can leave arrogant unfounded comments. I’m convinced. There..can you all shut up now?

  2. swin says:

    “The four teens, from the Verona and Penn Hills area, will now likely face fines, restitution and community service for their careless prank.”

    Careless prank? Tossing a 5 or 10 pound object at 25 miles per hour at someone’s head is not a ‘prank’ – it’s attempted murder.

    These punks should at the very least be charged with attempted manslaughter.

    When is this wacko society of hours finally going to get serious and start clamping down hard on criminal behavior?

    Fines and community service for almost killing somebody – give me a break. If that was my father they almost killed they would have a lot more to worry about than community service.

    1. Sarge says:

      The police praised them. Praised them. They should have cracked their skulls open to give them a taste of their own medicine.

      1. JB says:

        What everyone seems to be missing is that the kids were not being courageous to turn themselves in…….Their car was identified on film! It doesn’t seem they had much choice.

    2. James says:

      Kids are stupid. The obviously didn’t mean to kill the guy, and there is no reason in this case of mischief gone awry that they should be tried as adults.

      I’m a respectable adult but I got up to some mischief as a kid. Nothing this bad ever happened, but it could have in a few careless incidents (dropping objects onto the highway from an overpass jumps to mind as one such case).

      It’s pretty clear they never meant to do anything so serious, and things just got out of control. Some people find it hard to believe, but this can happen and it doesn’t make the people involved terrible humans. Kids don’t think far enough ahead about consequences all the time, which is why they can’t vote or do many things without adult supervision.

      I would say the fact that this did happen, but didn’t (thank God) kill the guy, and the level of trouble they are likely to be in at home, will actually lead to these kids turning things around and being more responsible. Putting them in prison would just turn them into complete criminals, since our prisons are pretty much only good for that because they are so dysfunctional.

      1. Bob Roberts says:

        James, you are the voice of reason. These kids deserve to be punished but let’s not take their entire lives away! I would bet a handsome sum that they thought the pumpkin would explode on impact and look funny. They’re bad at physics so let’s teach them the physics of pushing a broom and cleaning graffiti for several months. Have them pay restitution but don’t crucify them.

      2. bunky says:

        It’s assault and with a weapon.
        They need to do time.
        Maybe the next one won’t happen then.
        Tough $hit for them.
        No one forced them to throw a pumpkin at a person.

      3. Sterling says:

        Most of us do dumb things as kids, but as we get older we are supposed to learn and make better decisions. I am not sure you’ve learned much…If some kid dropped an object from an overpass that his your wife’s car or your parents’ car, I doubt you’d describe that as “mischief”.

        For those who think no harm could really come from what these kids did, imagine you get the phone call that this happened to someone in your family….do you still think you’d dismiss it as silly kid stuff?

        Or, for those who think this is much ado about nothing, why don’t you stand on the side of the road while I hurl a pumpkin at you from my moving car? Let’s see if any real harm can come from it. Are you willing to stand there and let me do that to you?

        I think the community service is the way to go…pile on the hours that these kids will have to make restitution. How about one hour of service for every hour it takes this man to recover? Let them feel shame for what they’ve done. And Bob, who is pretty sure the only problem is that the kids are bad at physics, that was a ridiculous statement.

      4. UyeahU says:

        “Kids are stupid. The obviously didn’t mean to kill the guy, and there is no reason in this case of mischief gone awry that they should be tried as adults.”

        Now-a-days I would not assume that.

        Perhaps the victim should help determine the sentencing within the law.

      5. Daniel says:

        Sorry dude. I didn’t mean to kill or maim you dude – like wow man, just a harmless prank man. Sorry about the concusion and hospital stay and medical bills- dude just having fun man. Want a toke dude?

    3. km romeo says:

      Praise the kids for coming forward ?
      Praise them AFTER the vehicle was identified and tracked down?

    4. Pat C says:

      swin: Attempted murder absurd. They threw a vegetable at someone. Have you ever driven drunk, like even two beers? When you turned on the car was that attempted murder since you could’ve killed someone? Have you ever done a drug once or twice? You want 10 years in the War on Drugs? You’ll probably deny all your past crimes you never got caught for and pretend you’re lily white, you hypocrite.

      1. TD says:

        What do swin’s own previous actions have to do with anything? What does “hypocrisy” have to do with anything? How does any of that invalidate his point?

        Swin’s argument may be right, or it may be wrong. Your response doesn’t prove it either way.

      2. Pat says:

        They have to do with plenty. No one I know has never murdered, raped, or violently robbed anyone. Those are serious crimes and should have serious punishment. If most people do a thing at some point in their lives, it’s probably not a serious crime. I’d say 90+% of drinkers have driven over the legal limit at least once. It’s somewhat normal behavior that occasionally has unfortunate consequences. Throwing a vegetable at someone is not that serious, definitely not attempted murder or manslaughter. It’s assault, so give them what juveniles get for assault (in most cases a fine and community service.)

      3. Tom says:

        OK you stand still while someone throws a ten pound pumpkin at your head at something close to FORTY miles an hour.

        Thrown object velocity plus vehicle speed equals how many foot pounds of force?

        I am guessing you have no idea how little force it takes to break someones neck.

        Oh you forgot that part, a head injury often also involves neck injuries as well.

      4. pats a loser says:

        pat youre a punk

      5. Pat C says:

        First off they probably ended up throwing it backwards to some degree or laterally so it’s not going to go the speed of the car. As soon as it left their hands the velocity would normalize. If someone on throws a tennis ball at you off the back of a formula one car, it’s not going to hurt. And where do you get 40 mph? There’s no evidence of that. It was on a shady back street, they were probably traveling no more than 25, and may have even slowed to a roll to get a good shot at the guy. Plus, pumpkins are very fragile and don’t take much to break. You could smash one over someone’s head as hard as you could and it wouldn’t do any damage. This guy just got hit at the wrong angle, so he got a black eye and a concussion (although doctors liberally diagnose mild concussions). Punish the kids for a minor juvenile assault and be done with this.

      6. W_Fields says:

        “Have you ever driven drunk, like even two beers? When you turned on the car was that attempted murder since you could’ve killed someone? Have you ever done a drug once or twice? You want 10 years in the War on Drugs? You’ll probably deny all your past crimes you never got caught for and pretend you’re lily white, you hypocrite.”

        Have you ever cluttered a forum with tu quoque argumentsand thought they were brilliant?

  3. Crazy world says:

    someone at the school recognized the vehicle…;police then tracked it down, and you’re commending the kids for turning themselves in!?!?! I think they did that because they KNEW they were just moments away from being caught.

    But yea, just slap their wrist with some community service…that will certainly be just punishment.

  4. TroyG says:

    Right a careless prank.
    This prank could have resulted in death or paralysis of the victim.
    What kid is so stupid that they don’t realize this?

    Community Service, they should be horse whipped in the town square.

  5. caligula says:

    list their names and publicly shame them. this “protecting minors” crud has got to stop. they are out of control.

  6. Dave_C_64 says:

    “Someone at the school thought they recognized the car. Police tracked it down. That’s when two 15-year-olds, a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old turned themselves in.”

    That’s why they turned themselves in. They were about to get caught. They wouldn’t have turned themselves in otherwise.

  7. Nomad says:

    Yes it was very unfortunate someone was hurt.
    This was just a “young and dumb” moment for these kids, no way should their lives be destroyed by man slaughter charges. This was not a drive by shooting, they probably thought the pumpkin would shatter and a good laugh would ensue.

      1. Pat C says:

        You’re the moron. Do you live in a glass house? Why don’t you turn yourself in tomorrow for every crime you ever committed but didn’t get caught for?

      2. W_Fields says:

        “Why don’t you turn yourself in tomorrow for every crime you ever committed but didn’t get caught for?”

        Why don’t you go off on another rant about “war for oil” and mortgages? lol

  8. DeputyMarshal says:

    If they had done that to my wife, I’d be the one going to jail for three counts of murder.

    1. James says:

      Which of the four kids would you have spared?

    2. Deputy_Marshall_is_an_idiot says:

      Sure you would have, tough guy…

      1. capt America says:

        another keyboard tough guy.

      2. Pat C says:

        What a loser. You’ve probably never even been in a fight Deputy, and now you’re going to murder four kids? Armchair warrior.

    3. 3rd Eye in kids head says:

      Concealed carry, someone just attempted to murder myself or my companion with a blunt instrument, look for the bullet holes in the car and if lucky the felons as well.

  9. James says:

    Sadly, this is probably true. For the record, I’m a white, male, conservative Republican, and I agree with what you just said and think it’s a problem that needs fixing in our society. I know people on the other side want to stereotype us as a bunch of racist oppressors so I just thought I’d throw that out there.

    1. George Johnson says:

      Get a grip James….

      They’re not painting you as a “racist oppressor” because they think you are, they’re doing it because they know you will do what you just did. They want you running and screaming for the hills at the first hint of “racism!” being yelled.
      It’s cover for them, THEY are the real racist.

  10. Ratt says:

    FTA: “Police are praising the kids for coming forward – commending them and their parents for their honesty”

    Yea Right, they only turned themselves because they got caught.

  11. Curmudgeon10 says:

    Add to the things the teens will face a civil lawsuit seeking compensation for all medical expenses and punitive damages — I would go for $1M.

    Welcome to life, slackers. Start with a police record, and debts you’ll work the rest of your life to pay off.

  12. Goodgold says:

    Praised the kids for coming forward? Uh, they identified the car…kids had a tough decision to make, uhhuh!

  13. Funny Prank says:

    how funny is this.

    Boys will be boys. The guy shouldn’t have been standing where he was standing when he got hit by the pumpkin!

    1. Spotter says:

      Be you troll or chutzpah, STFU.

  14. joe jose says:

    The police seem to be part of the problem coddling criminal kids.
    These little spoiled brats need to be taught a lesson. One week in the state pen.

  15. yarply says:

    Police are praising the kids for coming forward – commending them and their parents for their honesty…

    Yeah right! They did NOT come forward until they saw they were going to get caught.

  16. Frey says:

    The United States Department of Agriculture should come forward and accept their share of the blame too. USDA subsidies to ornamental pumpkin producers are evil. Why must the USDA subsidize these Halloween ornaments that children turn into potentially lethal weapons? Aren’t there better ways to spend tax money?

    These idiot kids could have killed that guy. Their parents should have taught them the difference between right and wrong. And the USDA should not have subsidized jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

  17. JOe Dutra says:


  18. George Johnson says:

    Commending them? For what? They did NOT “turn themselves in”, they were CAUGHT! And as soon as it looked like the jig was up, they admitted to it.

    This is BS.

  19. Wes Farmer says:

    I used to be the rebel ,prankster, jerk, out of control, and idiot teen. They know full well they are pushing the boundaries between prank and assault. Their intent may have been to mess with people for a good show off laugh. What if this goes wrong is probably the last thing they thought.

    HOw many of you as bad boys put much thought on something you did ? Hardly at all when you are with your friends being a fool. Maybe for a brief moment.

    I know many of us rebels had this attitude that “IT CAN”T HAPPEN TO ME, I AM TOO SLICK!” attitude. The same attitude most teenagers have towards many stupid things they do and still will do. Like Drunk driving. Pounded into their heads all through school. Yet… They still do it. WHy? Because somewhere in a Teens brain is the words “IT WON”T HAPPEN TO ME”.

    Their intent is not to cripple the man…Sure I can believe that.

    I can not accept the praise for being “Honest”. I can not accept the slap on the wrist.

    1. Timothy Frohlick says:


      Adolescent children are naturally mischievous. You and I were fighters and pranksters. We now realize the folly of our youth. The parents of these crazy kids will not be happy recompensing the 65y/o fellow for medical and civil damages.

      In some places in the world these kids would be caned with bamboo stalks. It would leave no serious wounds but would teach them that they shouldn’t throw heavy pumpkins at people’s heads.

      I forgive them.


  20. Norman Noircat says:

    Now you see why I and most of my friends left the Pittsburgh area a LOOONNNNG time ago. The people in Pgh think they’re the salt of the earth but they always vote for Democrats. The result of seventy years of union-backed, BS liberal machine politics (Oh, and how many union jobs are actually left in Pgh? None in the private sector! Just government jobs.). The soft headed liberalism of the Dem socialists has permeated Western PA like a plague.

  21. JT says:

    the cops praised these kids and their parents? they should be put in jail

  22. Pat C says:

    Hypocrites. You and your friends have driven drunk a few times and when a drunk driver kills someone you say ‘Give him the chair!’ You’ve smoked weed and snorted coke a few times and when a guy gets busted with drugs you say ‘Lock the degenerate up and throw away the key!’ You threw snowballs or eggs or whatever at cars once or twice and if a kid does it today and causes a fatal accident it’s ‘Try him as an adult for murder! Life in prison without parole!’ If you’re going to say those things why don’t you turn yourself in for every crime you’ve ever committed, give up everything and go to jail? You won’t. Teenagers are immature punks sometimes. Teenagers have been that way since the dawn of time, it’s called raging testosterone. Then they grow up. Get over it.

    1. W_Fields says:

      “You and your friends have driven drunk a few times ”

      So this loon has lil’ cameras hooked up to us 24/7? Cool.

  23. Sun Yat Sen says:

    My suggestion is to have them face a potato gun firing squad. Maybe 4 or 5 potato guns from 25 feet will be just enough to send the message permanently. Then make them pay off the bills by raking yards and painting houses until paid in full, and maybe a letter of apology.

  24. reader says:

    Send the Juvinile Delinquints to the big house, then they can get dose of justice when they have to toss Leroy’s salad. I hate punks like this. They need to be beat down.

  25. Deb says:

    I can’t believe the police commended the parents and praised “those kids” for coming forward.

    Two reasons these people need to be made an example of and spend time in jail:

    1. They could have killed someone
    2. They only came forward after the police tracked down their car.

  26. aerm says:

    It’s obvious that the kids simply did not undestand basics physics: That an object thrown forward at 10mph from a car moving at 30mph would impact at 40mph. I agree that they probably did not mean to cause great harm and that their lack of education led to the injury. As fair punishment, I think it is only fair to correct their deficiency: They should be isolated from all friends, electronic equipment, and any link to the “cool culture” until they manage to get a no BS “A” in a college freshman physics course (including any prerequisites they would need). I guarantee you they will be reformed after that.

    1. Zhong Zhang says:

      Amen to that. And how did they “come forward” **AFTER** the cops tracked down the vehicle? Honesty? Rubbish.

  27. Crosscut says:

    Today’s morons will be tomorrow’s Democrat voters. This country is in big trouble.

  28. Brad Skidmore says:

    Why does the community get to benefit? Why not pay these turds for their work and then all the money goes to the victim or a charity that the victim chooses and he can deduct the money from his income tax?

  29. bullrider says:

    A few weeks ago two kids in PA deliberately pushed a shopping cart off a balcony so that it came down on top of a woman. It nearly killed her. For all I know she remains in critical condition. The two teenagers who were arrested for doing it were laughing and joking about it even while they were in the police department after being arrested.

    However stupid and wrong it was to do what these kids did with the pumpkin, I have a whole lot more reason to be optimistic that they will learn their lesson and never repeat this kind of behavior, than I do for those two who pushed the shopping cart onto the woman.

  30. uncle tom says:

    my mom was a pumpkin

  31. the truth says:

    “”prank” ? This is a vicious,serious assault, they shoukld be locked up in jail, all of them

  32. hkinsey3 says:

    Let me get this straight….the police are praising the kids for coming forward? After the video showed the car and classmates recognized it and they started closing in on them? Maybe next they will give them a commendation for not killing anyone. Dear Lord…please help the fools that run this country.

  33. Jim says:

    I think is hilarious, what he did not know how to duck?

    1. sodacrackers2 says:

      Jim, it is not funny. They could have killed him.

  34. sodacrackers2 says:

    Kids in one small, wealthy town in Ohio steal pumpkins and ride them down a steep hill which the police close off for them every Halloween. Their every wish is granted.

  35. Pat C says:

    Sun Yat Sen has the best punishment idea on this board.

  36. Sheepleherder says:

    I’m not sure how Pat C and others, can possibly justify an action that was just as likely to kill as it was to injure. There is zero excuse, particularly the “young and rambunctious” one, as if it’s OK to kill or maim someone just because it’s a prank. I’m really not impressed with your “I was a bad boy, but I came out alright” nonsense either. There is no reason to believe that just because the people around you managed to survive your irresponsible and occasionally criminal activities, does not mean that is was any less irresponsible or criminal. You were just LUCKY you didn’t kill someone. Apparently your moral compass is still stuck on irresponsible/morally ambiguous.

    1. Pat C says:

      I never justified it. It’s unambiguously wrong and I don’t condone it. I simply said the kids should be given a chance for normal lives spent out of jail. There are many kids who have done these types of things in adolescence and turned out normal. Kids is the key word here, they’re still kids. Back to me, tell me of one person you know of who has been killed or maimed by an egg or snowball. I guess I’m just lucky anytime anything I do doesn’t result in a homicide. Me driving could kill someone. Trust me, I was no bad boy. That kind of thing was normal. I no more than a 6 out of 10 on the scale, if that. Throwing a vegetable is not likely to kill or maim. This victim was very unlucky and got a black eye and allegedly a concussion. Most people would get no worse than a fleeting ache at worst if it hit them on the crown of the head.

      1. W_Fields says:

        ” Me driving could kill someone.”

        Because driving is the same thing as battery. Nice reasoning.

  37. jsy Nome says:

    what ? these kids were “praised” by the police? There were caught red handed! for gods sake!!

  38. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    “Police are praising the kids for coming forward – commending them and their parents for their honesty…”

    Wrong. They were going to be caught and were sorry — that they were caught, that is.

    How do we know?

    They assaulted Daniel Wagner with a large squash on November 9.

    Nine days later, after NOT turning themselves in and confessing, they’re about to be ratted out and they suddenly confess in hopes that the court will go easy.

    This case is not about honesty.

    It’s about hateful, harmful, selfish evil.

    If they are to be commended, I say let’s see if the four PUBLICLY ANONYMOUS assailants escape prison with their anal virginities intact. That would be something to commend.

  39. jim says:

    I had “kids” toss a large rock from a bridge on to my car while driving home from NY to Tenton, NJ once and nearly kill me, oh those poor lil chillins. I never did find out who they were.

  40. Pay Up says:

    Make mommy and daddy pay for medical bills……Then every month when daa daa pays the bill he can kick Jr. soundly in the pants

  41. Jack says:

    Teens do stupid things…this is just about the stupidest and dangerous lack of judgment a teen could have used.
    If I were a judge, I would make them 1. work to pay restitution for the man’s medical bills. ( parents not allowed to help. The teens must work and pay until the full medical bill, including insurance claim ) 2. Each must spend 4 hours a week to take care of the man’s chores now that he is unable to do them, until the man is fully recuperated.

    1. Truth Detector says:

      Times seven — and only after they do hard jail time.

      1. Jack says:

        Unfortunately since the prison system became privatized, their only goal is to warehouse humans. There would be nothing gained by the inmate influence on these teens. Better to use the justice system to actually teach them responsibility,
        Less cost to the taxpayers and better for society in the longrun.

  42. TZAZ says:

    They will have to pay a fine and do some community service! These kids almost killed this man, they assaulted him with a deadly weapon. Childish prank is not a blank pass to commit injury and worse.

    1. dr michael says:

      I agree perhaps 2 years in the County Jail will be adequate punishment

  43. ERW says:

    I guess we’ll have to start banning pumpkins and sue the farmers for growing them.

  44. George says:

    Since this is a crime story, I thought I’d throw this out. I’m a researcher at Northwestern University in need of people to take an online survey about crime. Participants will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card. The survey is under 10 minutes. Please visit the following link: http://edu.surveygizmo.com/s3/699121/Crime-3

  45. Max Entropy says:

    I can’t be the only one who expected the victim’s name to be Ichabod Crane.

  46. JOe Dutra says:

    Not first time offenders. Simply the first time they got caught. Thieves, vandals, and trespassers.

  47. Maddie says:

    Teen-agers know how heavy pumpkins are! They are the ones who heaved it! And they know if it hits someone that person is going to be hurt. There is no excuse for throwing a large object like that at two OLDER people. Why do the police commend them for ‘coming forward” after they were caught?? Their car was tracked down, other teens recognized the car…sounds like they were given an opportunity to do so, to make it look better for them, and give the officials an excuse for leniency. Should they be locked up? Maybe not, but they should be punished to the extent of the law.

    1. Rod Anders says:


  48. Rod Anders says:

    They deserve punishment for what they did … especially since it harmed another human being. Ultimately, however, they did the right thing … and that deserves, at least, a little bit of praise. It also totally amazes me, in this day and age, that 4 teenagers would turn themselves in.

  49. James Clark says:

    I can’t believe how stupid these comments are regarding that a 10# missile thrown from a car can’t cause serious damage to a person. Dumb, dumber, dumbest is all I can say. Boys should be charged and prosecuted for felony assault. Make them pay as a warning to others for their idiotic behavior. Hell, we used to throw donuts and water balloons.

  50. Jason says:

    To be Sentenced to Community Service?….Is that the going rate for assault and battery?

  51. Fred Garvin MP says:

    the pumpkins are out to get me.

  52. Rufus says:

    Anyone who classifies this a a “prank” and thinks that the “kids” or their parents should be praised for their honesty is a stone-cold IDIOT.

  53. toz says:

    Makes me want some pumpkin seeds, mmm.

  54. private ryan says:

    we had to kill ’em to save ’em sarge.

  55. jackie says:

    I know the teens involved and these pillars of the community that should be praised for turning themselves in – were laughing and bragging until they knew they were getting caught. WINNERS!they should have the book, or the pumpkin thrown at them. This is what’s wrong with the system.

  56. Saul says:

    Only after they were identified, then they came forward. If not caught on camera ? then what ???

  57. G. Bernard says:

    These kids should be shot at point blank range execution style. This would be a fun thing to do. I would definitely pack heat to kill these MFers spot on.

    It does not matter that they are teens. It’s time to arm yourself and teach these punk thugs a lesson.

  58. shrugitoff says:

    Oh, dear! Well, thugs will be thugs, won’t they? Silly billies.

  59. John C says:

    Who’s laughing now? Responsibility is a characteristic of adulthood. Some kids are forced to grow up early, while others grow up later in prison.

  60. katrina says:

    I think that it is totally absurd that these kids are getting off with community service. Throwing a heavy pumpkin at someone’s head is not a harmless prank. Praising these losers for coming forward after the fact, when they knew that they were going to be caught…are these police joking? It makes the police look so incredibly stupid. I am not saying that they need to be hanged, but they should face a substantial punishment – especially after they were bragging about it after the fact…does that translate in to praise. And Pat, let me guess…one of these winners is your offspring? Your comments make you look like a bigger idiot than the kids. What’s to stop other kids from doing this next year when the punishment is praise in the local news, and a slap on the wrist. It is crazy.

  61. whiz on by says:

    hey if you gotta go you gotta go right

Comments are closed.

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