PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Hurricane Spin Mop 360 promises to clean, polish and dust, and eliminate the need to ever get your hands in dirty mop water again.

Does it really do that? Several KDKA-TV viewers wanted us to find out.

The commercials make cleaning look almost fun. Erin Hensell is a fan of cleaning. In fact, her friends call her a “clean freak,” and she absolutely agrees.

“I’m a germaphobe and anything that makes my life easier with cleaning, I’m all for it,” she said.

Erin told KDKA-TV Morning News anchor and “Does It Really Do That?” reporter Jennifer Antkowiak that a mop is not part of her cleaning arsenal because she doubts that they really get anything clean.

Then, she says she hates that you can’t clean the mop itself very well.

The Spin Mop could change all of that for Erin.

Along with promising to get your floors sparkling clean, the mop head is supposed to be able to be cleaned in your washing machine.

“If I could throw it into the washing machine, I would use it,” Erin said.

The Spin Mop was easy to put together, all of the pieces are numbered and labeled. Erin was immediately impressed with the mop head.

“It’s not like the old mops. This is soft,” she said.

The instructions say that you can use the dry mop to dust floors, and Erin was eager to see if it could get into tricky spaces like it shows on the commercial. She tried to mop under her kitchen cabinets; the handle tilted, the mop head spun around, and she liked the job it did.

Next, Erin filled the special bucket that comes with the Spin Mop, and dipped the mop in.

Erin and Jen noticed right away that the mop sucked up a lot of water. The commercial says it absorbs ten times its own weight.

To spin some of the water off, Erin put the Spin Mop in the basket, and pressed the pedal. It takes a little bit to get the spin action going, and then to make sure to fan out the mop fibers for use, but once she got the hang of it, Erin was very happy with how it moved around cleaning the tile floor in her kitchen, and then the hardwood floor in her dining room.

Since Erin’s floors were so clean to begin with, it was hard to tell how well the Spin Mop was doing with picking up dirt. So, Jen asked Erin to spill something, which was not an easy request for a clean freak to handle.

However, Erin poured some cranberry juice on the kitchen floor. The Spin Mop picked it right up. Another thing Erin and Jen noticed; old mops tend to leave the floor really wet, but there were no drips with the Spin Mop.

To remove the mop head for cleaning, the directions say to step on the threads but not the disc, spin the mop handle so one of the buttons points toward your foot, then push the handle away to separate. Again, it took a little bit of time to get the feel of that, but then, not a problem.

The Hurricane Spin Mop 360 promises to clean, polish, dust, and save you from every touching dirty mops again.
Does it really do that?

Erin gives it a thumbs up.

“I would recommend it, I would definitely use it. Definitely,” she said.

The Spin Mop is available online and in stores for around $40.

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