PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A new product promises to turn any door into a screen door quickly and easily.

It’s called Magic Mesh and a lot of viewers saw the infomercial and wanted us to check it out.

KDKA-TV’s Jennifer Antkowiak read through online reviews and Magic Mesh gets a lot of praise.

So the question remains – Does it really do that?

The product’s selling points include allowing you to enjoy fresh air with no bugs.

Jane Wolfe thought it was a pretty cool idea and agreed to help us test the Magic Mesh.

Installation is supposed to take seconds. Following the directions, they spread the Magic Mesh panels out.

Then, you just need to match up the magnets and stick on the Velcro tabs to hold it to the door frame.

Many seconds later, they realized that although sizing to any door is supposed to be easy, Magic Mesh just did not work in the sliding door off of Wolfe’s kitchen.

There wasn’t much in the written instructions to help them with adjusting it to fit the door. They did find an online video for installation, which did make it easier, but they couldn’t find any specific details to help them adjust the panels to fit the door.

“Nothing, and then you’re kind of on your own to wing it, and that’s what we did here. I’d take it back,” Wolfe said.

They couldn’t get Magic Mesh to fit on the door properly. There were lots of gaps that were plenty big enough to let bugs in as well.

Because they weren’t able to pull the panels taut, the 18 powerful magnets that snap together so well on the commercial were just left hanging.

After 10 days of use, Wolfe saw signs of wear and tear at the top of one of the Magic Mesh panels. It came loose and they tried to make it hang better.

“We were trying to stabilize it—just fooling around with some Scotch tape, and some duct tape just so when we walked over it we wouldn’t trip. You can’t cut it on the bottom, because if you do, you cut off some of the magnets,” Wolfe said.

What about ease of use for pets?

Wolfe doesn’t have a dog, but she has cats and none of them would go through Magic Mesh on their own.

For the door she wanted to use it on, Magic Mesh couldn’t be installed properly and just didn’t live up to its claims.

Wolfe also didn’t like the look of it. It was too dark, darkened her kitchen and made it difficult for her to get a clear view outside.

Magic Mesh is in stores and it sells for around $20.


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