CHARDON, Ohio (KDKA) — Students, parents and community members came together Monday night to pray for the victims in the Chardon High School shooting.

The biggest of the gatherings may have been in the town’s square. People stood around a gazebo, sang songs, lit candles, cried and consoled each other. Some people say they just can’t believe something like this happened here.

The shooting happened in the school cafeteria. The suspected gunman has been identified as T.J. Lane. He allegedly opened fire, killing one student and wounding four others. The young man killed was Daniel Parmertor, who reportedly had ducked under a table.

Sophomore Jordan Derry did not go to school Monday because she says she had a “feeling that something wasn’t right.” She says she knows of the alleged gunman and described him as a quiet.

Others have said he was an outcast who may have been bullied, but senior Chris Lesler says no one gets bullied at Chardon on a level that would lead to this.

“I knew all of them,” said Lesler. “It’s so sad to see anyone get hurt.”

The suspected gunman may have been jealous that someone was dating his ex-girlfriend, according to one report. Police say they have a lot of work ahead of them in this case.

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