FINLEYVILLE (KDKA) – The pink house in Finleyville, also known as Wagner’s Chocolates, is still a busy place at Easter time.

It’s been 36 years since the late Harold Wagner opened the chocolate shop that bears the family name. Next month marks the first anniversary for new co-owner, Debbie Sargent.

“They taught us everything and we didn’t change the recipe at all. We don’t add anything to the chocolate. People that came 35 years ago whenever Harold Wagner started the business are going to have the same candy taste that they had then,” said Sargent.

Taking a cue from three generations of Wagner’s, the chocolate makers don’t add any preservatives.

But the new owners have come up with some tasty twists of their own.

They’ve already invented a brand new recipe called a peanut butter pretzel meltaway crunch.

The little shop will customize your order and might even use your recipe.

“We get great ideas from our customers, and that’s something else that’s unique too. They’ll come down, and we’ll say, look we made your recipe that you gave us and it’s selling great,” said Sargent.

One man from Baldwin has been making this Easter pilgrimage for 25 years.

“Everybody enjoys the candy, so that’s why I come here,” he said.

The little pink house produces 300 varieties of chocolate. They make it all with their hands and their hearts.

“People really enjoy coming here,” said Sargent. “They’re always in a good mood and always smiling when they leave.”

Wagner’s Chocolates
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