PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – One day later, there are still a lot of questions about why a stabbing rampage happened at Franklin Regional High School – and if anything could have been done to prevent it.

KDKA spoke with a security expert who trains school personnel on how to handle critical situations like the one that happened yesterday.

To be clear, he did not train any personnel at Franklin Regional High School.

Sam Rosenberg of “Inpax” talked about how the school responded, versus how he would have trained individuals to respond in a situation like that.

“The school, I think, responded in an exemplary manner,” Rosenberg said. “They got everybody out of there, the EMS responded swiftly. From a crisis response standpoint, I think everything went really, really well. From the standpoint of heroes, this is exceptional.”

He says it’s too hard to tell if metal detectors would have made a difference in that scenario though.

“Having metal detectors, in my opinion, is always a good idea,” he said. “However, knowing that his school had certain dynamics that I’m not aware of, how they get people in and out, I can’t possibly access whether metal detectors would have had a positive impact or not in this situation.”

“There’s no doubt, in my mind, this kid was hurting in some way,” he said. “He was angry and he wanted everyone to know about it.”

Rosenberg says it’s important that officials are able pick up on that.

“We have to understand how to identify folks who are hurting and going down this direction where they may very well be on the precipice for a long time and understand what those cries for help are, that we can intervene,” he said.

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